Love movie


With the progress of society, people's living standards continue to improve, individuals have a love movie is not dreaming, nor is there only big film and television companies to do it. The thing, we call it "personal love movie" or "private love movie".

is to use a script based on the private love story, personally interpreted by the male and female owner of the story, using the movie to shoot props and specifications to make a love story film, we call it a personal love movie.

The use of personal love movies is getting wider and wider, not just to complete the individual's feelings, or individual business behavior. Some newcomers have begun to show in the wedding scene, we call this love movie as marriage love movies.

Because the still image is no longer able to meet the needs of modern people, just record the expression of a moment, the feeling of love is difficult to keep it, the dynamic image can solve this problem, put all kinds of love, action , Feel, record it, remember to remember the feeling of the love in the beginning.


Personal love movie application

love in love can record their pure, vigorous, really cut Love, staying for memories and commemoration.

Generally a newcomer is used to remember some beautiful love memories in the process of each other, retain and presented and showcase the guests on the wedding site, share their sweet love with you, and The identity of the male and female protagonists appears in the film.


Since this term belongs to the noun, it will definitely born the emerging industry, so it will also be accompanied by some wedding photography companies to launch some business about love movies. Similar to the love story film, love MV, etc. Among them, there are other companies that produce love movies, such as love, Qujiang 壹 影, etc.

There are also personal production of love movies, relatively speaking, more than professional companies, after all, love movies are defined by movie level, so each major will still have a certain requirement.

Production by director, screenwriter, photographer, and later clip, will increase light, track, rocker arm and other equipment to complete more advanced shooting requirements with personal requirements.

Classic representative

"Roman Holiday" (1953 Audrey Hepburn, Gary Gaoyi, Pike)

"的 女" (1974 Yamaguchi Hui, Sanpu Friends and)

"Prague Love" (1988 Daniel Dai - Lewis, Juliet, Binush)

"people ghosts" (1990 Patrick Sist Witz, Demi Moore)

"Love Letter" (1995 Zhongshan Mei Sui, Fengchuan Yue Shi)

"Sweet Honey" (1996 Zhang Manyu, Dawn)

"Titanic" (1997 Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Wen Ren)

"Diary Year" (2000 Zhang Manyu, Liang Chaowei)

" If there is a love, "2003 Sun Yizhen, Cao Chengyou, Zhao Yucheng)

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