Local armed

Organizational Structure

The national militia work under the leadership of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, by the General Staff. The major military regions shall be responsible for the martial arts work in the region; the provincial military, military division and county (city) People's Armed Commands; township, town, some streets and enterprises and institutions have The People's Armed Forces, responsible for militia and military service. Group of Chinese militia. Generally in the unit of township (town), administrative villages and factory mini companies, according to the number of militia, compiled as class, row, even, battles, groups. Our country militia has spread all over the vast number of urban and rural and has an emergency team and a high engine, a portable air defense missile, an artillery, communications, anti-chemical, transfers, scouting team, and some professional teams, and the Air Force can operate at any time. Task.

Main tasks

The grassroots people's Armed Ministry is the military department of the party committee and the military service work organization of the people's governments of the same level.

The main task of the grassroots people's Armed Ministry is:

1. Responsible for the construction, political education, military training, weapon equipment management;

2. The organization leads the militia to complete the mission of the war, with the public security department to maintain social security; launch and organize the militia to participate in two civilized construction, carry out labor and practice, difficult to complete the urgent task;

3. Battle When the organization leads the militia to participate in the army, support the front line;

4. Responsible for the recruitment work and reserve soldiers in the region, prepare the military officer registration statistics;

5. War potential for war with relevant departments Investigation, do a good job of mobilization preparation;

6. Collaborative reserve department (division) team implementing participants, doing the management of soldiers, mobilizing assembly, etc .;

7. Assist the relevant departments to carry out national defense education, do a good job in the resettlement of veterans and the majesty of the military;

8. Assist the army to do a good job in military facilities in the region;

Local armed

9. Complete the other tasks assigned by the local party committee, the people's government and the superior military agency.

As for the militia, it can be held or directly eliminating the service staff from the local staff who serve in the army.

Jingpu Road West Construction


With the establishment of anti-Japanese democratic regimes in the West counties in Jinpu Road, June 1940, Ji Dianfa Defense Command, Tianjin Road , Commander Zheng Houzhen, the political commissar Tan Guangtie, the staff Li Guoqiang (then Du Guoping). At the end of the year, Chen Qing first as the deputy commander, Lu Qing as director of the Political Department. Since the spring of 1941, the Lunxi United defense forces rectified and expanded. By the second half of 1941, in 1942, in order to enhance local armed independence combat, Lucy's county camp, and successively expressed as an independent group. There are 5 independent groups in the west area of ​​Jinpu Road, and each independent group is 4-5.

Independent first group, the head of the head of the group (also), the political commissar Xu Kangming, a total of more than 320 people, activities in the junction of Qixian, Jiashan, Feidong, Quanjiao and other counties. Independent Second Regiment, the head of the group, Mei Zhu, and Zhang Fangkun, the political commissar, a total of more than 420 people. There are more than 50 mulberry guerrillas, more than 40 pool river guerrillas, commanded by unique group. The unody group activity is in the mulberry, benevolence, the pool, the Shahe, the red heart shop, and the door. Independent third regiment, head Yan Haiqing (whose thunder literature), the political commissar has been said by the Secretary of the Fenghuo County Party, and then Yang Jieying. The independent three regiment was armed by the county township township in Fenghuai County, more than 430 people, activities in Dingyuan, Fengyang, Huaiyuan County. Independent fourth group, the head of the head. The independent group is based on the two consecutive companies directly under the independent camp, and the event is in Dingyuan County Du Qi, Yanxiang, Xiao Hongji. Independent Fifth Regiment, the head of the head, Xie Luan, the political commissar, Xu Jun, in Dingyuan Bridge, accounting for the Jicheng activities. At the end of 1941, the Second Division decided to build the 18th issue of the 18th Regiment of the West China Defense Command. In June 1942, the Huaixi Independence Group, the head of the head of the head, and the political commissar Yang Yu. The group is based on a six-eighth group of the sixth visit, absorbing people in the districts and townships in the Huaixi area, more than 300 people. Another one worker team has more than 30 people. The Huaixi Independence Group event was in Shouxian, Wahi Lake in Wahni, and Wahi Lake.

Lucy United Anti-Defense Force except the 18th regiment, the independent group and county teams belong to the end of 1942, a total of more than 2,100 people. There are more than 10,000 militters that are not offset from the countryside, more than 600 rifles, and the rest are weapons with knives, spears, soil guns, and soils. Under the leadership of the West District Party Committee and the Second Division of the Jingpu Road West District, the Lunxi Local Armed Forces gradually developed.

in February in February 1942, in February 1943, in order to implement the universal national policy, the leadership of the revolution, the Luanxi Decision Defense Forces, in addition to the Huaixi Independent group, to revoke the construction system, form the county county corps (The Dinghe County team is compiled by the 18th Regiments), and it is generally 3-4 connected, more than 300 people. There are squadron (also known as the model team), there are 30-50 people, some of more than 100 people; there are teams in the township, 10-20 people. Young people aged 18-28 against Japan, participated in the anti-Japanese self-defense team (militia). The county county magistrate and chief team, the county party secretary and the Chief Cultural Committee (except for the county); the district brigade is from the district head and the team leader, the district committee secretary; the township and the township, the township, the township and the guidance. County, district two levels, deputy, vocal teams, deputy teams. The Lunxi United Defense Force puts the military education and military training in an important position. On March and 8th, 1942, the joint defense team conducted two teaching teams, and more than 240 students participated in the training. In view of the more new components of the force, frequent dispersion activities, frequent combat mission, centralized training difficulties, and the joint defense commands requires the troop to combine the actual and dispersion. Under the leadership of the counties, districts, and towns, under the leadership of the party committee and the government, using the peasant time, Liu Ting Township in Yixian County, the mountains, can be Renxiang, also held an anti-Japanese self-defense team to review the conference, organize the stretcher players Raise, climbing, walking the independent bridge and other competition activities.

