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Functional Department


The Biochemical Room is a bridge between the various departments, and the window is contacted. Coupled with two partial functions of the inside. Always play the role of the Chinese nerve.

The important work in business processes such as selection management, publish, book number management, and archival management. At the same time, information services and security are provided for the entire publishing house. Quality inspection work ensures high quality and high levels of publishing products. Business training work helps compiling issuers to improve business quality and level. At the same time, the relationship between the division of branch, the horizontal company and the Chinese and French maps is timely, to ensure the smoothness of the printing.

For the external, build and maintain the publisher portal to ensure that the publishing house is fast and accurately released. Timely understand the information, coordination and maintenance of the industry authorities and other publishers, and provide information support for the decision-making of the publishing house. In terms of copyright protection, we have effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the publishing house and the author, and severely combat pirated infringement.

The Bureau has been committed to becoming a social leaders to conduct effective management control, formulating the optimal, feasible decision-making and social strategic programs.

Human Resources

Social Human Resources, responsible for legal publishing houses, social, working personnel, etc. The main functions include: the employment, transfer, transfer, retirement; wage management, welfare and distribution; management of scale assets and fixed assets; social supplies, office equipment purchase, collection work; important documents, Archive, keeping the work; the invalidation of unemployment insurance, medical insurance, pension insurance and other insurance expenses; party discipline inspection management work; the assessment of divisions, departments.

In the production and operation, the Human Resources Department plays an increasingly important functional role. By strengthening refined management, it has created huge benefits for the publishing house; at the same time, through strict assessment management, cultivate employee's innovation spirit, there is more publishing elite emergence, providing potential human support for the growth of the publishing house. . At the same time as management work, the Human Resources Department often organizes social union and divisions to carry out various cultural and sports activities, enriching the lives of social employees, and has effectively developed corporate culture, improves employee's work, and establishing employees' master consciousness. Make the publisher a collective of a morale, united upward.

R & D department

is the department established in 2005 in 2005, the main function is responsible for legal book market information research and independent development and innovative legal content products.

With the increasingly competitive competition in the legal book market, the understanding and analysis of market information is increasingly becoming a macroeconomic decision-making and planning editing of micro-planning, the R & D department is at the overall level of legal books. Specially responsible for information collection, finishing and analysis, and analyzes the data analysis of market information, as a reference for the social leadership decision-making layout, and the bridge service for market information is served in the publishing branch and planning editing.

On this function, the R & D department focuses on the future, seeking new and seeking changes, picked up the renewal, and forms effective interaction with each publishing branch, making the Leg Publishing House's product line more Due to diversification and stereochemical.


Leg Press Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, its main function is to review and edit the document submitted by the branch, and edit the editing of the entrustment. Certificate for review and guidance; organization, management, and assessment of external teams; organize manuscript schools and management, assess foreign teams; assume the execution and other work of the documentation exchanged by the publishing house. The campus actively cooperates with all divisions to ensure that the documents have completed editing and proofing tasks on a period, and continuously improve the quality of the manuscript.

Finance department

Legal Press, the existing staff of the Ministry of Finance, is responsible for legal publishing houses and social accounting and financial management work. Including Legal Press, Legal Audiovisual Publishing House, Zhongtian Legal Electronic Press, "Law and Life" magazine, Beijing Fengtai District Zhongtian Training School, the financial management, financial accounting and tax insteration of the people's mediation editorial department, performance assessment Work. Acting "China Justice" Magazine Account; Supervise and Coordinate China Legal Book Co., Ltd., The financial work of the Tiandi Cultural Center.

The main functions of the Finance Department are:

1. Executive leadership decision, providing financial management support and management decision support for the community leadership;

2, According to the annual work plan, the annual financial revenue and expenditure plan is prepared;

3, the development of funds financing measures, adjustment funds, rational funding; 4. Supervise the various departments for property cleanup work, prevent assets Improper loss and loss;

5, inspection, supervising various community independent companies, investment holding company economic accounting, financial management, funding, cost control, report, etc., etc., and regularly Ask the assessment, in order to maximize the interests of the group;

6, establishing business links with financial, tax, banking and other departments, accepting the audit of intermediaries and supervision and inspection of government departments.

Journal publishing

Mainly responsible for the publication of social journals, mainly responsible for "law and life", "people mediation", "Announcement of Tax Regulations" of the People's Republic of China, Publication, distribution, advertising and integrated development business.

Development History

Start stage

The initial book (2 photos)

New China was established , Law research, education is in its infancy. In the early days of the establishment of the commission, the Leg Publishing House mainly publishes a small amount of laws and regulations, publishing the urgently needed political and legal training materials, translation publication of the legal system and legal books of the Soviet Union, and organizes the translation of the "International Law" of the Augustica, Monndes Western jurisprudence such as "French", Rousseau "On the Origin of Human Inequality".

In the mid-1950s, China's political life began to abnormally, especially the impact of liquidation and criticism, the law began to shake in political and social life. In 1959, the Ministry of Justice was revoked, and the legal publishing house entered the turmoil and the rolling period. In July 1961, the Legal Press officially incorporated into the People's Publishing House. After the legal publishing house combined with the People's Publishing House, the social name community has been reserved, and the people's publishing house uses the legal publishing a brand and code. Before going to the Cultural Revolution, the name of the Legal Press is still in use.

Reconstruction Legal Press

In 1979, it was the second year after the 10th National Third Middle School, and the central government made a socialist socialist legal system. Guidance policy, China's historic task of reconstructing socialist legal system. The Ministry of Justice requested that the Party Central Committee and the Central Political and Legal Committee were approved by the Ministry of Justice in May 1980, the Ministry of Justice began preparation of the legal publishing house. On June 2, 1980, the National Publishing Bureau officially issued a batch and agreed to the Reconstruction Legal Press. Legal Press begins the second startup.


