Metal barcode


Metal barcode

Metal barcode has been widely used in asset management, automotive production line management and other fields.

Metal barcode

Production Process

Metal Barcode Production Process. The photolithographic metal bar code can be made on site, which is more convenient, but its production substrate is limited (because the principle of the bar code is completed in the contrast of the bar, the reading rate is not high, the reading rate is more Low, high cost, if the image is complex, its production is slow. Special printing metal barcodes opposite the lithographic metal barcode, but its anti-wear performance is low. The etching metal bar code not only has the advantage of special printing metal barcodes, but also its anti-wear performance.


Metal barcode uses metal as a base material or manufacturing material, which can high low temperature, acid and alkali, and long service life.

Metal barcode corrosion resistance, high temperature, wind, rain, snow erosion and sun, long life. It can use long-term use in harsh environments outdoors or indoor (kitchen / chemical plants), and is the only thin tough barcode that can be used in outdoor or harsh indoors (kitchen / chemical plants, etc.). Temperature range: -40 ~ 200 ° C. Metal barcode systems can be widely used in large chain catering, automatic control, detection, automation management, such as vehicle, automotive, motorcycles, bicycles for registration, charge, anti-theft, etc .; for mechanical products, electronic products, medical devices , Pressure vessel, weapon ammunition, military warehouse management system; important license, confidentiality registration and management of credit cards.

The metal bar code made of the copper foil and silver foil with a laser barcode can reach 5 meters. Metal barcode corrosion resistance, high temperature, low temperature, wind, rain, snow and sun, adaptive temperature range from zero 40 to 180 ° C. It can be used for long-term use of outdoor harsh environments, which can be widely used in automatic control, detection automation management, etc., which can have long-term useless low-cost source panels for long-term use in outdoor environments. Its main disadvantages are poor antifouling properties, and it is often scrubbed after erosion of oil and dust, and the reliability of the ISO 10374 international standard will not be 99.99%.

Metal barcode can be read using a general common barcode reader, and its reading rate is not inferior to a general label strip.

The thickness of the metal bar code is only 0.5mm, the weight is light, its firmness and toughness are much higher than paper barcode, which can be made into a serial number or different codewords in production; Belt a force of a force to 搓 and hit it.

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