Play the role

The anti-Japanese self-defense team of the Xiopp Road West Afolding Force and the non-off-Japanese self-Japanese defending team played a positive role in persistence and defending the anti-Japanese democratic base.

Cooperate with the main combat, crushing day, pseudo, and naughty attack. From 1939 to 1945, the Japanese Puppet army has been "sweeping" 8 times in the road, and the National Party's stubborn party has a total of 10 times. The Lunxi Local Force and the Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force, taking a blocking war, guarding war, ambush war, attacking warfare, etc., combined with the main force fight, and combat the enemy. In the spring of 1941, the Japanese Puppet Army 7-way hit "Sweeping" Ji Dip Road, Dingyuan County, who was bravely blocked, defeated the enemy of the furnace bridge, defeated the base of the military and civilians in the central area to be safely transferred, and won time for the main force. In April 1942, the four, unique five regiments, with the fourth trip, the tenth group, was carried out. In October 1942, the first seven seven divisions of Guiqi, the tenth guerrilla column and the security six regiments, gave money to the Luxi Central District of the West, and the 18th Tour of the Director of Defense 10 days, 10 days, Kill less than a thousand people under the long run.

The struggle of briquette and anti-blocking is widely carried out. The Lunxi Local Armed and the Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Team uses favorable conditions such as the enemy, familiar with terrain. On the one hand, on the one hand, cooperate with the main force to meet the "sweeping" of the Japanese August, on the one hand, independently combat the Japanese imparts for the basics of the basics and blocks. After the Japanese army occupied Dingyuan County, he often "sweeping" central district, and invaded the Dingshou Road and cut off the North and South Contact according to the ground. Dingyuan County, District, and Township people armed for the enemy traffic line, from 1941 to 1942, the Bridge Head Yang Bridge, Blackfish Bridge, Qingli Bridge, destroyed more than 100 roads, attacking the enemy base More than 20 times. In 1940, the anti-Japanese self-defense team was injured in 1940, captured 45 enemies, and seized 156 long short guns. The machine gun was 1, the bullet was more than 900, and the case was 8, captured the discovers, 9 people. In the spring of 1943, the Japanese army built 蚌 蚌 至 水 水 铁 路 路, 路 埠 埠 家 家 至 至 至 区 至 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区At the beginning of the road, the enemy "sweeping" along the air, surveying and measurement, night Huayi two districts, uniform, fill in the pile, so that the project has no progress in two months. After breaking the road struggle, hysteresis the construction of Japanese army, and the water railway has been repaired for more than a year.

Adhere to the outpost position and open up a new base. In 1941, the Siki, the Siki, which was defended by the Japanese Puppet and Gui Zhunyi, and the Action of the 17th Division, for the actions of the monitoring day, pseudo, and naughty action, the roadsi joint defense forces in the southeast direction of the ground in the autumn in the autumn in the autumn in the autumn in the autonomous region. Quanjiao County is a guerrilla. This guerrilla, insisted on fighting around the enemy, exercising in the war, and has developed into more than 400 people, more than 300 guns in 1943. In June 1941, Yang Yuchao was a company, and he entered the Huainan Railway to work with local party organizations in Xishou County. Based on this connection, the Huaixi Independent Group was formed in June 1942. In 1942, more than 40 people in Shao Shi were robbed, and the Huaixi Independent Group Political Commissar Yang Xiaoyu is four and some township armed. It is settled in the vicinity of the ranks in advance. In the struggle of opening up and adhering to Huaixi Anti-Japanese Base, the Huaixi Independence Group and Shou County Township Armed For more than 30 times, 325 people in the Japanese pseudo army, 526 captive days, seized more than 660 long shorts The light machine gun is 11. The force has developed from a thousand people and established the anti-Japanese democratic regime in 4 districts in Shou County.

Lucylian Defense Force and the majority of militia, under the leadership of the Luanxi District Party Organization, with the help of the main force, gradually develop, become a struggle to persistence in the west of the Jinpu Road, defend the people's interests A strong people's armed, and also provided a large number of reserve soldiers to the main force, and made their own contributions to the liberation of the people of the Jinpu Road.

Jinpu Road East Construction

The Jinpu Road East Anti-Defense Force was born with the establishment of the Lubong according to the ground. On April 18, 1940, the Ministry of Donglian Defense Command in Jinpu Road was established, and the commander Yang Meisheng and the political commissar Chen Qing first.

