No whipper body

No flavor is also known as the Du boss, the insect oval, the size is (2.9 ~ 5.7) μm × (1.8 ~ 4.0) μm, parasitic in macrophages in human and other mammals. After the staining solution is stained, the cells are light blue, with a large circular core, red or lavender. The base body is located at a nuclear side, which is deeply colored, and a small rod. Sometimes the visible worms sometimes appear from the front end granular matrix (Thizoplast) from the Basal Body. The substrate is close to the moving substrate, which is not easy to distinguish under ordinary glossy.

Former whip body

front flale is parasitic in the white mortal digestive tract. The mature worm is a shuttle, the size is (14.3 ~ 20) μm × (1.5 ~ 1.8) μm, the core is located in the middle of the worm, and the base body is at the front. After the staining of Ruitite is stained, the cellular quality is light blue, and the nucleus is red. The substrate prior to the motion base, thereby emitting a flagelife to travel outside the insect body, which is a worm movator tube. The front flam is physically lively, and it is often accumulated in the front end of the culture medium to arrange a chrysanthemum shape. The morphology and development of the front flale body can be seen in the crude short flambam and the shuttle front flap.

Life History

1. In the white gangma, the blood or skin contains macrophages containing non-whipped body in the blood or skin in the blood, and there is 24 hours and no whip. Flaling body. At this time, the insect body is in an oval, and the flagelife of some worms extends out. Developed for short-crude leafs or shuttle, flagella, whipped from a short period. A large number of ripe front flaps are present until 3 to 4 days. The front whip body activity was significantly enhanced and breeded with longitudinal division. The insects gradually move against the stomach, esophagus and pharyngeal movement. 1 week of infective front whip body gathered in the oral and. When the white horses got a healthy person, the front flaling body entered the human body with white sputum.

2. In the human body, the front whip body portion into the human body or in the mammal is squeezed by polymorphocytes, and the rest enters macrophages. The front flap body gradually became a circle after gum, and lost its flagella, transformed into a whipped body. At this time, macrophane forms a natari-free vacuum, but can not only survive within the aerosol of the natar, but also divide the split, which ultimately causes macrophages to rupture. The free non-whipper body can be swallowed by other macrophages and repeat the above proliferation process.


Lishmann is distributed in more than 80 countries and regions today, and it is estimated that the number of patients is more than 15 million, and the number of people died of this disease is 42,000. Leishmann disease in HIV infection increased dramatically. Leishmann disease is mainly distributed in Africa, Latin America, Southwest Asia, Mediterranean Basin, etc., the media is a white and Rob. In addition to dogs, cats, cats, but also monkeys, cattle, brown bear and some rodents. In the 1980s, in the 1980s, my country's skin Leishmann was reported in Xinjiang and Taiwan, the patient was more in young and middle-aged, and the media was a huge white martyr as subipe, and the prevention and treatment work was still waiting. Mucosal Dermatin is distributed in the middle, South America, African Ethiopia and Sudan also have case reports, the media is Luo Wei, insects host is dogs, cats, bear and rodents. The internal organs are mainly popular in India, China, Bangladesh, and Nepal, East, North Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean Coast, China, China, South America, there are also this disease, and the media is white, insects The host is mainly a dog.

causes the disease

to prevent the disease

1. The pathogenic mechanism has no whipmed body to breed in macrophages, so that macrophages are destroyed and hyperplasia, and macrophage proliferation is mainly seen in the spleen, liver, lymph nodes, bone marrow and other organs. Slurry cells also proliferate. Cell hyperplasia is the root cause of spleen, liver and lymphoid soda, of which the spleen is most common, and the most important signs of black fever, there is more than 95%. In the later stage, it has been hardened due to the increase in mesh tissue.

Anemia is another important symptom of black fever, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in the blood, that is, the whole blood is reduced, which is due to hyperthyroidism, blood cells have been largely damaged in the spleen. In addition, immunoplasmic is also an important reason for producing anemia. Experiments show that the patient's red blood cell surface is attached to the Saman Arabic antigen, in addition, 1 to 2 antigens in the metabolites of Duishmani insecticide are the same as human red blood cells, and thus the body produced by the body is possible. Directly combined with red blood cell membranes, destroying red blood cells under complement participation.

The plasma in patients has a significant reduction in plasma, and the globulin is increased. Due to the loss of liver, albumin synthesis, albumin is increased, and the occurrence of urine protein and hematuria may be a kidney ball with the patient. Determination of amyloidosis and deposition of immunocutones in glomerular balls. Plus the amount of slurry cells increase the amount of globulin, eventually leading to the proportion of albumin to the globulin.

