Mary Milzani

synonym Mariam Mirza Hani generally refers Maryam Mirzakhani


1977, was born in Tehran, Iran, with excellent mathematical talent has been recommended for admission into law Seoul Like Donegan High school (Iran specially bred and talented students of the school);

in 1999, a bachelor's degree in mathematics Iranian famous science prestigious Sharif University of Technology; then to Harvard University to study;

2004 years to obtain a Ph.D. from Harvard.

2014 years as a professor of mathematics research at Stanford University in the United States Teich Muller theory.米尔札哈尼 expertise to geometry, to calculate the hyperbolic plane has proposed a variety of innovative ways.

2017 Nian 7 15, Maryam Mirzakhani died.

Life and Education

米尔札哈尼 born in Tehran, Iran. Childhood math is not good, there is a high interest for literature. Inspired by his brother because of her interest in mathematics slowly. Attended high school in Tehran Farzanegan school (English: Farzanegan School), the principal of the school was a woman, convinced that men and women should receive equal educational opportunities. With the support of the principal, she attended the 1994 International Mathematical Olympiad Hong Kong and the International Mathematical Olympiad in 1995 in Toronto, both won the gold medal. She competition in 1994, only 1 minute to get out, get out in the 1995 race.

Mary Milzani

米尔札哈尼 in 1999 in Tehran's Sharif University of Technology: Bachelor's degree in Mathematics Institute (English Sharif University of Technology) study in the United States, in 2004, received his PhD from Harvard University, guidance Fields medalist Professor Curtis McMullen (English: Curtis McMullen).米尔札哈尼 become a researcher Clay Institute of Mathematics, Princeton University and professor in 2004, in 2008, he became professor at Stanford University.

academic contributions

米尔札哈尼 put forward many new breakthroughs in the study of Riemann surfaces.米尔札哈尼 proposed in earlier studies of a specific volume of the moduli space of genus formula, which is a polynomial number of border elements, which she can make to Maxim Kontsevich and Edward Witten of the relevant mold space tautology formula intersection number of class to provide new evidence, but also proved compact hyperbolic surface of simple closed asymptotic formula for the growth trend of the number of geodesic, summed up the three geodesics theoretical sphere.

She later research focused on the moduli space of Teichmüller dynamic, the most special is that she proves William Thurston suggested Teich Miller space: Earthquake on (English Teichmüller space) map ( English: Earthquake map) flows are traversing guess the system.

in 2014, with the information provided by Amir Mohammadi, and Alex Eskin 米尔札哈尼 proved complex geodesic mold space and the closure is regular (Regular), not the non-regular (Irregular ) or fractal. Complex geodesic closure is the algebraic polynomial define the object, there is a certain degree of rigidity (rigidity), similar Marina Ratner: well-known results (English Marina Ratner) obtained in the 1990s. International Mathematical Union in its publications mentioned in: "I am surprised to find that rigidity in the homogeneous space can also be seen in the moduli space inhomogeneous in."

Since 2014 米尔札哈尼 "outstanding contribution to the dynamics and geometry of Riemann surfaces and lower mold space" and won the 2014 Fields Medal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani congratulate her on winning.

Personal life

米尔札哈尼 husband was Jan Vondrák, a Czech theoretical computer scientist at the IBM Almaden Research Center (English: IBM Almaden Research Center) work. They have a daughter named Anahita.

Honors and Awards

  • 2014 Nian Fields Medal

  • International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2014 ) General Assembly speech

  • 2014 Nian Cray Research Award (English: Clay Research Award)

  • 2013 years Ruth the Sutter Prize in Mathematics (English: Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics), this award by the American mathematical Society awarded every two years in recognition of outstanding contributions to women in the past six years, mathematically, this award is January 10, 2013 issued

  • in the United mathematics conference held in San Diego

    2010 was invited speaker at the international Congress of mathematicians, the talk entitled "topology, dynamical systems and ordinary differential equations "

  • 2009 years Blumenthal Award (English: Blumenthal Award)

  • 2004 became the Clay Mathematics researcher at the Institute of

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