Luminous medium

[Chinese entry] 光 微 中 微 过程

Luminous medium

外文】】】】 PhotoneUtrino Processes

γ Photon and Electronics E - Collision produces a pair of positive micros

, inverse micon
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, etc. The figure is represented as follows:

This is an electromagnetic action of electron absorbing photons and a process of combining the weak effects transmitted by the secondary chicose. The overall effect of this process is that a photon is converted to a pair of positive and inverse micons. The medium ministries generated, the same substance is only weak interaction, the penetration is extremely strong, and the energy of the system is taken away with the escape of the neutron pair. In the star, with the increase in temperature, the proportion of high energy photons and electrons is increasing, and thus the probability of osteotomy and the energy loss caused by the energy loss. Theoretical calculations show that this energy loss is approximately eight times longer than the temperature. When the interior temperature of the star reaches 100 million degrees, the energy loss caused by the microbi process in the light is a non-negligible factor in the evolution of the star. Compared with other processes of miconons in the same radiation, the micromotonia is less than 10 5 , temperature below 4 × 10 8The range is the main process (see the microsterection of electronics).

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