Scenic Area Introduction

The official cave construction of the Scenic Spot in October 2008, and completed the scenic control segmentation work in the national bidding. Now, the scenic spot has completed the construction of the horizon, the outer roadway and railings, dismantled the original building that did not meet the A-level scenic spots, buried the scenic cable, and set up inner lighting facilities, built into two caves. Dam and tourist toilet.

Longbo Shipwater Hometown

Lotten up has a dry hole 2000 meters, there is a great Buddha Cave, Guanyu Cave, Shu Xinquan, and a cow hole and other attractions, a reasonable layout, and a landscape. The water hole is 5,000 meters, the longest in China, known as "the first water hole in the world", the cave Tianzhu, the chitia, the squid gorge, Jiuquia, the ring ring. Especially the Jiuquia, the narrow and long (difficulties in the two boats), which are particularly quiet, and odd. The secondary chemical sediments in the cave are complete, stone columns, stalagmites, stone flowers, stone spheres are unique, or crystal as jade, such as brilliance, or rough like a float, or fine, all kinds of scenes, Wei Wei, like a Emperor's Underground Palace.

The Scenic Area of ​​Longbo Shipwater is a good place for China's most ideal summer resort. It is an ideal leisure and entertainment.

On August 8, 2009, he was officially opened to the renovated dragon boat.


Entertainment activities

Two sides of the green mountains, painting in the wide river, along the way, tourists can look far away from the green trees around the greenhouse, can wear the idyllic people on both sides, Water town scenery is full. You can sit in the boat, entertain, you can play, a river spring water, a river song, visitors can also experience a wonderful water recreation project to the water. From July, visitors to the Scenic Area of ​​Longbo Shipwater in Lichuan City will be able to appreciate the style of Jiangnan Water Township!

Gourmet specialty

"Lichuan Yam" originally produced Lichuan City, Hubei, known as "Lin Yushan Zhen", has been more than 1500 years since the beginning of Tang and Song, has been planted. "Ming History · Tucalyham Biography" is written to Sichuan, in the country, there are many production, with the good fortune, and the foot is in Lichuan is the authentic origin of Yama. The Qing Dynasty version "Lichuan County" is recorded, and the town of Zhubao Town has become the main market for Yam. It is because of historical accumulation, plus special climate, geographic location and excellent varieties, enabling yam to maintain large area in Lichuan, with high visibility at home and abroad. In October 2006, the Lake Northern Materials Technical Supervision issued the "Lichuan Yam" and "Lichuan Yam Production Technical Regulations" local standards, "Lichuan Yam" will receive the national geographic logo product protection, won the title of Hubei famous brand product products in 2014.

Traffic information

Public transport line

From Beijing: Take the high-speed rail G307 from Beijing directly to Lichuan, 10 hours, the fare is about 680 yuan.

Take the train from Beijing to Yichang (Beijing West Railway Station - Yichang Station, special 19 hours) --- From Yichang Tour Tour Bad ship through the Yangtze Three Gorges to Wanzhou (Water Wing Ship ¥ 195 / Nebble Wait ¥ 164) - From Wanzhou by car to Lichuan (120 km, 3 hours), the advantage of this line is that the three gorges can be visited at the same time, the journey is relaxed, and the disadvantage is time.

Take a plane from Beijing to Wanzhou (1, 3, 5, 7/9: 00-21: 10) --- from Wanzhou to Lichuan (120 km, 3 hours) by plane from Beijing Through Wuhan to Enshi (Wuhan to Enshi 3 flights every day, flying about 50 minutes) --- Take a car from Enshi to Lichuan (90 km, bus 2 hours / package Jetta small bedding, 1.5 hours to arrive, only ¥ 100)

From Chongqing: From Chongqing Motor Vendori Dalikawa, the whole course is about 2 hours. Convenient and fast.

From Wuhan: Take a plane from Wuhan to Enshi (Wuhan to Enshi 3 flights per day, flying about 50 minutes, ¥ 600) --- Take the car from Enshi to Lichuan (90 km, bus 2 hours / 包 达 小 小, 1.5 hours to arrive to Lichuan, only ¥ 100)

From Wuhan: Take the train directly to Dichuan, 4 and a half hours, the fare is about 170 yuan, the train is a lot.

Take a car from Wuhan Jing Expressway to Yichang (walking high speed ¥ 115) --- From Yichang Tour Tour Bad ship through the Yangtze Three Gorges to Wanzhou (water wing ship ¥ 195 / Embarbine cruise ship three ¥ 164) --- From Wanzhou to Lichuan (120 km, 3 hours), this line has been visible to the Three Gorges at the same time, the journey is relaxed, and the disadvantage is time.

Self-driving national road

Self-driving free travel to Lichuan's line main road: Jing Yichang-Enshi walks 318 National Road to Liichuan; can also go through 318 National Road by Wanzhou Lichuan. The direction of Hunan can also take Longshan - from the wind - Xianfeng into Liichuan. North of the Yangtze River, the direction of the Shenlong racks can be entered into Lichuan from Papid - Enshi in Lichuan.

Self-driving high speed line

Self-driving freedom to Lichuan walking highway has 2 ways of walking

Longbo Shipping Township Scenic Area

1, from east to west g50 Humin Expressway, high-speed, Tenglong Avenue, Dongcheng Road, Tonglong Avenue - S326 Provincial Highway, Tonglong Avenue.

2, from the west to the East G50 Humin Expressway, at the high speed of Wang Ying, the upper right turn of the S326 provincial road, straight along the road, turn left in the cool hunting health center.

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