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Tetra Pak

In the early 1950s, began to provide Tetra Pak packaging liquid milk. Since then, it has become one of the world's major supplier of milk, fruit juices, drinks and many other packaging systems.

1991 years Tetra Pak extends to the production of liquid food processing equipment, plant engineering and equipment for cheese production. Today, it is able to provide integrated processing equipment, packaging and distribution lines in the world, as well as providing design solutions for liquid food manufacturing plant of international companies. This means that Tetra Pak's customers enjoy unique advantages, just be able to get a variety of products and supporting equipment production program by Tetra Pak.

Tetra Pak in the global total of 39 sales companies, 42 plants and packaging materials and cover nine filling machines and processing equipment assembly plant. The company has 22,896 employees and net sales revenue in 2011 was about 10.36 billion euros. Tetra Pak products sold in more than 170 markets. In 2011, the company produced a total of 167 billion package, providing 75.6 billion liters of liquid food products for consumers around the world.

Tetra Pak structure

Tetra Pak aseptic packaging is made of paper, plastic and aluminum foil composite made of polyethylene, can be effectively cut off light, oxygen and external contamination, thus ensuring package contents without refrigeration and preservatives can have a longer shelf life. Not only solved the challenge of long-distance transport product shelf life, but also to avoid the waste of food. Also, because production, transportation, retail, storage, consumption of the whole process does not require refrigerated trucks, refrigerated sales cabinets, refrigerators and other cold chain equipment, naturally conducive to energy conservation, environment protection regardless of social or reduce personal life "carbon footprint", are positive.

type Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak packaging paper is divided into "normal" and "frozen" categories. .

1 "normal paper-package" includes: traditional Tetra Pak packages, aseptic Tetra brick, Tetra pillow and a sterile aseptic package Tetra K. .

2 "refrigerated paper-package" comprising: Tetra brick, Tetra Tetra Huang and crown.

Further, in some Greater domain using Tetra Pak beverage carton package known as Tetra Pak beverage cartons and packages.

Tetra Pak major forms

1. Tetra

Tetra for providing high-quality frozen drinks packaging solutions for the dairy industry. Tetra family consists of five shapes: the public familiar with the basic brick type, moderate type, square type and Slim, and the new Tetra Pak peak.

Tetra Pak packaging not only looks unique peak, stacked-up is also different, which is related to the capping position and tilt the top of the package. It is in the open, pour and re-sealing, etc., suitable for every drinker.

To grasp the more chilled business opportunities, the use of ultra-clean type (XH) technology, with advanced processing solutions and reasonable refrigerated distribution network, enabling a longer shelf life (ESL).

Depending on the shape of the package, the package Tetra capacities ranging from 200 to 1000 ml.

2. Aseptic Tetra Brik

aseptic Tetra is the best-selling liquid drinks carton packaging series. Once launched, it brought a revolutionary change for the liquid food industry, not only in its unique shape, with the most effective stacking and storage characteristics, and it implements make milk and juice in without refrigeration, additives or preservatives for distribution under the conditions and at the same time protecting the nutritional value of the product inside the packaging.

package 5 striking plane can transfer information from the capacity ranging from 80 to 2000 ml basic, Slim / medium type and square-type packaging offers a variety of printing, the size and closed manner suitable for packaging a variety of dairy and juice products and other types of beverages.

Tetra brand deserves to be reflected Smart ingenuity of work: not only in its environmental characteristics, unique appearance, but also in ease of use, ease of configuration and production, but also easy to promote.

3. Aseptic Tetra Brik

Tetra Prisma aseptic striking appearance and full functionality of both the packaging, making it ideal for a variety of consumer drinking occasions choice. It is a high quality juice, delicious flavored milk, fortified ideal packaging yogurt, iced tea, organic products or low-lactose milk.

Tetra Prisma aseptic packaging paper is a high-end packaging, provided compelling unique shape and excellent pouring and gripping characteristics. Tetra Prisma aseptic packaging printing can reflect the effect of metal, even more attractive on the shelf. Packaging capacity becomes small package ranging from 125 ml to 1 liter family.

4. Tetra Pak aseptic crystal

aseptic packaging Tetra Pak is the world's first grain roll feed mode provides packaging for juice and milk aseptic packaging roof .

consumers aseptic Tetra Pak packaging dramatic fashion crystal appearance. It provides the benefits of aseptic packaging of the convenience, safety and nutrition, but also has excellent functionality and a fresh image.

Tetra Pak aseptic packaging crystal forming, filling and sealing are done in a reliable and proven Tetra Pak A3 / filler flexible wire internet. Supply 500, 750 and 1000 ml packing.

5. Aseptic Tetra pillow

For those families want cheap packaging, while ensuring product safety, the aseptic Tetra pillow is undoubtedly attractive. It can be used to package a variety of dairy products, fruit juices and tea.

