Material distribution plan


The material allocation plan is different from the material balance plan, and the material balance plan is mainly to balance the materials resources from all aspects and various materials in various use directions. The material distribution plan is to distribute the materials in different use directions in accordance with specific use sectors and regions (minority enterprises and key projects can also list allocation indicators separately ". Material. Therefore, the material distribution plan is the continued and avatar of the material balance plan.


The role of the material distribution plan is:

Material distribution plan

(1 ) The material distribution plan is an important guarantee for the national concentration of material to ensure the implementation of the key production and construction plan. It is important to accelerate the use of supplies to accelerate the construction of socialist modernization.

(2) Material distribution plan is The importance of production needs to be coincided and organizes materials circulation. By preparing material distribution plans, it is possible to plan to plan the material supply relationship in advance, and it is possible to determine the roughness and variety of various materials application units in the planned period, which is conducive to planning Organized materials circulation.

(3) Material distribution plan is an important means of promoting coordinated development of national economy. The preparation of materials distribution plans must reflect economic policies and economic policies during a certain period of time, through material distribution Plan, you can adjust the national economics, all regions in the development ratio of the development period, have important positive significance for the development of the national economy.

Material distribution plan is usually distributed by the real amount And assignment instructions. The actual quantity distribution table lists the total distribution amount of the allocation of the material application unit and the main use direction, the assignment description is the interpretation of the allocation calibration and the principle, principles and basis for material allocation. Description.

The contrary to material distribution is the opposite of materials. It is a top-down process. The material equilibrium distribution is prepared by the national materials distribution department, and it is performed after approval by the relevant leadership department. Material distribution The planned issued by the plan is still carried out in reverse the material application channel until the base unit of the materials is required.

The material distribution plan is approved by the relevant leadership, that is, the legal binding, allocation indicators are not allowed during the process Laying, you must not mope him for use to maintain the seriousness of the material distribution plan.

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