Love hairdressing

Drama Obstruction

H.Park Group 30 years Daqing, the group chairman Su Yuhai daughter and daughter who inherited the group dispute. Su Yuhai was fainted on the spot. Cang rescked Su Yuhai and sent him to the hospital with Su Mian. Su Mianmian had a good impression on the defend, and the defenders also like Su Mian. Su Yu's overseas granddaughter Liu Wei, traveling in the beautiful family, her son Su Mingyuan gradually fell in love with Liu Wei.

Love hairdressing


Sohu introduction

When you are young, there is no love, Zeng Jiang, Chen Shali staged a dusk. When you play the Sushu Sea, you will study France when you appear in the Sushu Sea, and met the Chinese women who also study abroad ( Chen Sally ). The Lang Talent woman's appearance is very fell in love, thinking that two people who can achieve a good story will eventually be together. In their thirty years, they did not stop looking for each other's ideas, and the most loved ones were still each other. When they met again, the love of the two in this lifetime was a burst. And they finally staged a dusk that did not spend hard but absolutely touched. I believe that when the audience saw two ancient people, they helped each other, they did not envy and moved their way to move to the wedding hall.

Role span thirty years Zeng Jiang Chen Shaili acting power full points

The role span of Zeng Jiang and Chen Sally has been 320 years. For a general actor, it is definitely a small challenge. Because the drama, the expression, the movement of the drama, the movement, and even the tone is very different. Zeng Jiang Chen Sally, this is a solid, skilled acting, and there is no terrible span, and there is no more than one. I believe this will give you a small surprise for the wonderful acting of the predecessors of the entertainment circle.

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