Liaoning Wushan National Forest Park


position Realm

Liaoning Mountain Area National Forest Park is located in North Town City Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, the territory of Yixian, geographic coordinates: longitude 121 ° 31 ' 42 "-121 ° 46'40", latitude 41 ° 26'40 "-41 ° 40 '.

Liaoning Yiwulushan national forest


Liaoning national Park within Yiwulushan Yiwulushan mountains belong to Yin Chung Ling Mountains, it is one of the three major barrier to the Inner Mongolia plateau Liaohe River Plain, an important part of carr areas. the whole mountain altitude of between 200-800 meters, the main peak elevation of 866.6 Da Wang seamounts m. Presinian geological structure formation, Yanshan subsidence zone, fault fold mountains, mostly rock granite and gneiss. soil is mainly warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest development of brown forest soil.

climate features

Liaoning mountain Area national forest Park in the warm temperate continental monsoon climate, rain and hot season, with four distinct seasons. As is located in the transition zone between the mountain and western Liaoning Liaohe Plain, the lower layers of the mountain , forming a natural barrier, a unique micro-climate more suitable for plant growth.


plant resources

Liaoning Mountain Area national forest in western Liaoning vegetation of the best preserved area, forest coverage rate of 86%, there are 1201 kinds of plants.

Liaoning Wushan National Forest Park

animal resources

Liaoning Mountain area national forest Park 265 kinds of animals, insects, 1094 kinds.

The main attractions

Chaoyang large scenic

Liaoning Yiwulushan national forest scenic Chaoyang Park was built in 1993, is located in central Shandong Lu side, towns north western suburbs, scenic area of ​​479 hectares. there Taoist name concept - three clear view, which consists of upper, middle and lower three buildings composition, construction area of ​​850 square meters, covering over 3,000 square meters

Po Lin Loujing area


Liaoning Mountain area national Park Po Lin Loujing area is built in 2005, is located in the west of Yixian Zhang Jiabao Yiwulushan Township, 60 km from Jinzhou City, 35km from Yixian county. scenic area of ​​349 hectares, the forest coverage rate of 89%.

Laoye scenic

Liaoning Mountain area is located in the scenic national forest park Laoye Mountain area west of the territory of Yixian large elm Town, sightseeing area of ​​349 hectares. Laoye St. the Qing, the lower house was built in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan fourteen years (AD 726 years), Lu Shan is one of the four Taoist.

Dashi Lake scenic area

Liaoning mountain Area national Park boulder Lake Mountain area is located in the west of the territory of Yixian-watt sub-valley town Nianpan ditch, touring area is 305 hectares. dragon waterfall is a big Shek Wu scenic landmark landscape, waterfalls peak elevation of 829 meters , Lu Shan is the second highest peak. Waterfall drop of about 62.5 meters, the water five meters wide. More than 30 major natural landscape as well as Ssangyong Ridge, the monkey god glimpse fruit, Ma peak, Lotus Peak and so on.

Development and Construction


In April 2008, the town of North Liaoning Province, the city government, Yiwulushan five Buddhist temples.

2017 In March the northern town of Liaoning Province Municipal Government Yiwulushan glass suspension bridges and scenic tour trail construction.

brand building

In January 2008, Liaoning Yiwulushan National Forest Park by the State Forestry Administration approved as a national forest park.

Transit Line


Beijing-Harbin line or ditch sea lines arriving by train Goubangzi station, taxi arrives Yiwulushan ($ 80, half an hour), or 500 meters before reaching the Goubangzi bus Terminal, take bus bound for the northern town of bus Terminal (5: 00-21: 00,6 million) after arriving scenic change lanes, 2 yuan fare (taxi 10 yuan), ( run time 2 hours)

Qinhuangdao-Shenyang passenger reach Panjin North station, the bus station to Goubangzi, Panjin North station to reach Goubangzi bus station about 20 minutes (no buses, taxis do not hit the table, 50 yuan)

coach directly to the town of North Terminal

from Beijing, Dalian, Yingkou, Shenyang,


Shenyang direction: Shenyang - Beijing-Shenyang Expressway go high-speed business Fu (S21) Beizhen, Fuxin direction, in the northern town exchange station, through direct access to northern town city gate Lu Shan

Fuxin direction: the high-speed business Fu S21 (southbound) in northern town exchange station, the city can be reached through the town of North mountain Lu; Yingkou direction: the high-speed business Yingkou North Fu (Gaokan) high northbound Panjin, Fuxin direction to northern town exchange station, through the North town District can be reached

Jinzhou directions: eastbound State Road 102 to Goubangzi, turn 205 State Road north to the northern town, can be reached Lu mountain

history and culture

Yiwulushan a long history, according to legend Shun the country divided into twelve cantons, each capped mountain as a state of the town, has been called Lu Shan mountain town north Youzhou. Feng Lu Shan is one of five towns during the Five Sacred Mountains weeks. Since the beginning of Sui, the mountain has become "North Town" and "five mountain town", Yuan, Ming and Qing emperor king ascended the throne when, as usual, to the foot of the north are Zhenmiao Yaoji the mountain.

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