Love, always existed

Creative background

album, "Love, there has been" to depict feelings of Rachel as a starting point, the record company invited Chen Xiaoxia, Tanya, Ge Dawei, Yao Ruo Ma Song Wei and other songwriting 22-year-old man Liang volume tailored songs.

Rachel thought of his family at the time of recording "three wishes", so into the treasure and love the song. "Milk and honey" to invite Joshua orchestra chorus, the song was recorded separately, the first complete recording of Joshua orchestra section, part of the record of Rachel, Rachel hopes the song can bring fans a better a feeling of.

Tanya wrote "The Sixth Sense" according to Rachel's personality, because the first song that Rachel myself, so singing is particularly straightforward process.

"full" and Reno duet brokered cooperation from Universal Music, Universal Music hopes that by cooperation and Reno, so that the audience can listen to the mainland Rachel. Two recording work in Taiwan and Beijing. Rachel first complete recording work songs, Reno completion of songs recorded in collaboration with Rachel to music by Di Zi grasp the whole atmosphere of the song.


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Qu Sequence Track Authors composition
01 "I cried like" Yaoruo Long Chen Xiaoxia
02 " Honey I " Ma Song Wei Zeng Ming
03 "full" Chen ring WU YI Wei
04 "bite cat " CHEN Hong-Yu Chenmeng Qi
05 "sixth sense" Ge greatly Tanya
06 "three wishes" Yaoruo Long Chen Xiaoxia
07 "love has always existed" Ma Song However, Chenmeng Qi Chenmeng Qi
08 "most" CHEN Hong-Yu Zhang Qi Zheng
09 "Small eyes Magnifier" Di Zi Di Zi
10 "long, long time" Ge greatly Zhang Wei-source
11 "milk and honey" Di Zi Zheng Sheng yuan

album Appreciation

< p> in addition to the warmth whole album slow songs, you can hear the lovely Rachel's side, is an album you can listen to from beginning to end. Although the subject is still a continuation of the theme of "love", but the album's genre will be relatively few yuan.

"Love has always existed," the song in a simple piano strings in architecture, highlighting Rachel clear, bright sound. Lyrics describe a long time after breaking through nostalgia mood, listening to the song, as if to make in front of blue sky, has a very warm tone, smooth and catchy melodies.

"Three Wishes" Yao Ruo Chen Xiaoxia melodious song with the melody always gives a touch touching heartfelt melodies still very Chen Xiaoxia, delicate but usually straight into the heart. "Cried like" because there are very nice melody, very heart-warming lyrics of healing, basically do not need any complicated arrangement with, as long as supplemented by guitar strings and drums, it is sufficient to give a light bomb cappella infinite moving.

"The Sixth Sense" from Tanya comps, we can easily hear her usual free and easy, really my genre. Rachel interpretation is to express a younger girl should have living conditions, natural, healthy, and vigorous. For good at soothing love songs of Rachel, it is enough to make listeners themselves.

"milk and honey" wrote the lyrics Wenyin with God, because heart full of love, step by step out of the shadows, get abundantly wonderful, so that life becomes strong. The song is the album as only a work of non-love songs, the album will be the theme of "love" from the sublimation of love to love, and it has to draw on a complete album period.


< td> 2010 Nian < / tr>
time award ceremony Awards Awards side references
2010 years < / td> Chinese music charts annual Golden Melody Awards "full"
Oriental Billboard best duet song award "full"
2010 Nian MY Astro supreme Billboard Awards Extreme Golden Melody Awards "love has always existed"
2010 Nian Guoyuli awards Guoyuli song "cried like the "
Guoyuli idol Award Rachel
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