Mike Powell

Personal grades

break record history:

The 3rd World Championships in 1991 refreshes the world record

Olympic record with 8.95 meters. :

Silver brand

1988, the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, banned, 1988, banner, banner, 1988:

1993 World Championship champion

1991 World Championship Championship


1987 World College Student Sports Wishera

1987 International Tianlian Grand Prix Final Champion

His long jump performance reached 8.17 meters, the world's 10th place

Personal honor

His long jump score reached 8.17 meters, the annual world 10th place. In 1987 he won the World University Student Sports Association and the International Federation of International Federation, the best score reached 8.27 meters. In 1988, he participated in the 24th Olympic Games in 1988, a silver medal was taken from 8.49 meters, causing extensive attention from the international track and field.

In 1991 Powell on the 3rd World Track and Field Championship, the 8.95 meters of the amazing results broke the world record of 8.90 meters in the past 23 years, shocked the world's field.

He got a silver medal at its 25th Olympic grade.

In 1993, the World Track and Field Championship champion was held in 1993.

won the silver medal of the 5th World Track and Field Tournament in 1995. Powell is extremely comprehensive. His 100 m scores are 10 seconds 45,200 meters of 20 seconds 99, with a high jump is 2.18 meters, and the three-level jump is 16 meters. He can break the "fabulous world record" created by Biomon, because his running speed and the high height exceeded BM.

1991 Powell was selected as "World Best Athlete" by International France, and he also won the US "Salino Award" in the same year.

Brilliant review

8.95 m - the epoch-going masterpiece on August 30, 1991. Tokyo National Arena. American Mike Powell stands on the runway.

far, the man jumps the golden sand pit in the light, like a calm water, the ear, and 60,000 fanatic audience set off huge sound.

This hot temper black chest is dramatically, he has been stimulated by the 8.91 meters super wind speed of the syphony in a few minutes ago. Powell scored a cross in his chest, followed by height, inviting the audience to fight for him. Under the night light, he moot a few arms and mobilized the energy of the whole body, and the martial arts whipped to the sand pit. Then Powell yelled, like a weird bird flew up, draw a beautifully long arc in the air, and finally landed next to 9 m. The audience made a surprise cheer.

Powell said: "Before jumping, I feel the huge energy in the body, I put Lewis's 8.91 meters as a personal challenge to me, I said loudly: 'Good, more than this guy When I am running, I feel the wind and elastic runway, everything is abnormal ... "I remember myself when I jumped, and I felt that I still retained some attacks in the body, I I screamed again. I didn't think of Carl, I didn't think of the audience, I just thought that I just came like this. I know this jump is not close. When I got out of the coup, I was excited ... "Powell came out of the sand pit, the sand pile of the 9-meter-tuggedly put his throat. He is nervous to wait for the referee. On

On the big screen, I saw the muscles on the face of Powell convulsively twitched. He was uneasy to lick the upper lips. Time in a second second ... "" Suddenly, the referee has an abnormal turmoil Then, "8.95 meters" results are bright in the heavens and earth. The typhoon tsunami-like audience whispered, almost overturned the entire stadium.

This is the masterpiece of human sports history! This is the world The most amazing hop of the martial meat! The Americans were 8.90 meters created on the Mexico City Plateau in 1968, known as the "21st Century". This record has been like the Alps. However All this, the moment is all swept by Powell, the two legendary myths in the world, and the "21st Century Record" is refreshed; Lewis has ended the history of "65 winning" in 10 years. The name and image of Powell have passed the sea, rolling the mountains, turning over the mountains, and the world's newspapers published his large photo, and the Tokyo TV broadcasts his special report with several channels.

Powell shocked the world; the world, there is a "Powell's boom".

he makes Lewis's incredible in Powell and the audience in the celebration, there is a person in the audience to keep calm. He, It is Lewis.

ran out of the world's fastest speed of the world's fastest speed of the Ternet and Field, I have been accustomed to putting the sand pit in my own hitting territory. Rely on the Tianzhi and I, He has no need to spend too much breath, he can always kill the opponent. He and Powell have more than 15 times, no failure record. When he won the first World Championship, Powell is still a connection, but The unknown generation. In the past year, he has a great advantage in addition to the opponents in the friendly grooming and the US selection competition. Therefore, Lewis did not put the little two-year-old Powell in the eyes, even on the big screen. Before the word of 8.95 meters, Lewis also approved himself to be a winner. Because he first jumped out of 8.68 meters, the second jumping foul, and then jumped 8.83 meters and 8.91 meters. Good grade. Powell is quite average before breaking the record, the previous three jumps is 7.85, 8.54, 8.29 meters, the fourth foul, falling in the vicinity of 8.80 meters, is also the result of the foul jump out, so that Powell felt Your strength.

Excited, Powell also realized the threat of Lewis. "I am worried." When I jumped out of 8.95 meters, I was lying on the grass, and the brain was the 'Karl's' a few times in the last level. "Always put the opponent's" enemy "Powell does not hide the heart of Lewis. He faced Liu Yi, standing on the runway, stand up, his hands closed, the heart silently prayed:" Don't let Lewis more than me! " "He clearly remembers that on the US selection match in June 1991, how to exceed him 1 cm in the last jump, so that he almost pulls the past scene. After the game, he once looking for his own psychologist vent. The distress. His doctor warned him: "You and the Lewis game, like the heavyweight boxing, you will win him in the point, because his psychology is too strong. You can only rely on a bureaucrat of a friend. "

However, the 30-year-old Lewis looks like the opponent knocked down, he clear his strength, he still have two opportunities. But he will follow the difference between a punch. Breaking through Powell's gods. The most thrilling jump in the history of track and field is over.