Leg Publishing House is the base unit of legal media industry, which is the basic force of the rule of law and building a rule of law. Since 1980, the Leg Publishing House has been accompanied by the national legal system development process. He has experienced the development of hard entrepreneurship, resume development and high-speed growth. In 2001, according to the decision of the Ministry of Justice, the Legal Audiovisual Publishing House officially incorporated into the law publishing Society, further improve the publishing structure in Legal Press. The brand has established a brand in the field of legal publishing, and has won the reputation and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

According to the strategic concept of connotation development and establishing the Chinese Legal Publishing Group, the Legal Press has been reorganized by the Chinese Legal Book Company, forming a legal publishing business center, and has formed a regulatory publication center, legal examination publication center, law Teaching Publication Center, Legal Substation Center, Applied Legal Publishing Center, Comprehensive Law Publishing Center, Legal Audiovisual Publishing Center, Journal Publishing Center ("Law and Life" Magazine, "People Mediation" Magazine, "Tax Announcement "Department, etc." laid a solid foundation for the future development of legal publishing.

to the end of 2001, after 20 years of development practice, the Legal Publishing House has a new book for 400 new books, and the annual publication of 400 species of 400 species of the reprinting version of the book, initially formed a business culture with its own characteristics. Cultivate a professional team that has learned, and will operate, and has accumulated some experiences and philosophy of reform and innovation. Legal Press has initially established the advantages of brand, annual sales, annual sales revenue, annual profit tax, market share share, market share share, annual profit tax, market share share. In terms of social popularity, contact with legal circles, professional sales channels and professional group editing teams, it also has a certain advantage.

2002 Legal Press has begun to implement five-year development strategy, and the whole society is working together with morality, practice "handing the law to the people" to spread legal information, accumulating legal culture , Promote the legal process, carry forward the spirit of the rule of law, and closely cooperate with the national legal system construction process, the unification of the national legal system, the construction of the responsibility, the coordination, and the effectiveness of the national legal system. Play long-term competitive advantage, enhance innovation ability and core competitiveness, strive to use the legal information into the first brand of China Legal Information Industry, China's largest multimedia legal information provider, strong in China Competitiveness and economic strength, China Legal Publishing Group has a certain impact on internationally.


At the 20th Beijing International Book Expo carried out on the 28th, the Legal Press and the world's largest publication technology program and service provider - British publishing technology group signing The two sides will introduce multi-dimensional, deep strategic cooperation and exchanges in the introduction of international advanced digital publishing technology, international academic market development, publication issues and business model research, research talent training construction.

Sign up with the Legal Press, as a project partner of the Legal Co.,, the British Publishing Technology Corporation will fully learn from the advanced theory and practical experience of international publication market informationization, and design and development of the legal publishing house. ERP Management System and Digital Publishing Platform.

The completed "Legal Society Digital Publishing Platform" can realize the full process management and control of digital publishing work according to the actual needs of the legal publishing house digital publishing, effectively diverting the mature professional marketing channel platform at home and abroad. Thus, the maximization of the content resource value of the legal agency publication and the high-quality publishing resources "go out".

Key Journal

"Law and Life"

"Law and Life" (Half Miography) magazine found in 1984, is the head of the Ministry of Justice, Legal Press Hosted central level legal news publication. Since its establishment, it has always been in

"adhering to the legal spirit, paying attention to social life", and uses the law to see life through the law, use the legal eye to perspective the society, and analyze the life of the legal system, dedication to singing, and advocating Human justice, exclusive disclosure of the truth and illusion behind the major events. As a depth of legal news, polite magazines, the article is distinguished, the angle is unique, the content is three-dimensional, the text is new, and the taste is our forever goal.

Mainly regarded, record, speech, character, economic, topic, staminaid, city, etc., 300,000, existing editor, reporter, advertising, and preparation of 14 employees. In 2001, the "China Journal Array" is awarded the title of "Double Prize Journal" with its ideological and service, and won the title of "Double Prize Journal" for the national outstanding brand journal.

"People Mediation"

"People's Mediation" (Monthly) magazine found in 1985, is the main department of the Ministry of Justice, hosted by the Legal Press, China National People's Disconcerned Association Judicial administrative work guiding the publication. Always "facing the grassroots, serving base" as a tenet, facing the people of the whole country, township (street) legal workers, judicial assistants, and all levels of judicial administrative grassroots work management departments, actively publicize the party and the state's grassroots judicial administration The principle, policy, laws, regulations of work, introduced the advanced people and work experience on the grassroots judicial administrative front, exchange important work information, communication with grassroots judicial administration; guidance grassroots according to law, correct Carry out various business work. It has strong targeted, guiding, knowledge and readability, and is a master of grassroots judicial administrative workers. There are mainly high-level information, people's promenade, experience exchange, judicial building, legal service, mediation story, return to oasis, and window and other columns. There are 10,000 employees such as 1.70,000, existing editing, reporter, and wide-class employees.

"Announcement of the Tax Regulations of the People's Republic of China"

Announcement of the Tax Regulations of the People's Republic of China (Monthly) was founded in 1996, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, State Council The "Announcement" Editor's "Announcement", hosted by the General Administration of Customs, and the four ministries and committees of the Commission, the Legal Press is responsible for publishing, "comprehensive, system, accurate publicity of national tax policies, increase tax policy transparency" as a purpose, timely announcement Laws, regulations, regulations, and specific provisions in terms of employment tax, tariffs, and agricultural taxes provide laws and regulations for government organs, domestic and foreign companies and taxpayers at all levels.

Geographic location


Address: No.7, Siliqiao, Lotus Pool, Beijing, China

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