Microcomputer protection device


The microcomputer protection device is mainly a power plant, substation, power supply station, etc. of the voltage level of 110kV and below, can also be used as a voltage of the system between the voltage level between the portion 70V-220V. Current protection and measurement and control.


Product features: ultra-thin, strong function, excellent process, beautiful appearance, high cost performance.


microcomputer In addition to the advantages of the above-described microcomputer protection, the protective device has the following characteristics:

(1) Variety is complete: microcomputer protection device, species is particularly complete, can meet various types of variables Various protection requirements for various devices, which gives a variety of power station design and computer networking.

(2) Hardware uses the latest chip to improve the technical advanced nature, the CPU uses 80C196KB, measured as 14-bit A / D conversion, up to 24 channels, and the data used The DSP signal processing chip is processed, and the high-speed Four transformation is used to obtain the harmonics of the fundamental wave to 8 times, and the special software automatic correction ensures high precision of the measurement. With double-port RAM and CPU transform data, a multi-CPU system is constituted, and communication is used in CAN bus. It has the characteristics of high communication rate (up to 100MHz, generally operating in 80 or 60 MHz) anti-interference ability. The field observation and various protection methods and protection parameters can be easily performed by the keyboard and the liquid crystal display unit.

(3) Hardware is designed in power supply, analog input, switch input and output, communication interface, etc. use special isolation and anti-interference measures, strong anti-interference ability, except for centralized group screens, Can be installed directly on the switchgear.

(4) software function is rich, in addition to completing various measurement and protection functions, by working with the upper handling computer, the fault recording (1 second high speed fault record and 9 second troubleshooting), Harmonic analysis and small current grounding options.

(5) Optional RS232 and CAN communication methods, supporting a variety of long-active transmission regms, which is convenient for networking with various computer management systems.

(6) uses a wide temperature belt background 240 × 128 large-screen LCD liquid crystal display, easy to operate, beautiful.

(7) High integration, small size, light weight, easy to concentrate on installation and dispersion installation in the switchgear.

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