Synonym Word Mesvide Indian Site Generally refers to the discovery of Meshavede

In 1874, a geographical inspection team in the United States entered the southwest corner of the Colorado Plateau, found an Indian person City area. After the grass, I left. I don't know why the reason, secrets are secret.

1888 winter, two herders rushed to the cattle, and a cliff in front blocked the way. "Charlie, looked there!" Richard is surprised to point out the cliff in front. Charlie looks in that direction, and it is different: the house is delayed, and the layers are stacked, the most in front is a huge palace. They call it "Cliff Palace".

Discover the "Cliff Palace" message is not embryonic, a batch of adventurers entered the site to dig treasure, precious cultural relics were unrebeatic. In 1906, the US Congress passed the law of the cliff site, and established a national park named "Mesavid" by protecting the Act of the Cliff Site. In 1978, UNESCO listed it as a world culture and natural heritage protection unit. Since then, Mesacid has become a world-famous sightseeing.

Mesavid is a "green square mountain" in Spanish. The creator of the cliff city village is called "Puebulo" people. Pwebro is also Spanish, meaning "village." These names have all colonial colors, because Spanish colonists enter this belt, and they are named in Spanish.

City prototypes out of the city's prototype

people are used to calling Mesacid as "Cliff Village". Because it is different from modern city, there is no connected street, there is no centralized factory and shop, there is no regime that regulates symbol, just a clustered house. However, on the cliff covering the land, there are many villages, and there are business activities exchanged with handicrafts and objects; tens of thousands of people gathered together, engaged in agricultural handicraft activities, dealing with common enemies. Can you say it is not a city? Obviously, Mesa Weed has prelimated the form of the city, and is a place where agriculture is gathered from the transition of the business. If there is no abandonation, it will definitely appear in the market, shops, workshops, and regulatory political institutions, and develop into a magnificent city.


Let's visit this city. There are more than 300 sets of complete settlements, and each of the above brick wall envelopes, there is a set of homes, including public courtyards and religious buildings. Among them, there is a high-rise palace, which is the "cliff palace" seen by Richard. The whole building is built along the cliff wall, the layout is compact. There are round, square small buildings around the high building. The wall of a long housing is 90 meters long. The interior is 150 rooms; 21 caves are excavated in the house, and the largest level has 7 rooms, which is said to be a place where residents hold religious rituals. There is a "cup room" in the north side of the Changwa, 430 cups, boxes, rice bowls, and cylinder, may be a sacrifice storage room.

The famous "spruce", named in spruce. The whole length is 203 meters, 84 meters wide, three floors. The whole building includes 114 housing, 8 ritual rooms.

Building a 25 rooms, the top house is built on the bottom of the category extended out, and is called "balcony". There is a small road downstairs, with a length of about 3 meters per ground, 2.4 meters wide. Archaeologists have dug out the human bones and pottery in the ground. Each gathering area has huge round stone building, and there is a stone bench along the stone wall. That is the religious holy place of Pwebro, and the whole people can dance.

Mesavid is a cliff wall, natural, and the beast is difficult to climb. The wall is chiseling a small hole, which can only be inserted with your fingers and toes. Puebroho will enter and leave the city from these caves. Obviously, this is to deal with the invasion of foreign and beasts.

Good testimony of North American ancient civilization

coming from the natural disaster dropping from the sky to the head of Mesavide. In 1276 to 1299, there was a 24-year-old drought in a consecutive year, and the water was broken, and people refused to the east, and they reconstructed the home. The cliff city has been annihilated. Today, the Indian tribe of Zuni, Huang, Tawa, Kelong, and the ancestors of the ancestors are also the Puebroville in the cliff city.

In Central America, South America, people continue to discover Maya, Aztex, Induegen's Indian cultural sites, some ancient city has reached 100,000 people, and its architecture is not Old continent. But in North America, the cultural in Indians seem to be a blank area. The discovery of the Messaweed site has proved that North American Indians have also have a brilliant culture.

Archaeological proven, far in the original BC, the West is called "Buckle", which has been able to woven the basket, planting corn. They live in a round cottage of the cave or the building. By the fifth to eighth century, this "Buckman" learned to ceramics, cotton woven, and built the ground house. Circumatic in the seven century began to enter Mesavid, the 12th century entered the whole day; they gathered to live, and established a large-scale cliff city. At that time, in the mother's society, the woman's housework and the sacrifice were dyed, and the man was painted on the pottery, and the man was engaged in agricultural labor, and hunting, textile and making pottery. The market is raised, and object exchange is implemented.

When I discover Messade's site, the reservoir of water storage, domesticate turkey is disabled, and the black-colored pottery, exquisite stone, bones, and mobile phones. cotton. Undending mummy is found in the mausoleum. In proven, Columbus came to the New World, North American social culture has developed to a fairly high level.

Messa Devad has started a large-scale excavation and research work in the fifth in the fifth, and some houses have been built, and the museums and libraries have been established to become world-renowned research bases and tourists.

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