Mie Sato


Produce 48 Formula (9 photos)

Sato Mori (み み み み / SATO Minami)

Nickname: み み み

Birthday: August 3, 2003

Basic Land: Kanagawa

Formula (6 photos)

Interests: Draw, Dancing, Singing, Looking At Cartoon, Walking.

Performance experience

October 7, 2016, AKB48 No. 16 Health Selection announced the addition of Showroom department review, 69 attraction 69 from October 8th - 13th unapproved name in the video website "Showroom" live broadcast, Sato Miao No.32; October 16th, Qualified Publication (26-person confidential), become a research-student; December 8th, Tokyo · Qiewang Akb48 Theater "11th Anniversary Record Special Field", as 16 Graduate (19 people) officially disclosed.

On December 8, 2017, the new group of personnel was announced by the AKB48 12th Anniversary Theater and announced a graduate student of AKB48 Team A.

June 15, 2018, the Japanese and Korean Draft "Produce 48" broadcast, and finally ranked 39th.

September 12, 2019, in the "AKB48 National Tour" 2019 ~ 楽 楽 い ばか ばか が AK! ~ "In Tokyo · Jiangnegawa District, there is a formal member.

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