Tori III

Character introduction

Ptlei III (Dawn I) and the son of the New World of Bernacy. According to an ancient writer, Ptlei is immersed. Looking for a joy, it is completely surrounded, the most famous is Somipibius, under them, he kills family people. He killed his mother, several brothers, uncle, there may be his wife. But he didn't kill the father (maybe this made him to get the outer number of "Love my father").

Tori III

Historical incident

Torler III has arrested the Spartan Kerry Mini III, the Egyptian Kerryman III, and will be imprisoned. With the betrayal of Ptalemi's most capable commander, Egypt is a serious threat to the Syrian Palestine, and the ambitious Syrian King Annge (Emperor) is the fourth The Syrian War (the first 221 - 217 years).

In 219 BC, the army's army captured some coastal cities. The new army in the first 217th, the new army of Toller secret training won in the south of Palestinia (Torgi Dynasty " The last great victory), successfully defended the attack on Egypt in the Palestinian territory. Through and about, Toller II seized all coastal cities in the extension of the Arctic Dynasty in Sendo. After the war, he married his sister Arcyno III in Egypt. Tolleri maintains friendly relationship with the NAP, and he refuses to involve the war of Greek State, and also avoids involving the Syrian internal struggle. He died in November 205 BC. His pet secret is not mourning, about one After the year, after they murdered his queen, they made the young successor Tolmito five times.

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