Missha Festival


After the first day of "Missati", the family is a group (Tangyuan), 舂粑 粑, "air pass, air pass" 舂碓 sound, ring Hutto the village. Everyone eats a group and 粑粑, I started killing pigs, killing chickens, killing duck.

Missha Festival

At noon, when the red sun put the golden color of the bruises, the young men chose six bamboo, in The flat venue of the village, use four beams to plant an equal shape, use two bamboo into × shaped on top of the beam, and hang down with a rope, and then add a seat cushion, and become "swing". Subsequently, the grand "Swing" ceremony was held. The moderator of the ceremony is called "叭", he is elected by the masses. When "" conditions are high: Older farmers who are over 50 years old, children and grandchildren, hardworking sergeant, is enough. If there is an abnormal death or lonely or lonely, people who are illegally oriented are unable to be elected.

The ceremony begins, "the um" is a bowl of glutinous rice, the three-white trunks of the glutinous rice (black is wrapped in black sesame), and the mouth is read "in the Sami black "Waiting for the words, throw the black group on the grass, expressed his old and welcoming the new;" also "Lusp Ten Ten Ten Draws" and so on, I hope the New Year is coming. Subsequently, the whole village rifle, Mangu rap, "叭" hands pushed three times, men and women, people have to go, it is said to be "swing" can disaster relief, Long lives, so good, who is willing? On the last day of the festival, the "" will be said, then read it again, push the "swing" rope down three times, cut the "swing" rope to the end of the victory. Then, the juvenile children of all the villages were knocked, and they rushed to each home to celebrate.

night, ignite a bonfire on the lawn, everyone raised out the table, put wine, meat, fruit ... Sitting on the ground, "Alach" (twisted), so jumping, singing, looking at it, Tong Dan, sleepless all night.


Buildings are a branch of the Hani, mainly living in the dam of Mojiang Harnian Autonomous County in the middle of the Pki Mountains, That, Dragon Dam , Longtan and other communes. In addition, there are also a lot of cloth people in counties such as Honghe, Green Spring, Jiangcheng and other counties. The buffet people have hardworking, brave, simple, and high. In their lives, there are still many ancient national customs, and there are many chairs of music, dance and magical legends. These, with the most prominent performance in their maximum holiday "Mosza" (ie, the New Year). Whenever the first Dragon's day is coming, the Boles' "Mosza" began

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