Bowell is quoted, the passion rolls. He flying over the auditorium, and his coach Randi Huming Tight hug. Lewis is stunned, and the eyes contain tears. But he is not a generation of superstars, but he did not forget to congratulate Powell. Everyone has a finger, Powell is not born, and Lu Yi, who came to: "I am really Incredible. "

Lewis said:" Congratulations, you are incredible. "Lewis's failure is indeed unexpectedly, he is not willing to:" I jump out 8.87 meters or lose, it is incredible. Powell jumped out of his best once, so he won. This is the long jump. "

Powell is quite ambiguous with Lewis. This straightness, but how many kind" emperors ", excitedly announced to the press:" On the runway, he is my 'enemy 'Rather than friends, I am willing to maintain this relationship. Because there is 'Kawr', I will have power. To overcome Lewis, this is the first time, but not the last time. "

After the Tokyo Competition, these two Americans are indeed more upright. Lewis did not participate in the practice of jump in the competition, Jumping 8.30 meters in front of the Berlin International Competition. Powell is not Jelly, but only 8.10 meters, but also hurt one leg.

This small episode did not shake Powell's self-confidence. Because the number of research shows that Although Lewis although the hundred meters speed alone, The speed of 6 meters after the arrival of the arrival of Powell. Although the latter is only 10.40 seconds, but the first step is active before the jump. In addition, the black player with a height of 1.90 meters, there is a good at playing basketball when high school After the experience, he has an amazing bounce power. He has a longitudinally jumping from 1.06 meters.

After the basketball coach pronounces "death penalty", Powell grows in the eastern United States, born in Philadelphia, followed by accounting The mother moved to Los Angeles.

Powell's sports career begins in basketball. When he was a high school, he was fascinated by basketball, and she was eager to be a professional player, but the coach found that his cost is too bad. He announced his "death penalty". Although the basketball star is not properly, he practiced the extension of a dunk. In 1990, he had a skill in a dunk competition and won the $ 50,000.

When he practiced it. In 1980, when he was 16 years old, he jumped out of 6.68 meters. He admitted to the Department of Sociology, California University. He has increased to 7.48 meters. His talent Due, since then, it is seriously specially attacked.

Once his dreams

he did his dreams to select the US team to participate in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, but he landed on the selection.

Not willing to read the lively Powell who only look at the lively, so the volunteer service personnel, as the shuttle driver during the day, and the TV station is broadcast, the TV station is a mechanic. In the next two years, Powell's results have no big growth. In 1987, he was the most proud year. He won the World University Sports Association. He defeated Ma Ricks, Emi Yang, etc. in the Athlet and Field Grand Prix.

1988 The world's three-level jump record holder Banks' coach Randi Hengtington took his disciple, his sports career has also reached a key year. At that season, he all went well, but in May, he didn't live. The appendix is ​​almost the dream of the Seoul Olympic Games. Thanks to the US selection competition, he is fortunate to restore physical strength, but he is called "foul king", he is almost the fate of his life. Top 5 times, he 4 fouls, the jump of the grades made him ranked 6th, only lucky to select the US team. At the Hancheng Olympics, he hopped out of the personal achievement - 8.49 meters, after Lewis, won the silver medal.

From that, Powell dreams more than Lewis. In 1989, he is preferably 8.49 meters. In 1990, although the friendly sports will lose to Lewis 4 cm. But for the first time Ranked 8.66 meters from the season in the season.

However, because Lewis's existence, this year, this year, the name is almost very well known. "People always told me to call 'thin monkey', or tell me, you can jump, can you jump? I am used to people to my negation, but I know, as long as I work, always One day I can do it. "Powell recalled.

Today, Powell really outstanding. This should be due to his coach Hengtington. In the past, Powell's number of problems, from his run, jumping, aerial action to landing. Since 1988, Hengtington almost all all of Powell's all re-cast.

Hengtington is also good at stimulating Powell's internal enthusiasm. He said: "Powell is an emotional player, must be very excited when confrontation is very obvious. He is a player who jumped with your eyes, any stimuli is very effective to him." Powell sometimes is angry like a child, but He is born with "gas". This is the case to Lewis, and it is very much better than he has extremely worshiped.

Bi Mong Mong Mun finally got a look at him. "I have seen it 3 times, I respect him, but he does not respect me, he always talks about Liu Yi, don't take me at all. Waiting, participate in the Los Angeles US Olympic Day, I stand on the runway to get rid of the runway, I saw him left the seat and turned out of the stadium. I called the back of his back: 'I jumped, you shouldn't do this.' I broke through his record, I believe he will look at me again. "

However, the 45-year-old Bimon's impression of Powell seems not easy to transform. The former hero currently served in a quiet Youth Sports Activity Center in the United States, and received a long distance call in the second day of the Bowell's record. He didn't feel too surprised to break the record, but it was surprised to believe in a record. "When I heard another word, I almost sat up to the ground. Not Carl Lewis, but Mike Powell. Actually he became my successor."

but 8.95 meters fact Make a better than Powell to see. After Bowell returned to the United States from Tokyo, he visited the BMN. "He embracted me, crying excitedly. This is the great moment I am in my life, I will always remember. I feel that he is passing the torch to me." Powell said.

Powell's next goal is to impact 9 m mark. He hopes to participate in 12 to 15 games every year, and the level is at least 8.96 meters. Although Powell is ambitious, the American famous big newspaper "Today's US" is not as good, in the big title: "Powell jumped into history." Powell, a hot temper, probably furious. This is really not respecting him. But if the coach said, he will be more invested after being stimulated. So this is also a good thing.

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