Latin name : Rosa Mercedez

is a Latin name: rose

The genus name < / b>: Rosaceae

species or subspecies name: Rosa

Latin name: Rosa chinensis Jacq.

Origin : Germany

source : Germany

From: Germany

resource type : rice varieties

basic description

Key Features : quality

The main purpose : watch

climatic zones : temperate

growth habit : preference temperate

flowering and Fruiting characteristics: flowering summer to autumn

characteristics : tall plant type; about 25 to 30 flower petals, orange-red; odorless

particular use : a container for the cultivation; cut flower; altar explants; is implanted

observation spot : national Bureau Songming street rose test station

reproduction: vegetative propagation (propagation of cuttings)

Breeding units : Germany Kordes incubated

Breeding Year: 1974

related projects and number : platform resource integration

resource saving information

save unit: Yunnan flower technology training promotion Center

unit number: 211

library ID : A179

save resource type : plant

save mode : 2010

retention time: save situ

physical status : good

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