Minimal system

There are two forms of minimum system

Minimal hardware system: consists of power supply, motherboard, CPU, and memory. In this system, there is no signal line connection, only the power supply to the motherboard Power connection. In the process of judging, judge whether this core component can work normally by sound:

Minimal software system: consists of power supply, motherboard, CPU, memory, display card/monitor. Keyboard and hard disk composition. This minimal system is mainly used to determine whether the system can complete normal startup and operation.

For the minimum software environment, the software has the following points to explain

1. The software environment in the hard disk retains the original software environment, which is mainly used to analyze and judge the application software.

2. The software environment in the hard disk has only one basic operating system environment. Uninstalling all applications or reinstalling a clean operating system environment is to determine system problems, software conflicts or software Conflict between the hardware.

3. Under the minimum software system, you can add or change the appropriate hardware as needed. For example, when judging the startup failure, the hard disk cannot be started. I want to check whether it can be started from Other drives are started. At this time, you can add a floppy drive or a sound card to the minimum system of the software; when judging network problems, you should add a network card to the minimum system of the software. The minimum system method mainly needs to first judge the In the most basic software and hardware environment, whether the system can work normally or not, it can be determined that the most basic hardware and software components are faulty, so as to play a role in fault isolation.

The minimum system method is gradually added. The method can be combined to quickly locate the faults in other board software and improve the maintenance efficiency.

Minimal system method

Unplug the board and equipment suspected to be faulty, and according to the machine Compare the previous and subsequent operating conditions to determine where the fault is located. The basic requirement of unplugging boards and equipment is to keep the minimum configuration of the system to reduce the scope of failure. Usually, you should install the motherboard, memory, CPU, and power supply first, and then start the test. If it is normal, add keyboard, graphics card and monitor. If it is normal, install the floppy drive, hard drive, expansion card, etc. in sequence. The sequence of unplugging the board and the device is reversed. The unplugged boards and the connecting plugs of the equipment should also be cleaned to eliminate faults caused by poor contact.

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