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In November, Liu Yongfu back Qinzhou, Guangxi Street MO board purchased surname old house, in his later years to build the house "three Xuan Tong", decided to settle in Qinzhou, that good the house was built as a temporary shelter to return home mothering grave. Qing dynasty two years (1897) spring, Liu Yongfu back after that good mothering temporary grave, back Qinzhou (his mother Ms. Chen Shimu of the two products that Liangzhen located in the village of Long Ridge Tiger). Seventeen years Guangxu (1891) in Qinzhou construction mansion, named the "three Xuan Tong" to commemorate the glorious history of his anti-Vietnam War law.

Liu Yongfu House

located in Qinzhou City, Guangxi Street board of the former residence of Liu Yongfu 10 (c Vision Church), in 2001 was named the fifth national key cultural relics protection units.

Liu Yongfu positioned that the residence now good county (formerly ethnic Fangcheng County) protection units.

Who's Who

Liu Yongfu statues and portraits (18)

Liu Yongfu (1837-1917), the word Ting Yuan, Guangxi Fangchenggang that beloved city, workers born. In 1857, the world will participate in the rebel army under the influence of the Taiping Revolution. In 1864 submission states (now Jingxi) Andrew Black Flag organization. In the Sino-French War, led by Black Flag and the fight against the French invaders, has made Luochi victory, victory bridge paper, but also in Kangzhi to defend Taiwan against Japanese invaders, it is a famous patriotic soldiers.

Liu Yongfu in the Vietnam War against France Li repeated military exploits, was crowned king of Vietnam declared three admirals, whose residence is named accordingly.

House details

Liu Yongfu House name "three-Xuan Tong", is located in Qinzhou City, Guangxi board 10th Street (ancient name under South Gate). Built Guangxu seventeen years (1891). Qinzhou City, is the most magnificent extant, the most complete buildings in the Qing Dynasty. Covers an area of ​​22,700 square meters, construction area of ​​5,600 square meters, the size of the building 119. In addition to the main seat, the door has a head, two, warehouse, study, kitchen, maid's room, stables and a number of outbuildings and stage, garden, vegetable garden, ponds, drying yard and other facilities. Head east gate Riverside, eye-catching "three-Xuan Tong" in large letters plaque. Liu Yongfu year law active anti-Vietnam War, King was called "three admirals declared" competent Vietnam Tuyen Quang, Xinghua, Shanxi provinces military. "Three declared Hall" is named in honor of this glorious history. Doors on both sides of the couplet is: "sticks habitat Yue, derivation of Pengcheng." Head into the door, after more than 30 meters of longan fragrance aisle, is a two-storey building of two. Door hanging on top of the original "Jian Wei of" the big gold plaque, together with the "Order of the North En Que, Spring in the south" couplet. Two door is open plaza. Square south is a huge screen wall that read "Big cloud bright sun," rounded handwriting fair.

Liu Yongfu

Yongfu's house (18)

in the main seat Zhaobi north Miankuo 3, the depth three. On top of a front door, "Chin Chee Ling spent," the straight plaque, together with the "dark days of order rain, build long court irises and orchids," the couplet. In front of more than three meters, set up the second floor door, the outer layer is full of characteristics of the South "drag cage", the inner layer is a few inches thick wooden door frame, very thick. Hua Ting is two things, military and political leaders of the West Hall has on display and experts at the central level, leaving celebrities and calligraphy, East Hall has on display before the Vietnamese revolutionary leader Huang Huan between the front seat and the seat of the British Embassy inscribed Ambassador Keli Wen couples as well as some international friends. For the patio between two rooms. That famous "Juhui court." It is said that after the end of the Sino-French War, Liu Yongfu bring back a rare trophy from Vietnam - were killed in the French army chief Li Weili Black Flag hair. After the Frenchman knows, dedicated staff to carry large amount of money to three Xuan Tong attempt higher price to take this group of hair. Liu Yongfu not heavily by the move, they were sternly reprimanded for coming in this courtyard, the man had walked away dejected.

After a "Ju Hui Ting" is in the hall. Chamber murals, wood carvings dazzling, the contents of mountains and rivers, pavilions, plants, phoenix crane, as well as shepherd boy woodcutter, Seno goddess, hero sage, and other generals Wen Shi, left and right atrium are two symmetrical story building, west of Liu Yongfu bedroom. There is a one-man furniture small coffee table, three feet to a head of a dog paw arranged in a triangle. Liu Yongfu original love dogs habits are also reflected in the furniture.

back seat to the ancestral hall, is one of the highest buildings, called "volunteered Church." This is where Liu Yongfu year against "21", volunteered anti-Japanese. In four years (1915), Yuan accepted Japan aims to destroy China's proposed "21." Liu Yongfu after hearing the news, can not help but angry, immediately notify all the family and tutor focus on the ancestral hall, "Dielectric North Court, volunteered with the war." And said that if the Japanese act violently, he is willing to take at seventy-nine-old " deterioration of the body "spearhead, and the enemy fight to the death.

rear-seat display, "Sino-French War historical relics exhibition," 10 galleries, a total exhibition area of ​​1,000 square meters, divided overview of Sino-French War, anti-Black Flag (Liu Yongfu his troops) of French struggle in three parts, Crafts Army (Fengzi material his troops) the struggle against France and so on. The main exhibits are: the Qing Emperor Guangxu and Vietnam Tu Duc Emperor Liu Yongfu gift father's Patent closure monument, an area of ​​1500 square meters and the main barn Liu seat side by side, the people call it "Jimin warehouse." Barn row 10, construction area of ​​over 300 square meters. This is Liu Yongfu famine in the west end of the main seat there is a cottage, is Liu Yongfu study.

ningwu House

House Ningwu ting, ting, also known as the ancestral home of the old house or ting, ting as the birthplace, located in Wuming County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Ning Wu Zhenxiong Mengcun. This house is rumored developed after ting called his brother to return home to rebuild the house, it has the characteristics of a typical Zhuang traditional living style houses of all the earth. Case ancestral home is on the mountain, in order to meet the needs of feng shui superior, while in front of the house there is a square pond repair.

