Memory optimization


How to optimize memory management, improve the efficiency of memory, and improve operational speed as much as possible is the problem we have cared. Here is a few ways to improve the use efficiency of memory and optimize memory management in a Windows operating system.

Changing the location of the page file

The purpose is mainly to maintain the continuity of virtual memory. Because the hard disk read data is read on the magnetic material, the page file is placed on different regions on the disk, and the magnetic head must jump, nature is not conducive to efficiency. Moreover, there are many system disk files, and virtual memory is definitely discontinuitous, so put it on other disks. Change (adjustment size) Page file location method: Right click on "My Computer", select "Property → Advanced → Performance Settings → Advanced → Change Virtual Memory", select the location you want to change in the drive bar Can. It is worth noting that after moving the page file, delete the original file (the system is not automatically deleted). Because the C drive recently, try to set the virtual memory in the C drive, and do not set the memory of other discs, which makes it continuity.

Changing the size of the page file

After changing the location of the page file, we can also adjust it for its size. When adjusting, we need to pay attention, do not set the largest, the smallest page file is equivalent. Because usually memory does not really "stuff", it will automatically put some temporary data in the hard disk when the memory reserves reaches a certain degree. The bigger the minimum page file, the proportion is low, the slower the speed of execution. The largest page file is extremely limited, sometimes opened a lot of programs, memory and minimum page files have been "stuffed", which will automatically overflow to the largest page file. Therefore, it is unreasonable to set the two. In general, the minimum page file is set, so that more data can be stored as much as possible in memory, the higher the efficiency. The largest page file is made large, so as to avoid the situation of "full staff".

Disable page file

When you have more than 8GB of memory, the page file will no longer be obvious, so we can disable it. The method is to enter the registry editor " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCURRENTCAL_MACHINTROLSYSTEMCURRENTCONTROLSETCONTROLSESSITION MA-NAGERMEMORYMANAGEMENT " to "Disablepa-Ging Executive" options to "1".

Empty page file

There is a " ClearPageFileatShutdown (clerically cleared when shutting down)", set this value to "1". The "Clear" page file here is not to completely delete the PageFile.sys file from the hard disk, but "cleaning" and organizing it, thus making better use of virtual memory for the next startup Windows XP. .

Adjusting the size of the cache area

can set the system in the "computer's main purpose" tab ( for Windows 98) . If the system has more memory, you can select "Network Server" so that the system will use more memory as a cache. In the CD-ROM tag, you can directly adjust how much memory used as a cache read and written as a CD-ROM disc.

Monitoring memory

The memory of the system is not much, it is always running. Although there is virtual memory, since the hard disk is read and written speed cannot be compared with the speed of memory, it is necessary to monitor the usage of memory. A system monitors are provided in the Windows operating system to monitor memory usage. In general, if only 60% of memory resources are available, you should pay attention to adjust memory, otherwise it will seriously affect the speed and system performance of the computer, otherwise it will be card.

Release memory space

If you find that the system's memory is not much, you should pay attention to the release of memory. The so-called release of memory is to release the data that resides in memory from memory. The simplest method of releasing memory is to restart your computer. In addition, it is to close the program that is temporarily unused. It is also necessary to pay attention to if the image information is stored in the clipboard, it is to take up a large amount of memory space. At this time, as long as the word is scrapped, the original picture on the clipboard can be rushed off, thereby releasing the large amount of memory it occupies.

Optimize data in memory

In Windows, the more data in the memory, the more you want to take up the memory resources. Therefore, there is not much set on the shortcut icon in the desktop and the taskbar. If the memory resources are more tense, consider the procedures that are less resilient with various backgrounds. Do not open too many files or windows when operating your computer. After using a computer for a long time, if the computer is not restarted, the data in the memory is likely to cause a decrease in system performance due to comparison. At this time you have to consider restart your computer.

Improve the performance of other components of the system

The performance of other components of the computer also has a large impact on the use of memory, such as bus type, CPU, hard disk, and memory. If the memory is too small, the amount of data displayed is large, and more memory is also impossible to improve its running speed and system efficiency. If the speed of the hard disk is too slow, it will seriously affect the work of the entire system.

Improve computer operations

Quality memory can improve computer memory reading efforts, enhance the coordination of computers, so that the computer's running speed is more smooth.