Tetra pillow aseptic packaging using multi-layer packaging material, the package can withstand the effects of harsh conditions of handling and storage in a longer period.

and 1000 ml 200,250,500 supply package. 200 and 250 ml can also be provided with a small package the straw hole, may be introduced to facilitate drinking way in transit market, to enhance the visibility of the brand.

6. Tetra Pak aseptic bag traditional

Tetra Pak aseptic package of traditional and unique shape make the playful spirit of the young consumer heart. Its unique personality makes it stand out from similar products.

do not need preservatives, no refrigeration, the product can stay fresh and delicious for up to 12 months time. The quality of our aseptic technique to protect the contents. It is suitable for packaging juice, milk, popsicles, ice tea and viscous products.

tetrahedral shape of the packaging material consumption at least, to bring economic and environmental advantages.

7. Aseptic Tetra Pak Wei

Tetra Pak aseptic prestige fashion, fun, popular, unique personality to attract consumers of all ages of children. It is on the shelves different, very eye-catching, like to provide you with a great brand promotion billboards.

it is durable, lightweight, cost-effective production. As a sterile package, it does not require refrigeration or preservatives, long shelf life, wide distribution range. The packaging supply two kinds 125 and 200 ml of capacity, equipped with a straw hole or access opening scissors.

Select aseptic Tetra Pak packaging for prestige flavored milk, yoghurt, drinking liquid food nutrition healthy yogurt, fruit juices and fruit drinks or soy drinks.

8. Tetra Pak Wong

Tetra Pak Wong packaging to attract consumers, distributors, convenience, practicality and versatility known. Emperor Tetra Pak packaging since its inception in the 1960s, sold a total of 200 billion package, is the perfect choice for refrigerated pasteurized milk and juice products. It provides flexibility, economy, efficiency and reliability for you, this semi-finished packaging solutions to complete the conversion capacity in a few seconds.

You can choose three kinds of shapes: Standard, Slim and Tetra Pak Wong Plus, which together with cap custom colors, and choose one from three kinds of printing methods, you can get in shiny packaging on the shelves.

9. Tetra Pak crown

Tetra Pak packaging crown family beyond the ordinary. It achieved the perfect combination of plastic and paper tray cover, which draws the best features of both. The package has a variety to choose from shape, size, ranging from 100-1000 ml, this packaging family provides excellent image and shelf space efficiency, and easy for consumers to use.

the package to save space, to facilitate stacking, simple disposal after use - they simply collapse can be recycled.

100% printable surface of the carton, your promotional information directly to the consumer. You can easily produce a variety of cap styles, colors, sizes and functions to meet various types of consumption.

This flexible system is also applicable to frozen products at room temperature and a high acid form non-carbonated beverages.

10. Tetra Pak good

Tetra particular generally good packaging cans, glass bottles and bags of product design. Is the world's first secondary carton sterilization processing and packaging systems, packaging for the food particle size and unlimited.

Good use of Tetra Pak packaging legumes, vegetables, tomatoes, soups and sauces and other foods, can be sterilized in carton packaging, shelf life of up to 24 months.

Tetra Pak company

Swedish company Tetra Pak (Tetra Pak) is a company based in Sweden multinational food manufacturing and packaging company. In 1951, it was founded by Ruben Rausing and Erik Wallenberg in Lund, Sweden. It is part of the Tetra Laval group (Tetra Laval) a. Ruben Rausing's son Hans Rausing from 1954 to 1985, Tetra Pak took over the company, none other music companies to develop packaging from 7 to Sweden's largest companies. Ruben Rausing of Sweden is full richest man in 1983 before his death. Dr. Ruben Rausing motto: Tetra Pak's vision - "We are committed to ensuring the safety of food in both hands available anywhere." Tetra Pak has established a concept: "bring the package should save more than it own costs. "

Low-carbon environmental protection

Tetra Pak's environmental efforts always follow the "4R" principle, can be regenerated (Renewing), reduction (Reducing), can be recycled (Recycling) and negative responsibility (Responsibly), from the use of raw materials, product design, packaging recycling post-manufacturing operations as well as consumption, everything revolves around renewable and reduce impact on the environment to run, and the environmental performance as an important component of corporate performance part, responsible for the natural environment, is responsible for the public, to achieve truly sustainable. Tetra Pak is a post-consumer recycled hundred percent of resources, and aluminum by hydraulic pulper separation techniques can composite paper packaging paper, plastic and aluminum foil complete separation of the resources from the resource back to achieve green loop mode. Or by wood technology, Choi Lok plate technology, transformed into a park fence, trash, furniture, outdoor flooring, paper and racks and other great environmentally friendly products.

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