Marxism and revisionism

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In this article, Lenin expounded the Marxist battle history, and briefly demonstrated the law of Marxism. It is pointed out that Marxism is developed in the development of various hostile theories and the shape of the workman. Articles from philosophies, political economics and socialism systematically expose and criticize the ideological content and essence of revision, pointing out the policy of revisionism is: temporarily dealing, moved to the incidents, moved to minor political changes, forget no production The fundamental interests of the class, forget the entire capitalist system, the basic characteristics of the evolution of the entire capitalist, sacrificed the fundamental interests of the proletariat in order to seek actual or conceived. At the same time, the class root of the revisionism is analyzed and the long-term and significant significance of opposing the revisionist struggle.

Marxism and revisionism

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In the early 19th century, in the philosophy of the western European bourgeoisie, the reactionary idealist philosophy - experience criticalism is extremely popular. This reactionary philosophical trend is in Russia in the reactionary period after the 1905 revolution failure, and some people are promoted. He has also added to Bolshevik's Bourishvik, Bazarov, Runariski, etc., as well as Meng Shikhishevich, Watannov, etc., is to use experience criticalism as their Maxism The Theoretical Basis of Philosophy Expand "Criticism" Theoretical Weapons. The struggle on philosophy in 1907-120 is increasingly sharp, and Lie Ning pays attention to the uncomfortable struggle with Bosgenov et al. The article "Marxism and the revisionism" is that Lenin sent a formal declaration of the struggle to the publication to publish.

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In the text, Lenin first describes the battle history of Marxism, pointed out that in the first half of the century, we have achieved the young Hegel, Prouu The full victory of the faction, Bacheninism and Du Lin Pien Socialism. The second fifty-year (from the 1990s), the second year of Marxism is the struggle with a anti-Marxist faction of Marxism. The socialist genres who have been defeated by Marxism, now playing The flag of Marxism is actually revisionism to continue to fight with Marxism. This faction is called Burnetan.

Lenin exposes correctionism from three aspects in the text, exposes and criticize its distortion and tampering of Marxism. In terms of philosophy, amender is running behind the buttocks of the bourgeois professors. Professors want to "go back to Kant", and the amendment is following the back of the new Kangdeism. They should be called materialism has been "refuted", trying to replace materialism with idealism, with vulgar evolution, to replace the revolutionary dialectics, and promote religion to the define of "private things" for the proletariat party. In terms of economics, the revisionist tries to use some superficial pieces of so-called "new materials" to demonstrate that the capitalist economic crisis can prevent, the contradiction between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat has a mild trend, and the theory of the capitalism of Marx's capitalism is inevitable. Theory is No basis, and at all, Marx's learning about the remaining value. Lenin pointed out that freely competition has developed to the monopoly stage, and there is no crisis in capitalism, but in turn makes the production of the whole society more sharp. In terms of politics (scientific socialism), they replace the Marxist class struggle to promote bourgeoish democracy, oppose violent revolution, and advocate capitalism and peace of socialism. Lenin pointed out: "Temporary to deal with, move the incident in front of you, move the minor political changes, forget the fundamental interests of the proletariat, forget the basic characteristics of the entire capitalist system, the evolution of the entire capitalist, in order to seek actual or imaginary interests The fundamental interests of the proletariat are the revision of the policy. "

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" Marxism and revisionism ", is a comprehensive comprehension of Berne Exposing, heely hit the second international and Russian right opportunist thinking, defending Marxism, armed the unbalanced thoughts, and promoted the development of international anti-repair struggles.

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This article was written until April 3, 1908, which is contained in St. Petersburg published in October 1908, Published in St. Petersburg, "Carl Marx (1818-1883)". The Chinese translation is incorporated in the second edition of the "Lenin Complete Works".

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Lenin (Russian: ленин, April 22, 1870 - January 21, 1924), formerly known as Vladimir Irich Urino Fu (Russian: владимир ильич ульянов), Marxist, proletarian revolutionist, politician, theoretist, Bourshvik Party founder, Soviet established person and first leader. He has developed Marxism and formed the theory of Leninism. Marxism-Leninist said he is "the great mentor and leader of the whole world's proletariat and labor people."

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