During the first 1 millennium in the West Yuan, several ancient nations of the Northern Bank of Mediterranean, its living area ranked from the Spanish Ebrohe mouth, stopped in the Italian Arnow. The ancients did not say that Ligurians in the southern Gaulu were a certain ethnic characteristics. They are probably a collection of several indigenous tribes in the Neolithic Age, living in a remote rural location; maybe ancient authors use this name of Liguria to call their loose political groups. Strabo and Sicilli Diodorus Siculus depicts the Ligurians into a rough and powerful tribe, and the Romans are deeply harmed. Stra Bo said that Ligurian is different from Gaul people or the Selite race. Di Aodoros said they gathered into villages, in order to survive on rocky land. In any case, Ligurian is a good source of mercenaries with the brave and praise. In the first 480s of Xiyuan, they served in Hamilcar, General Carthot; During the period of Agathocles, served in Greek immigration in Sicily in AgathoCles; to the second cloth (PUNIC) war During the period (the first 218 to 201 of Xiyuan), he opened again to the side of Canada. In 180, Xiyuan, Romans conquered Ligurians and sent 40,000 people to Samnium, and placed nearby Bennevento.


Ligurian or Ligures term, this archaeologist is used to designate the relics of the Neolithic Times found in the northeast of Spain to the northwest of Italy.


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