Local court

Works Introduction

The novel "Local Court" describes the story of German Jewish Judge Richard Croitz exile and returning to his hometown after the war. Although Croisez can be a judge in the local court in the war, he feels that the anti-Semitism ghost is still around him. Cleeir is here with a keen artistic fancy and artistic fiction, not only writing a history of the Jewish judge who suffers from fascism and losing the family, but also presents the third empire. It is not much the survival of the living and the heavy historical memory of Germany after the war.

Author About

Urrura. Cleele Krechel, German contemporary poet and novelist. Born in Trier in 1947. The history of Germanic language and art history is studied during the university. After graduation, you will teach many universities. She stepped into the literary world in the early 1970s, and has published more than ten poems and obtained a lot of literary awards. In 2008, Cleeir delivered a novel, "Shanghai, where is it? ". This novel is integrated with different artistic performances, meaning deep and integrating historical facts and artistic imagination. Don't open a panoramic map of Jews during the Second World War, the readers depict a distant Familiar with the exile world. "Shanghai, where is it far?" "Annate, immediately became a well-sold book, and praised the readers, and praised the commentary, therefore won a number of literature awards and was quickly translated into the world. The novel "Local Court" won the 2012 German National Book Award.

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