The Lu Donglian Defense Forces have four formal independent groups, and the first group of the first group consists of the fifth detachment of the fifteenth group three camp, the head of the Demide, the political commissar Zhu Yunqian, the group activity An area; independent second group consists of the fifteenth group, the branch is based on the fifteenth group, and the head of the head of Liu Shuang (after Rao Shoukun), the political commissar Liu Jingsheng, the group event in the long, Yizheng, Yangzhou area (the above two regiments still belong five Detach Command); Independent Third Group is based on the fifth team specialist camp, the head of the head of Yang Meisheng and the suite of Yang Meisheng (after the paint deqing, Li Shi'an, Zhu Guohua), the political commissar Yuxian List, the group is in the Jiashan area; independent The four regiments have been in the backbone of the Jiangbei Command, and the Mr. Tianchang County is constructed, and the deputy head of the deputy head of the deputy head (the head of the head, Huang Luoyun), the political commissar Hou Zheng (after Wang Yi Xun), the group is in the long, Liuhe Region Activity. The joint defense command has also formed a special camp. The military or county teams in the East County of Jingpu Road, leading a single camp (also known as the model camp or county team). In the regional edge area, the district squadron, township team, organized the people's self-defense army, and the district and unsure base team - model team, youth (militia). In this way, in the Lutong Base, there is a combination of armed forces with the combination of main forces, local forces and self-defense (militia), and work together to defend the land.

In August 1940, the Ministry of Lubong United Defense Command was revoked, and the troops belong to the Jiang North Command. After the Wannan incident, in the need of the development of the situation and the struggle of the armed struggle, the Directors of the Lutong Association and the Directors in 1941 were combined into the fifteenth group, and the main force, the joint defense command was reserved. The three regiments and the university have been developed in the development of local armed backbone. In order to strengthen the local armed for each county, two of the united two joints were built into Jiayama, and the independent camp, the unique group was transferred to An independent camp, and the joint defense command independent camp is a connected Huaibao independent group. And will be high post, heaven, Liuhe, Independent Camp Edited County Independent Group. In August, the military divisions of the counties in the Lutong were unified to the county team department. The land of Lu East has developed very quickly in 1941. By the end of the year, it reached more than 28,000 people (including independent groups, district township armed and militia, including 4,000 of them), with a rifle 11,70,000, and more than 20 light guns. quite.

In January 1942, the Ministry of Lutong United Defense was renamed the military area of ​​Huainan Sui Bang District. The establishment of the fifth group, the head of Huang Ren Ting, and the political commissar Wang Deke. After streamlined, strengthen training, and the combat capacity of the local troops in the east is gradually improved.

In February 1943, Huainan implemented the leaders of the party and government in accordance with the local government, established the Huainan Military Region (by the second division), withdrawing the Ordinary Pu Luo East Local Armed Command, Huainan Sui Bang District, China Tianzhu Road East Division (by the fifth brigade). At the same time, we will carry out the memory of local armed forces in the east. With the fifteenth group of the fifth brigade, the Jiashan County team, the county team, and the county team were combined as the Jiasia Detachment; with the independent third group and the arrival, the Liuhe County team was compiled as a six team; One of the four regiments and the Gaoyu County team were combined as the Tiantao Team; with the unique group and Yasi Mountain, Yizheng County team was combined as a southeast detachment. In June, the military partitioned a special camp, a part of the original Huxi, and the Shundan Office armed for the Ganquan detachment. After the local armed development of Lundong became five detachments, the combat power was further improved. In September 1943, the Lutong Division was changed from the fourth brigade, and the brigade from the school and the partition commander, the secretary of the local party secretary Chen Guang and Zhanzhi Political Committee (afterwards), Luo Zhan Yun, as a deputy commander, Gao Zhizhi Rong Ren, Zhu Shao Qing Ren President Li Shiyi is the director of the Political Department (after Xu Haishan). In June 1944, in order to strengthen the fight against the enemy of Jinpu Road, the second division made the fourth trip from the East Army partition, and went to the road. Renew the road east arm partition agency in Minjung. In November 1944, Luo Zhan Yun Ren Lu Dongjun District Commander, Li Shiong, Secretary of the Lutong Party Committee and Political Committee, Li Shizhen, and director of the political department and the director of the Political Department. In March 1945, Zhu Yunqian was a deputy commander of the road east arm. The Lutong District is still overlooking 5 detachments and recovered independent fourth group.

From the second half of 1943 to August 1945, the local armed forces in the Lutong in the main force, in the main force, in the second part of the main force, insisted on the fight against the enemy, strengthen the situation of the West defense, and actively conducted the operation of the offensive. Frequently attacking the Japanese pupils of each county, and attacking the county town three times, expanding the base. The land is also constantly growing in the battle. More than 1,000 people in the initial construction have developed nearly 10,000 people, and they can only cooperate with the main force to develop to the independent combat. In order to consolidate the road to the land and defend the Sino-Board, the New Fourth Army The military and Huainan regional parties have contributed.

Military work

Huainan region's anti-Japanese people's self-defense army (militia) belongs to half military nature, in accordance with the standing post, the reconnaissance enemy

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