Clinical manifestations

(1) The latency of the visceral Lishman disease is generally 4 to 7 months, up to 11 months. Typical clinical manifestations have long-term irregular fever, slowly, the disease is hot, the pathogenesis is long, the symptoms of the whole body are not obvious. Spleen, liver large, lymphadenopathy, especially in spleen, and then hit half a month after the cause, soft, gradually increase, can be accepted or even pelvic. Anemia and malnutrition can appear in advanced diseases, there is a spiritual wilter, palpitations, short, pale and edema, and late patients can appear in the cheek. Due to the reduction of whole blood cells, damage to immune function, patients are easy to concurrent infectious diseases, pneumonia and acute granulocyte deficiency are common complications, which are the main causes of death in black fever patients, and patients can reduce blood due to platelets , Gum bleeding and skin bleeding point.

Long-term irregular fever, spleen large, liver large and lymphadenopathy, all blood cell reduction anemia is three major symptoms of the internal organism, if the treatment is not timely, patients are in the incidence of L ~ 2 Emergency death.

(2) Skin-type black fever, patients with black fever diseases during treatment or after domestic visual change, after more than many years, skin lesions occurred. A small number of skin damage is faded, most of which are nodule type. The nodule is a granuloma in size, or in a dark hurabia, common in the face and neck, and the whipper body can be found in the nodule. Dermatic black and hot diseases are confused with tumor veneer. This type of black fever is common in India, Sudan. More than 100 cases have been reported in the plain area in my country.

(3) lymph node black fever this type of patient patient without black fever disease, the lesion is limited to the lymph nodes of the internal organisms and lymph node black fever. The main clinical manifestations are lymph nodes, the size is different, the most common is most common, no tenderness, no redness, groin and part lymph nodes. The lymphatic biopsy can be found in the whipped body. Common eosinophils increased, most patients can be self-healing. This disease has been reported in Beijing and Xinjiang, which is more common in the black fever displacement in Inner Mongolia.


The host of the immune responses of Leishman protesters were immunized, and the effector cells were activated macrophages, and there were no flavescillar in the intracellular active oxygen. In recent years, the results have been suggested that antibodies are also involved in the host of immune response to Lisman.

Lismann is parasitic and reproduced in macrophages, and its antigen can be expressed in the surface of macrophages. Different by Lisman insects (or sub-seed), as well as the difference in host immune response, Lisman disease can have complex immunization. There is an immunodeficiency in patients with non-healing black fever, which is easy to pass all kinds of infectious diseases. The complications are the main cause of death in black fever patients. When the phenomenon, the phenomenon, which is easy to concurrent, and disappeared. It can be seen that Duishman's protrusion infection is accompanied by inhibition of specific cellular immunity, but also causing the body to reduce cellular immunity and body fluid immune response in other antigens, ie non-specific immunosuppression.

The patient will not be infected again after healing, and it can be obtained for lifetime immunity.

my country's black fever

According to the source of infection, my country's black fever is roughly divided into three different types:

(1) Human source (Plain). Distributed in the plains and other plains such as Kashi, North, Lu'an, Yudheng, North, Lu'an, Yudong and Ji Nan, Ebei, Shaanxi Guanzhong and Xinjiang. The patient is the main infection source, mainly in teen, and the dog is rarely infected. Communication media is a homemade Chinese white and Xinjiang long tube white. The black fever in this type of area has been controlled, and the new cases have not been discovered in recent years, but the skin type black fever is obedient.

(2) Dog source (hill type). Distributed in the hills area of ​​Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Chuanbei, Northern Shaanxi, Northeast, Liaoning and Beijing. People are mainly from sick dogs. The patient is scattered, most patients are children, and the infants have a high infection rate. Communication media is a wild Chinese white. This type of area is the main epidemic area of ​​my country's black fever.

(3) Natural epidemic source (desert type). Some desert areas in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia are popular in some animals. Patients are mainly seen in infants and young, and patients under 2 years of age account for more than 90%. Adults in such regions are often commonly disabled, and patients are distributed. The media is a wilderness, mainly Wu's white, followed by Alexander. Animal host has not yet identified.

The disease should be made early, and you can catch it early. Actively carry out the investigation of epidemic distribution and insect hosts in desert areas, is an important part of prevention and treatment work, and its anti-countermeasures need to be improved. Appropriate countermeasures are adopted in accordance with the ecological habit of the media. Strap spray with a vanamrostees, and the long-range and white killing effect of the homebathing or near family is better. At the same time, personal protection should be strengthened, reduce and avoid being bitten.

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