Lumia Denim

officially push

, Lumia 520/525/526/625/720/720/526/625/720/720/1320 and 1520 Bank users will receive Lumia Denim updates, unlock Lumia new features, upgrade WP8.1 experience and expecting a long-awaited personal intelligence assistant Cortana (小)! This time the upgrade of Lumia Denim will support all WP8 or higher version of the country line Lumia.

Name origin

There are two updates in Windows Phone 8, which is Lumia Amber (Amber), Lumia Black (Black) and Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan (cyan) Update, this update name is determined as Lumia Denim (denim blue).

Update range

This update will apply to all Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia Series mobile phones around the world.

Updated time

Microsoft announced this update time will be updated in the fourth quarter of this year, first get updated is Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, Lumia icon.

Microsoft began to push Lumia Denim firmware on December 17, 2014, China became the first market. Microsoft said that because of the different progress of the cooperative operator, this Lumia Denim update is only pushed to the push part of the model, and all Lumia phones will be covered in January.

Lumia Denim

Microsoft issued a statement that Lumia Denim will launch a larger-scale push in January. All Lumia models that are running Windows Phone 8.1 system will receive update push, and the specific order will vary depending on the test and audit progress of the cooperative operator.

Detailed update content

· Lumia professional shooting: will replace Nokia professional shooting, Lumia professional shooting speed is faster, the camera experience will be better.

· Catch: From the pocket to take the time to shoot, the lens shooting interval is as long as a few milliseconds.

· Time Capture: Long Press Camera button to take 4K video - high quality video shooting per second, you can save high quality 4K video single frame still images, each Picture 8.3 million pixels.

· High-fidelity capture: Automatic HDR and dynamic flash (Lumia exclusive) has come, more sets of setup features, you can also take a shot, then perform camera parameter adjustment.

· Improved image processing algorithm: gives you a clearer picture, even under dark light. (Dark light shooting again)

· "Hey Cortana" speech activation Cortana: does not need to press the search button or voice icon to activate Cortana. Just call "Hey Cortana", even if the phone is in the lock screen, this may be related to Sensorcore technology. (Nothing here to support all Lumia models)

• Screen Overview: Except for dates, notifications, and application data, Lumia devices can also be compatible should be weather or health. More content of data.

Update content

· After this update, China will contain the Cortana Chinese version

· Large to boot speed and photo saving of high-pass 8xx processor speed.

· Lumiacamera: will replace existing Nokiacamera, provide users with a faster and better camera experience;

· MOMENTCAPTURE: Long press the camera button to start 4K Quality Video Recording (24fps ), Each frame is 8.3 million pixel still photos, can be saved separately;

· Richcapture: Automatic HDR and dynamic flash function, adjust the camera parameters after taking pictures;

· Improvement The post-image algorithm: brings a clearer camera effect, even in low light conditions, quality imaging can also be obtained;

· "heycortana" speech activation: Based on SensorCore technology, no longer need to search for Or open Cortana to start and Cortana conversations;

· GlanceScreen: You can support the Lumia device to display bing weather, bing health data, time dates, and notifications and application data.

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