Li Zhengdao

Content Introduction

This book is selected from the discipline of Li Zhengdao and science, art, scientific and technological development, and talent training, 46 speeches. In addition to a Nobel's speech, the article, the speech, the speech is after 1972, and is mostly used for returning to China.

This book is a picture and form labeled a serial number, all attached to the author; no number of photos and related text descriptions are added. In the photo description of the editor, the position of the characters in the photo given is the position of the relevant figures at the time.


  • sequence Li Zhengdao

  • Van case

  • Cherish the opportunity to create opportunities

  • 1 past memories: early Chicago's years and Yu known as uncomfortable

  • 2 I and the motherland High-energy physical events

  • development technology and education

  • 3 on cultivating basic scientific research talents - visit Shanghai Fudan Some of the universities I feel the "P" education should be valued - talk to Mao Zedong Chairman to talk about symmetrical and education

  • 5 young class Establishment and thinking

  • 6 views on cultivating high energy experiment physicians

  • 7 attach importance to development technology and education - Militation and Xiaoping's Communication

  • 8 on how to promote "National Economic Product Gross" Some simple ideas

  • < P> 9 Cultivate a long-term gauge of talents - "Cuspea Ten Years" Re-Edition Sequence
  • 10 Unique Chinese Postdoctoral System in the future

  • 11 Grasping the Trend of World Scientific Development - Congratulations and expectations for the 20th anniversary of the National Natural Science Foundation of China ...

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