Maofan Family Media Center

Software functions

Support local media, including music, video, and picture playback; it can also play and share videos, music, and pictures on the Internet, with online live broadcast function, real-time Rebroadcast TV stations' programs on various channels and live events of large-scale competitions such as the European Cup and the World Cup.

Watching the video

Maofan Family Media Center-Watching Videos (3 photos)

Through the Maofan Family Media Center, you can watch avi, ts, mkv, mpg, wmv, mov, flv, dat (vcd), vob (dvd), M2TS (Blu-ray), Audio-CD (CDDA) and other formats of video, and through the player control menu, you can adjust the volume, change The current video ratio, download or switch subtitle files, and set the current video. The top menu displays the name of the current video resource and the status of the hardware solution. Some functions of network video are not supported.

Listening to music

Maofan Family Media Center-Listening to Music (2 photos)

Through the Maofan Family Media Center, you can listen to mp3, ape, ogg, For music in wma, flac, aac and other formats, you can use the player control menu to set the playback order and adjust the volume. Some features of network music are not supported. And when the music is playing, the return operation is performed, and the music continues to play and enters the background playing state. The music playing in the background can be operated through the operation menu at the top of the interface.

View pictures

Maofan Family Media Center-View Pictures (3 photos)

Through Maofan Family Media Center, you can watch BMP, JPEG, GIF ( Only support static), PNG, TIF, ICO, PCX and TGA and other formats of pictures, in the browse control menu to provide a variety of browsing options. The picture can be zoomed or rotated to browse. You can also browse in the form of a slide show.

Favorites function

Movies, TV shows and applications can be added to favorites. Episode resources can only collect entire episodes and cannot collect individual episodes in episodes. Single episode resources in episodes that have been watched will be marked with colors.

History function

Record the current user's playback and browsing history.

Search function

Support Pinyin full screen and Jianpin search, search results are displayed instantly. For example, enter "fcwr" or "feichengwurao" to immediately find all relevant results of "If you are the one".

System menu function

In the "System" menu, there are six options of setting, switching users, help, exit, shutdown and hibernation.

Version information

Latest version

Operating environment:Win9X /Win2000/ WinXP/ Win2003/ Vista Win7

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Maofan Family Media Center

Update log:

Resolve the bugs of forgetting the password and prompting an error when Airplay is turned on.

Previous version

Version: V1.01.00

MoreFunTV cat fan 2013 version of the new UI( 7 photos)

Update date: August 15, 2013

Operating environment:Win9X /Win2000/ WinXP/ Win2003/ Vista Win7

File size:78.9MB

Update log:

Resolve the local information option in the settings with the mouse , There is a possibility that the focus cannot be found with the keyboard operation;

Solve the problem that the Phoenix Video episode interface cannot automatically play the next episode;

When the application is upgraded, the application details interface is displayed Wrong problem;

Solve the problem of incomplete display of the prompt string on the registration interface;

Add the setting of whether the somatosensory remote control retains the mouse function when the cat fan exits;

Add when the live broadcast analysis fails or the playback fails, it will automatically switch to the next available video source;

Add the support of Beitong gamepad;

Optimize the caching mechanism of intelligent somatosensory games To increase the speed of starting the game in the app.

2012 Cat Fan

Operating environment:Win9X /Win2000/ WinXP/ Win2003/ Vista Win7

< p>File size:73.77MB

Update log:


1. Settings Buffer size;

2, DLNA function;

3, search optimization, input is not interrupted during search;

Fix: 1. m3u8 format is used in network TV The bug of abnormal playback in the file;

2, the bug that the software crashes when different machines log in with the same account when downloading the application;

3, when the time format in the subtitle file is & quot;00:00:00.000 --&gt; 00:00:51.386&quot;, the problem that Maofan cannot display subtitles;

4. When playing local media resources, the previous song The next song will have the problem of zip or rar compressed package;

5. After the user account is deleted, the data cannot be obtained but there is no prompt to log in again;

6 , Adding or updating the media library may cause a software crash.

Instructions for use

The Maofan remote control has been on the market, and its main instructions for use:

1. Quick installation, install two sections in the remote control correctly 5 No. AA battery, insert the USB receiver into the computer USB port.

2. The remote control has been coded before leaving the factory, so there is no need to do it again. If necessary, code can be checked according to the method in the instructions of the Maofan remote control.

3. The working status can be judged by the indicator light of the remote control.

4. Power saving mode, the remote control will automatically enter the power saving mode if it is not operated for 60 seconds.

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