Load duration

Welder Transportation Rate

The load duration (temporary) is the proportion of the machine (multi-finger welder) in a period of working time in one cycle. Handmade general welding current should not be more than a current value at 60% load duration of the welder. Spot welding and maintenance General welding current should not be greater than the current value at 40% load duration of the welder.

At different output power, the device's temporary rate will be significantly different.

, for example, the rated load duration of a single welder is 100% at 300A, meaning that the welder can be welded when the welding current does not exceed 300A. When the rated load duration of a welder is 300A, it means that the welder is continuously welded for 6 minutes every 10 minutes when the welder is 300A, and it is resting for 4 minutes. For the same welder, under the rated operating voltage, the larger the current, the lower the load duration.

is better, in ten minutes, a person runs for three minutes, just take a break in seven minutes, and if it has been walking, it is almost unhappy within ten minutes.

Take a common electric welder as an example:

Household small electric welding machine although also a nominal capacity of 10kVA, it also indicates 25% of the temporary rate, Explanation This electric welder can only work within 25% of the 10kVA load; that is, it can only work 25 minutes in 100 minutes, otherwise it will be overheated to burn;

and industrial large-scale The electric welding machine is nominally 10kVA, the temporary rate is 100%, indicating that this electric welder is continuously working for a long time under 10kVA load.

There is also an explanation: the load of the electric welding machine is not fixed, the welding current is large, the welding current is small;

In turn, if small electric welding The machine can work continuously at 25% load.

Welder Transmitment rate

means the ability to continuously work under a certain current.

<1>, 350kr welding torch is 70% when CO2 welding is 70%, and the rated current is 350A; when the actual load duration is 100% (automatic welding), its maximum welding current ≤ 290A . In MAG welding, its rated load duration is 35%, and when the actual load duration is 100%, its maximum welding current ≤ 207a.

<2>, such as 500kr welding torch is 70% in CO2 welding, the rated current is 500A; when the actual load duration is 100% (automatic welding), its maximum welding current ≤418A . When MAG welding, its rated load duration is 35%, and if it is to be operated at a actual load duration of 100%, its maximum welding current ≤ 296a.

Calculating Formula

Capacity Conversion Formula (1)

The right picture is the electric welder capacity conversion formula requires unified conversion to ε = 100 In%

PN, Sn is the nameplate capacity of the welding machine (PN is active, SN is as viewed);

εn is the load of active and depending on the corresponding load (calculated decimal)

ε100 is 100% load duration Cosφ is a load-ending of the power factor

welding equipment nameplate. The load duration is used to represent the parameters of the working state of the welding equipment, which is the time to allow the welding device to be continuously loaded within the selected working time period.

It is well known that the welding equipment will be generated when the welding equipment is working, and the temperature rise will be burn the wire package insulation of the welding equipment (the temperature of the welding equipment must not exceed 60 ~ 80 ° C). The temperature rise is related to the size of the welding current, and it is also related to the state of use of the welder, the continuous operation is not the same as intermittent use.

The load duration calculation method is as follows:

Standard: 500A The following welding equipment selected is 5 minutes. When calculating, the arc combustion time is measured over 5 minutes, and the welder load duration is obtained in the substituting.

Table 3-3 and Table 3-4 show the load duration of the AC arc welder and the load-ending of the silicon finger arc welder and the corresponding working current of the Silicon Steel Arc Welder Zxg One 300.

Table 3-3BX3-300 AC arc welder load duration

load duration (%) Load duration

Welding current (a)




< / TD>

Load Duration (%)

Welding Current (a) < / p>




Actual estimation method

The temporary welder is usually 35%, 60%, 100% of these standards.

During the obeven, the welder will continue to work with the maximum current at the maximum current in the rated power, and if the machine is overheated within five minutes, it is in 35% standard temporary rate. Determination; if more than five minutes is limited to ten minutes, the protection time is divided by ten minutes.

Device case

mining rail AC welding machine

electric welding machine model: AKH-315C / DAKH-400C / DAKH-500C / D

Technical parameters:

AC input voltage: C-type 380 (± 10℅) V, D 380 ~ 660 (± 10℅) V

Rated output current: 315 400, 500A

Current adjustment range: 50-315, 50-400, 50-500A

Rated load duration: 60%

overheating protection: 65 ° C

Working cycle: 10min

Efficiency: 90%

Power factor: 85-92%

Insulation level: f < / p>

Shell protection rating: IP21

cooling method: forced air cooling, forced air cooling, forced air cooling

Size size: 450 × 280 × 290, 480 × 314 × 330mm

weight (kg): 23, 23, 28

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