Optimization Software

RamIdlePro Software

RamIdlePro is a free memory optimization tool, RamIdlePro can make memory more efficiently, let the computer use More memory space, it will confirm whether the software being executed quickly loads in memory, and checks the set memory minimum. When the memory usage reaches the lower limit, it will automatically handle unnecessary software, so that the memory is as possible. Keep within the range of safe use. When this software is executed, it is an idle time to use the computer to handle work, so it does not affect the efficiency of the system, nor does it feel slow.

Banana memory finishing

memory software is indeed, mostly in English, there are many features, except for "memory finishing", other All must be registered. This software is free, and it also provides some other functions, of course, it cannot be compared to large software such as RamIdle, but is still enough for general users.

Windows Optimization Master Master Master Corruption

Windows Memory Corruption Includes in the Windows Optimization Master package, you must install Windows Optimization Master to use it. The Windows Optimization Master provides memory finishing capabilities that can be effectively released without affecting system speed. You can adjust the memory area to be organized, the maximum value of the adjustment range is the actual physical memory size of the system. Normally, the memory area to be organized is set to the maximum to release physical memory as much as possible.

360 Hardware Master (Lu Master)

360 Hardware Master (Master) is powerful, although its main use is "hardware detection", "performance test" and "energy saving reduction "On, but 360 hardware master (Master Lu) also provides memory optimization functions in" Monitoring Protection ", and will deliver the releaseable physical memory space.

Other memory optimization software

1.Free RAM XP

freerAmxp usage is quite simple, no need to manage more memory Deep research, the function of selecting AutoFree after starting FreeramxP, will automatically reorganize the memory and allow the operating system to extrude more memory space. As long as you feel that there is deficiencies in the operating system, it can call the memory.

2.ram defrag

RAMDEFRAG A distinctive memory optimization test tool is fully compatible with WindowsXP. Since it only concentrates on doing something, it doesn't even have an additional function, and there is no need to adjust the setting option. However, ramdefrag has the characteristics of high efficiency, easy operation, light volume, etc., and it also has three different working modes that can optimize physical memory and system virtual memory simultaneously.

3.ozone Ram Optimizer

Using RAM-OPTIMizer to optimize memory does not need to be completed, basically only need a single button to complete Memory optimization action. In addition to the original set value, the RAM-Optimizer also allows the intervals of memory optimization in a manual way, allowing the system to allow the system to use space percentage, expected space percentage, etc., it is enough to correspond Usage requirements.

4.Memory Zipper

MemoryZipper restores the system's missed memory, and display memory usage in the form of the chart. It also detects some of the information memory management and tuning tools of the hardware system, helping the system unleasing the clean memory part of the system, and integrates the memory of the scattered, avoiding the system because the memory resources are more Causes the situation of the machine. In addition, there is a CPU monitoring function that reduces the CPU load using an idle empty file, thereby reducing the temperature of the CPU.

5. The memory scan is booting, and the available memory will be less and less. This is a memory cleaning software, which is not completely released when the software is cleared. RAM. Unlike other memory cleaning software, although it is not a lot of memory size each time, it does not read and write hard drives. Therefore, the cleanup speed is extremely fast and does not reduce the software speed after cleaning. The software can be run in the background, and the automatic timing cleaning is not necessarily to keep a certain number of available memory at all times. The main program is only 20K size, saving resources.

6. Automatic memory management software releases memory by adjusting the various memory management of each memory management of the system, not only improves, but also saves more!

7. Memory optimization experts can automatically optimize memory.



1. It is set to automatically organize according to the percentage of physical memory, to be mainly running according to its main operation Program to select a percentage size, if the main running program is a browser, you can adjust the percentage to 20%, and if the main job is text processing, it can be increased to 25%.

It is best not to organize memory

2 in a row. After a memory finish, the system's memory should be in the best working state. However, if memory is repeated, the maximum physical memory will be obtained, but the system speed will be reduced. Therefore, it is best not to organize memory continuously.

Do not full load operation

3. The current memory is not optimized in full load, as optimized, while the procedures are being used and Damage is damaged.

4. It is best not to boot using memory finish, otherwise it will result in slow boot speed. If there are other software boot self-start, there will be a certain impact.

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