LS120 floppy drive


LS120 floppy

LS120 floppy drive

is not compatible because a ZIP drive conventional 1.44MB floppy disk, its application has limitations.


LS-120 still using the traditional magnetic disk storage, but it adopts the optical head positioning servo positioning of the laser technology, the number of sectors per track drive no longer the same, due to increased sensitivity of the magnetic head, sector can no longer be divided accommodate the head, the periphery of the track, it can be divided into more sectors. LS-120 innermost track has 51 sectors, up to 92 and the outermost sectors. A servo reference track width of 4.57μm between the tracks on the disk LS-120, LS-120 drive the floppy disk using a servo reference track beam reflected back, can immediately search for the exact position of the head on the floppy disk. Average seek LS-120 diskette drive is 65ms, the disk rotation speed of 720 rev / min. As a result of the laser optical positioning servo technology LS-120 floppy disk drive having a high reliability and stability.

LS-120 diskette drive its core is provided with two magnetic heads to read and write heads, one for reading and writing floppy 120MB LS-120, and other standards for reading and writing ordinary 1.44MB and 720kB floppy disk. LS-120 and floppy disk drive operating system are automatically LS-120 drive the floppy disk drive A is identified as identical to the standard 1.44MB floppy problem, DOS and Windows, etc. from the operation command dimensions. LS120 drive the price of a few hundred dollars, the disc in the hundred.

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