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In 1944, the University of California was pursued by Ph.D. in the University of California. In 1949, he received a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and later taught in the school. From 1966, Ren Luovfeller University is a professor of biochemistry.

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Meilfield has been engaged in protein chemistry in 1953, mainly studied polypeptide (see peptide) and protein synthesis, and synthetic bioactive polypeptide and protein The relationship between the structure and function. From May 1959, the polypeptide solid phase synthesis was started, and a secondary peptide was successfully synthesized by solid phase synthesis in 1962. He also synthesized a tetrapeptide in the same year. In 1963, it was also synthesized with a hematopeptide containing 9 amino acid residues, only for 8 days. Merifield's polypeptide solid phase synthesis method is more simple and efficient than classic synthetic methods. Subsequently, in practice, it has become a basic method for use in many polypeptide synthesis laboratories in the 1970s. In 1965, Merfield made the first automation synthesizer. In 1969 he used this instrument to synthesize ribonuclease A consisting of 124 amino acid residues at high speed. Ribonuclease A is an enzyme that is first synthesized in the world. His work has greatly pushed throughout organic synthesis. He won the 1984 Nobel Chemical Award for the significant contribution to developing new drugs and genetic projects due to the invention of the inventive polypeptide solid phase synthesis. Since the 1970s, I have been studying in Europe and Japan. In 1977, China visited China, and I visited China in June 1983.

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