Mainland dynamics


This concept is proposed, which is based on the data that has been obtained, indicating that the mainland is different from the structure of the ocean rock ring and even the upper mantle. The generation, preservation and disappearance of the mainland rock circles is much more complicated than the graphic rock circles, which is elucidated. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research on the unique circumstances of the mainland and the urgent fundamental scientific issues that need to be solved, and establish continental dynamics theory.

Mainland dynamics

The scientific objectives of national mainland dynamics research: the causes and evolution of the mainland, the interaction of mainland land, earthquake and slab boundary, magma and volcanic system, mainland rock circles deformation and activity, climate And global changes in the history, deposition basins, the interaction between the crust and the water circle. It is generally believed that continental dynamics research has two pillars, namely field laboratories and land measurements and geophysical observations.

Earth dynamics

Continental dynamics is a component of Earth dynamics, and earth dynamics is a common mechanism of the dynamics mechanism of the Earth construction process. A noun often appears in the literature, often uses some nouns representing a particular geological process, such as chemical earth dynamics, mine-action geophysics, etc., but so far, there is no clear meaning of the concept of earth dynamics. And unified definitions. According to the background of different scholars, it seems that Earth dynamics can be understood as the kinetic mechanism of the geological process on the Earth. Today's research areas include mainland dynamics, mantle mechanics and basin kinetics.

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