Mathematics conjecture

far-faster meaning

(1) Mathematical conjecture is a powerful driving force for promoting the development of mathematical theory. Mathematical conjecture is one of the most active, most active and active factors in mathematical development, and is the most creative part of human rationality. Mathematics conjecture can strongly attract mathematicians to invest, actively carry out relevant research, and promote mathematical development. Once the mathematics conjecture is confirmed, it will be converted to theorem, and the math theory is enriched in the mathematical theory.

(2) Mathematical conjecture is an important way to create mathematical ideas. Mathematical development shows that mathematicians have created a large amount of effective mathematics ideas during the try to solve mathematics conjecture (whether the ultimate is resolved). These mathematical methods have penetrated into various branches of mathematics and play an important role in mathematics research.

(3) Mathematical conjecture is a rich source of research scientific methodology. First, the mathematical conjecture acts as a research model. The law of the production and development is an important foundation for exploring the research methods of mathematics; secondly, mathematical conjecture as a research method, it is the research object of mathematical methodology, and solves mathematics through research The regularity of some new methods for mid-exhibition promotes the general principles of mathematical methodology; finally, mathematical conjecture as an important form of mathematical development, it is a specific embodiment of scientific assumptions in mathematics. The type, characteristics, proposed method, and solution of mathematical conjecture are particularly valued for general scientific methods, especially for creative thinking methods.

Inspection pathway

Guess can be roughly divided into several forms: 1 ratio sex guess ; 2 summary Sex guess ; 3 symmetry guess ; 4 gemstological guess ; 5 reverse guess .

The way to achieve conjecture can be an exploration test, a ratio, induction, construct, association, aesthetic, and combination between them. Mathematical conjecture is a certain law, such as the rules of the ratio, the laws of summary, etc., and must be pillars with mathematical knowledge and experience. Before demonstrating a mathematical problem, the content of this question should be guilty; before the detailed proof, it should be proven to be proven.

Correct or not

Mathematical conjecture is verified to be correct (such as Faima, Katlan Guess, Pangola, etc.), and become theorem; Verified as wrong (such as Euler, von Nuiman guess, etc.); there are some people who are verifying (such as Rieman assumptions, cyber guess, twin prince guess, Gothbi appraisal, etc.). It can be said that the effects of mathematics conjecture for the impact of mathematical development, not only in the proven or passing whether it is, but also solves the innovative research methods used in mathematical conjecture, it is also a major impact factor of mathematical development.

Mathematical conjecture is based on certain mathematical facts, including a valuable imagination of mathematical facts; there is no mathematical fact, and the proposition you want to get in the heart is not called " Mathematical conjecture. Mathematical conjecture is usually proposed by the application of the method, the summary method, or in the inspiration, the intuition flashed. For example, China's mathematician and linguist Zhou Haizhong according to the known Mason's number and its arrangement, ingenious use of contact observation and incomplete summary, in 1992, it fainly proposed Masonset Distribution Conjecture (ie "Zhou Guess" ").

Various conjecture

Established (theorem)

Geometric guess

Mathematics conjecture

Forsyinder (2008 Theoretical Proof Completed)

Pangola guess

Cataran conjecture (Profit in April 2002) Profit, Padborn University's Romanian mathematician Preda Mihăilescu Certification, by Yuri Bilu, a substantial circle field and Galohua model)

not established

Hilbert - Smith guess

West Pan Contest (Central University 2008 Liu Road proves


open problem (being verified)

ABC guess

< p> Eu Lusses

Kalaz Guess (Night Valley Guess)

Zhou Guess (Masonset Distribution Guess)

Ah Charity (New Mason guess

Gadbach guess

twin coupry number guess

Cramier guess

Hari - Li Terwood second guess < / p>

six-degree space theory

p and np problem

Yang-Mir theory

Liman assumption

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