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"Law Shi Shen" has a history of more than 1,500 years. Yuan, the Ming Dynasty was once repaired. It is said that there is a small mountain in the square, because the mountains like Phoenix, named Phoenix Mountain, 4 km from Fuyuan County. There is a biquan number under the mountain, one of the sources of the Weihe River, and the local people are used to calling the Phoenix Mountain as Shenxi Mountain. Phoenix Mountain South, there is a piece of alone, a large orchr, a high of about three feet. Solitary stone, Shenquan flooded, the pool was shining, the forest was covered, the flower was fragrant. Just on this epithelium, there is a temple in the temple. Isolated towering, I am very straight, solemn, there is a beautiful place, and the surrounding environment is beautiful. There is a spring, Lei Shiji, a lake, name "Shen Delu". The temples are flowing, the regulations, Lu Ziqi, the birds, Yu Xianzhu Jingshan quiet. Breeze Xu Lu, Bai Yun You, only to feel far away. I want to come, the poet of the year, every one of the old people, in the quiet and empty spirits of the landscape, the vicissitudes of history, the world, and they will flow in the mind.

Geographic location

Provincial Road 203 lines pass this, 4 kilometers away from Qiyuan County, take a bus from the county city to arrive, the village is in the village In addition, there are many landscapes such as wetlands, and are now included in the tourism development project in the county.

The layout of the ancestral hall is

The southwest of the temple is architectual, and "Law Ruth is".浑 Yuanzhou Zhi (Qianlong 未 未 体) Law Ru Ziyu is on the city of Qili Shenxi, the Northern Wei Dynasty. According to legend, Tang Tai and the first year (827) June, Hongzhou people Zhang Wei night, there is a gods in the air: "Law Ru! Law Ru! God is a rush in the 25th day!" , Go out.珪 家 家, 语 语 村, make the fax, not to the closing, the court, to the court, the Yuan to Yuan six years (1269) Re-repair, Dongchang Professor Ma Zhi Wen Yu. Ming into the decline. The name of Temple of Temple is Rhydra, which is from the legendary law, which is the meaning of people to follow the destiny, and do things according to objective laws. Law is the common name of the music.

The ancient movement has a rhythm, and there are six or two rms. Yang Six Law, Yin Liu Lu, Yi Lao Lu. The ancients were the twelve laws made from the sound of the phoenix, and the majestic is called six laws, and the female is called Liu Lu. Jane Xixi Mountain is also called Phoenix Mountain, so the temple is "Law Shi Shen". The building on the existing remains is reconstructed in the Yuan Dynasty. The Qiyuan County Party Committee, the government's landing of the law Lu Ziyu, which has been initially enjoys. The north of the north of God is north, and there are three wide, and the two are deep, high majestic, simple and solemn. From the main hall of the main hall, the architecture of the arch form, the design of the palace, the settings such as the setting of the palace, which fully demonstrates the building technology and style of the Yuan Dynasty. There is a bell tower on both sides of the temple, and the south is the brick wall wall. There are four panels in the two sides of the main hall, and there are three housing in the northeast corner. Although the temple has only one acre size, but the ingenious layout of the ancients is still a kind of openness.

The temple is plastic with a jellyfish couple. The inner wall of the temple is nearly 70 square meters of the four-sea dragon Wang Xing Yunbu Yu paint painting, the pengrinity, realistic movie, and the paintings have a variety of portions of 139. The murals of the two walls are divided into two floors; the upper layer is the dragon king of the flying dragon, the Lei Gong, the Rain, Rain, the rain, the raining, the rush of the crab in the rain. And the jewel woman, really craftsmanship. The next layer is a dramatic figure in the four seasons of the Limin. It is so happy that the people in the rain, some are sowing, some sweats, some have a harvest, and some will rippled food, fully demonstrate the labor people. A joy of harvest yearning. On the left side of the north wall, there is a "jellyfish tea" map, the pengrine is fine, the color is beautiful, the five maids, some end tea, some holding peach, belt, and the mortality is silent.

According to legend, the jellyfish's avatar is a young daughter in Shenxi Village. At that time, a mother-in-law, a mother-in-law of Shenxi Village, called the wife from the river, and her mother-in-law was only used. Bucket, the bucket behind it will fall. Once, the daughter-in-law is in the water, and he will give her a whip. The daughter-in-law is in the command of the old grandfather, and after the whip is whipped in the water, there is less water to mention that the whip is full. My mother-in-law discovered the secret, and raised the whip. Who knows that the water is booming, and it is very fast, and the big water will flood all the village. The wife is saving the people's life, and the body is sitting in the water cumper. The big water turned into a constant trickle, and the latter called Shenxi, Huize one party. In order to feel the worship of the wife, people will serve as the law, and the temples are sacrificed; and there are legendary people's surnames surnamed Lu, and they are called Lawu.

According to the Qing Emperor Edition, "Yuyuan Zhi Zhi" records, Ming Wuzong Zhengde, the ceremony of Zhejiang Sun Cong (Yuyuanzhou people), built "Fengshan Academy", constructing in Phoenix Mountain Feng Ming Pavilion, Cui Micrower, Defense Yuxuan, Qiuxi, Tibetan Book, Drum Piano, Chess, Fishing, Bi Sate, Caiyun Rock, Goldfish Pool, Ruilian Pool and other 12 landscapes, For the best place. Shenxi Mountain is also show, Shenxi Mingyue is more charming, "Shenxi Moonlight" is also one of the famous Shenchuan eight scenes in Yanyuan. "源 州 志" contains a "Shenxi Moonlight" picture, the picture is the empty elegant, quite a charm.

Attraction protection

With the "one main two wings" cultural tourism in 2009, with the concept of the construction of Dahengshan Scenic Area and the pace of China Wuyue The promotion, the Qiyuan County Party Committee, the county government fully launched the overall development project of Shenxi Wetland, will draw on the development model of the Jin Shang Cultural Court, accelerate the key projects such as Shenxi ancient people's protection, Law Ru Zhen's overhaul, Law, Shenquan Reconstruction, currently "Law Lu Zhen" recovery construction project is close to the completion, Shenxi ancient people build a nervous. I believe that in the near future, with the promotion of tourist counties in Tourism County, Shenxi Village will really form a famous mountain and Xiuyan, and Shenxi Village will become a collection of tourism, leisure, and sightseeing. Tourist destination with one integration.

Tourism Guidance

Car: From Datong City, take the bus to Shenxi Village. Or from the West Lingshan Expressway, it is 4 km to the West.

Railway: The railway traffic in Datong is relatively improved. Trains from Datong to Beijing, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Yinchuan, Shijiazhuang, Baotou, Shenyang and other places. Datong Railway Station is located in northern urban area, take 2 Road, 4 Road, No. 8, 14 Road, 15 bus can be reached.

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