Milan Sports News


The report of the report covers almost all sports projects, and gradually put football as the focus of its reports, and each phase occupies most of the top-related layout. The report of the two major teams in Milan is more than the biggest selling point of the newspaper. In 2006, the "telephone door" event of the entire European football was to disclose first by the newspaper and conducted long-term tracking reports.

Development History

Milan Sports Report, is a combined product of two sports newspapers, a weekly weekly newspaper "IL CICLISTA" (bicycle) in Milan, One is all of Eugenio Camillo Costamagna all in Turin, Dumi, "La Tripletta" (three bicycles), all published in a year.

The publisher is EDOARDO SONZOGNO, and is also a publisher of CICLista. The editorial department organizes inside SONZOGNO and is located in the Pasquirolo Street in Milan. This newspaper is founded by 5 people: Eugenio Camillo Costamagna, Eliso Rivera, a. C. Blache (editor), Enrico Tarlarini (editor, secretary), Gino Tavecchia (editing). Initially, the early layout is light green, four pages, 0.05 rid. The first version is divided into 5 columns. In the first "Milan Sports", all the headings of the first version only account for only one column, and only a sport: bicycle movement, the most important movement at the time, there is no picture on the newspaper.

Publications Positioning

The newspaper has two headers, which is "La Gazzeta Dello Sport", below is "IL CICLista E La Tripletta", published a description on the publication number: The motivation we have judges has been explained by our two founders. In fact, this newspaper is not a true foundation number, it is a continuation of "Tripletta di Torino", but also "ciclista" Supplement.

On the other layout of the newspaper, all the popular sports projects popular in Italy have been reported. It is also the first newspaper related to various branches in Italy. In addition to bicycles, horses, they also reported racing, hunting, fencing , Rowing, shooting, flying target shooting, track and field, wrestling, sailing sports and tennis. The first issue is 20,000.

In the second newspaper, the two owners showed that they were satisfied with their rapid sales of the publication, and said the "Milan Sports" is such a newspaper: the end of the sports event. The short message written in the first time and a detailed newspaper. The newspaper is once a double week, published every Monday and Friday, because most of the game concentrate on Sunday and Wednesday or Thursday.

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