Mashan District Yinglin School

Synonym English School generally refers to English schools in Mashan District

Teachers' Power

There are 152 teachers, including 105 specialized teachers, 47 in the post party members. The degree of education is 100%, the senior title is 18 people, and the intermediate title is 110 people, and the primary title is 24. Provincial, city backbone teachers, discipline leaders, 24 people.

The size of the school is 45,000 square meters, the total construction area is 1.6041 million square meters, including 7200 square meters of teaching buildings, 5,400 square meters of dormitory, 1800 square meters, canteen, Children's center 1641 square meters. 44 teaching classes, 1795 students (more than 1800 people) in schools, including 756 teaching classes in the Middle School, 732 in the Ministry of Education, and more than 300 children. There are more than 600 accommodation, and closed management is implemented.

School Overview

The school has a leadership of innovation, realistic and pragmatic leaders, and a group of high-quality teachers, there is more advanced teaching facilities, standardized and improved management system , Characteristic humanized running model, beautiful and pleasant teaching environment. Under the hard work of the previous leadership team, the school has won the honorary title of the city-level advanced employee home, civilized unit model, the advanced unit of civil defense knowledge, the garden unit, the district-level excellent party organization, group organization and other honorary titles . In particular, Wang Chunling is two years of the British Party Secretary and President Wang Chunling. She is working on the work of practical work, the rigorous work style, forgets my work, and Into the school construction and management work, with love and dedication Write a new chapter of a piece.

Under her influence and drive, the school has advanced city-level teacher's head construction advanced unit, municipal three-education, advanced group, municipal green school, civil air defense knowledge education advanced unit, municipal women The employee is established by the employee, the city-level advanced employee, the municipal education advanced collective, the Maishan people's satisfaction unit and other honorary titles, and completed the provincial standardization acceptance.

The senior high school entrance examination is reported

Since 2007, the school has taken the first battle, and the news is high. Compared with the same class of schools in the city, the number of quota scores in the city of the city, the city, ninth, the quota score of the experimental middle school, the third of the city.

Engineering candidates have highlighted, and the results are remarkable. In 2010, 600 points were more than 19 people, and 3 of them entered the top 100 in the city. In 2009, the minimum score is 40, and the minimum score line in 2010 is 55. In 2011, the quota fraction of the first middle school in Ji Xi City is 540 points. The English schools were admitted to 12 students in Jixi City in the first middle school. The twelfth senior high school entrance examination score was 600.7 points, and the Jixi City A mid-school quota score is 60.7 points; the quota score section of the experimental middle school is 520 points, and the English school is 567 points in 14 students in the Experimental Middle School. 47 points. Compared with the same type of school in the city, the English school took the quota score of Jixi First Middle School to rank in the city, and the quota score of the experimental middle school was ranked fourth.

In the face of such impressive results, the reporter interviewed Wang Chunling, the president of the Yinglin School and Ding Wenguang, who made them analyzed the excellent results of this study. The principal said: "The results of the results of the middle school entrance examination in 2010, the four major teams and urban education bureauses in Maishan District and the right leadership of the English school; leaving the leadership of the school leaders; Do not open the unity and cooperation of all the first four teachers and students; the support and active cooperation of the parents cannot be opened; even more inseparable from all walks of life. "

2011 high school entrance examination Jiji: 600 points of candidates reached 57, accounting for 46% of the number of references; 77 people exceeding the city experimental middle school, accounting for 62% of the number of references. In 2012, Jielin School was more than 600 points and 26, of which Kangyuan students easily entered the top 100 in the city.

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