Industry Sau Yuen House


ting of origin Wuming, 16-year-old living on Long states, settled the following year in the outlet, and as a base, gradually military forces throughout the Group to become the leaders of Guangdong and Guangxi, Hunan and Hubei, Guizhou, Fujian and other places. Long State Park, also known as the outlet industry show ting old home, located in Longzhou County Water Town Old Street, built in 1919, it is held during the ting Guangxi governor, dinner guests, foreign guests hall meeting room. Ting year when his father built in honor of Lu industry show, named industry Xiu Park. Ting a lot of influence on the history of important historical figures of Guangxi Zhuang and Chinese modern history, the legendary starting point of his life in Longzhou County Water Town, the industry witnessed a garden show from his towering burst on the scene to board the career peak legend. In 1996, the industry Xiu Park is Longzhou Longzhou County People's Government as a cultural relics protection units. Since January 2008, with the support of leaders at all levels and actively seek Longzhou departments, industry Xiu Park invested more than 900 million renovation to maintain a historical context, and continue to enrich the cultural objects, renovation project in 2012 4 May completed.


Industry Xiu Park ting old home was originally the site of the late Qing Government Office of the total, from the main building, the front and rear courtyards, gatehouse, theater, with a total area of ​​over 7000 square meters.


After more than four years of renovation, Longzhou ting old home museum in 2012. May 9 officially opened. Ting old home museum display through large amounts of text, images and physical information, to reproduce ting ever-changing life, provides a wealth of detailed historical materials for the study of the development of modern Guangxi.

ningwu estate


1914 years ting home in glory on the construction of the first in Wuming county, after the show garden industry, in order to achieve the lair it can aim the remote Guangxi political situation and the construction of the "Ningwu Manor" (Yuan was awarded ting "Ningwu General" title, so named). That year, both inside and outside the province well-known ting please, Mr. geographical gathered Wuming site visits, feasibility studies, his father found near the cemetery, to fall back on Nanliu (now wuming River) edge of a valley plains, is a piece of the emperor's "auspicious." So, ting begins with the hands of others bought the land nearly 50 acres of "auspicious", ordered the construction of "Ningwu estate." It built later called "the first in Guangxi estate."


"Ningwu Village" is located in Wuming right bank of the river, about 150 meters away from the river. Manor take the east, slightly rectangular, it is divided into two areas inside and outside. In the area close to the river, built a bright and spacious, stylish magnificent luxury mansion, it is a powerhouse ting to live and deal with the military and political affairs. Often armed guards guarded the door, idlers not approached. The right side of the mansion, the construction of a magnificent, solemn temples, the temple has a ting handwritten "Lu Temple" four characters read from right to left, it is ting Sizu ritual of the "Holy Land." He put the tablets of their ancestors to worship here, and gave himself four feet to create a half-bust, left and right sides couplet reads: "I would rather be together all the welcome sir, Wu to the whole group for my people."

mansion front and the temple, is a square about two acres wide gray sand. Left of the square, to build a high arched ride north to south, splendid old stage. Table plaque that read, "Spring in the universe", "peacefulness" eight characters in block letters. Yong loves opera ting often ask troupe in the "Park" singing "with the public." On the wall about 15 meters to the right of the stage, open a hole about three meters wide arches, as both inside and outside the tunnel traffic between the two areas. Ting outside area near the new highway and finished Yong Wu. The western end of the construction of a carved beams and painted rafters of the stage, writing "from the stage" three jet black characters on stage hengbian; brick columns on either side of the stage were written "with the public", "Talk about Sangma" eight characters representing the people enjoy peace and meaning. From the front of the stage is a fairly broad flat square. People east of the square, the construction of two parallel Wei Ting, kiosks and divided Rice Merchants, meat lines, food lines, rows of vegetables, tobacco row, row cloth, groceries and other lines and line bet, the daytime rush Fair , bustling, very lively; the bright lights at night, when there are troupes, Xuchang and play games, always crowded, bustling, was WuMingXian a quite well known "Park" Country Fair, many people hailed as "captaincy dike." The left and east Fair Pavilion, and Wei Ting Tung Tau across a square, uniform places to build more than 100 shop-style houses and shops, is a fair place to live and the people who run goods.


In order to better develop tourism resources in the former residence of Liu Yongfu, Qinzhou City has built Yongfu Plaza based on history and culture and the transformation of the former residence of Liu Yongfu style near the architectural style, it within the former residence of Liu Yongfu travel into broader point range. Liu Yongfu Yongfu square in front of the residence is a area of ​​about 18,000 square meters of great historical and cultural characteristics of leisure square. There are beautiful building in the plaza retro two arch bridge, lotus pond 1200 m2, carved hexagonal hall two kinds of patterns, a statue of Liu Yongfu.

Liu Yongfu Yongfu nearby primary school formerly known as the Qinzhou City, the first primary school, beautiful and vintage architectural style, and embraced the former residence of Liu Yongfu.

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