Local nationalism

synonym narrow nationalism generally refers to local nationalism


local nationalism is also known as "narrow nationalism", is a nationalism that is characterized by isolation, conservative, emission. It is often expressing to ignore the status of the national unity in the unified family of the motherland. They only see the temporary, local interests of the nation, fear advanced things, and maintain certain backward negative things in the nation, hinder the progress and development of the nation. . In my country's minority areas, the impact of local nationalist thinking still exists, this factor that is not conducive to the unity of the motherland and the unity of nationalities must be resolutely overcome. At the same time, we should also take the national feelings, national customs, national culture of ethnic minorities, and the strict differences between local nationalism. In my country's ethnic areas, this local nationalism is still existent, and some places are still more serious, and even the phenomenon of local large-nationalism, that is, as the autonomous nation in ethnic autonomous places, it is only beneficial to the present. policy .

Local nationalism


A manifestation of nationalism. Relatively large nationalism. In ethnic minorities in multi-ethnic countries, a nationalist thinking of nationalist thinking in a unified national and national family, is a reflection of the exploitation class thinking on the issue of national relationships. This kind of thinking is often characterized by large nationalism in the relationship between the local small minorities. In a unified multi-ethnic country, when the national oppression system is abolished, the exploitation class in the nation has been eliminated as a class, and the socialist system has been established in all ethnic groups, and local nationalism has lost their class foundation. But its thoughts residual or ideological effects will exist for a long time.

The main manifestation is to ignore the importance of unity in the motherland in the motherland, and try to close the self-defeating in the narrow scope of the nation, each is the government; inappropriate emphasis on the local interests of the nation, ignore the country Overall interests; exaggeration of the characteristics of the nation, or this as an excuse, for the unified policy and policy of the central government, do not actively implement the implementation; solid self-sealing, ignore the meaning of the big nation and other brothers, etc. It is conducive to things that are close to each other, not to take a welcome attitude, but emphasize people's national division, and strive to consolidate the nation. Generally speaking, local nationalism and big Han people are the same, belonging to the contradiction between the people, and uses the principles and methods of dealing with the internal contradictions of the people. Prevent and overcome the residual or influence of local nationalist ideas, to consolidate national unity and national unity, is a long-term task of socialism in the ideological front.


Wang Enmao commander to explain this: "Saying that opposing ethnic splits is to combat minorities, there is nothing to have to use the ethnic relationship. People who say this can only explain He is a national spliter, or a sympathetic national spliter. Can't talk about national splitism, do not dare to fight against national splitism because of this impact of this kind of speech, not dare to fight with national splitism That will have to make a historic non-compensatory mistake. "

Wang Enmao further pointed out that the national split changes have two reactionary programs: one is to advocate independence, split from the motherland; the second is to advocate the national hatred, national opposition, opposing other nations, especially the enemy anti-Han.

General Secretary Xi Jinping shows this: narrow nationalism is easy to breed from centrifugation, eventually causing national isolation and opposition, and severely be used by hostile forces.

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