Laser power supply

Laser Power Classification

can be divided into two kinds of continuous laser power supply and pulsed laser power in different working methods.

Continuous laser power supply

Continuous laser power supply is a high-performance automatic igniting constant current power supply

power supply to achieve high precision Constant current output. The output current is small and the stability is high. The ignition portion adopts the three-level continuation flow of the series high pressure inclusion arc, LC high pressure relay, low voltage constant current, with the ignition monitoring circuit, and realizes the automatic ignition, so that the ignition has a power to be higher than 99%. High pressure pulse waveforms rise and slow, the intensity can be hierarchically adjusted to accommodate the dispersion of different 氪 灯 穿 电, can also reduce the sputtering of the electrode material, reduce the adverse effect of high pressure trigger on the life of the lamp

Pulse laser power supply

Pulse laser power supply is a power source designed for pulsed Nd: YAG lasers. With switching power supplies, inside is controlled by single chip microcomputer, it is a real CNC power. The contact mode operation panel selects the laser output power, frequency, and pulse width, the user programs the laser pulse waveform and the parameters through the keyboard to match the welding parameters to the welding requirements to achieve the best welding effect, so that almost All metal welding needs, ideal configurations of multi-function laser welding machines, have functions such as erroneous operation and supernovation automatic protection.

Power maintenance method

1, high pressure fire, high pressure line connector is too close to the iron shell portion.

2, no light, the fan is not turned. Insurance wire break.

3, it can be forced to illuminate, and the motherboard can not control luminescence. The pre-lower low pressure control part is bad.

4, the current cannot be adjusted, the current control part is bad.

5, always burning the fuse, belonging to the short road of power tube.

The maintenance method of the laser power supply has the following:

1, replace the key element method. Generally do not emit light, the large pipe 460 or 450 can be exchanged, and the rectal press is exchanged.

2, voltage detection method.

Laser power supply

3, energization observation method.

CO2 laser power does not illuminate maintenance techniques:

1, first emitting the laser power supply failure point.

2, first determine if the heat dissipation fan is turning: If the fan is transferred, it will explain that the high voltage line portion is faulty; if the fan does not turn, it means that the control line portion has failed.

3, when the fan is turned, the 220V power supply is checked to output whether there is a voltage after rectifying, and then check whether the power amplifier is burnt, the voltage is normal to be 400-600V, such as normal. It can be concluded that the high pressure package is faulty and replaced.

4, when the fan is not turned, check whether the voltage after the bridge rectifier is normal, and then check whether the voltage after the transformer is normal, usually the control chip is prone to failure.

Power maintenance common sense

1. Check the power housing before the maintenance should be properly grounded;

2. Measure the power box shell to the console or workbench There is a voltage difference between the voltage;

3. The air plug input by the power input cannot be inserted (the old power supply or main control box may have a flying, its function is different, the insertion of the wrong design may cause Internal control board burning or internal device explosion);

4. With high voltage in the box, after power-on, hands cannot touch the metal part of the device;

5. Measurement instruments (such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc.) measuring table pen, tools such as cut clamps, etc.) should check if the insulation is intact;

6. When measuring the voltage, confirm that the gear is in the voltage file. . To confirm that the range of instrumentation should be greater than the voltage of the test point;

7. Before power-on, check whether the load is connected or polarity correctly;

8. Before the device in the power box, turn off the power to turn the positive and negative of the energy storage capacitor to discharge (using a 100Ω 50W power resistance) and confirm the voltage without voltage, and perform the next replacement or maintenance.

9. When the device is replaced or the device is devices, you can make a marker to connect properly when replacing. In particular, there is a polar device or a large current high power device. Otherwise, it may be burn the device directly. It may explode when it is severe;

10. After the device is replaced, it should be measured before power-on, whether a short circuit is displayed (such as a rectifier bridge, IGBT tube, Power input and output section, power device input and other);

11. For machine work unstable or good working, check the screws of the main circuit of the box, terminals, etc. It may appear in transportation), terminal oxidation, etc., the power supply of the old power supply or the use environment should pay attention to whether there is a lot of dust in the inside (can be blown off); if there is a lot of oil in the box, it is very long Do not repair it should be scrapped.

12. When repairing the power supply for the customer, it is impossible to remove the inner tie, the control board, cut off the wiring or chaotic, and can cause interference to the whole machine or Performance declines, if returned, the old power supply has no wiring diagram due to the specifications, which may bring a lot of difficulty to the maintenance. It will cause a scrap in seriousness. It will have a certain impact on the credibility of the customer or company (echo product It is committed to lifetime maintenance).

13. Vintage power supply, unable to repair at the site, need to return the header, the connecting line of the upper and down boxes should be returned together in order to make more comprehensive testing and maintenance.

14. Returned power or main control board should do surface shock-shock protection, prevent panel scratches, deformation, or devices from falling off, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to the company, it will also bring certain things to maintenance work. trouble.

15. Returned power or main control board should be labeled, indicate detailed faults of the power supply, and the name of the office, which will facilitate the analysis and maintenance of the technical technician, sometimes appearing on the whole machine. Separate test failures is inconsistent. Our maintenance personnel will do relevant maintenance records according to the label, do a good job of laser power maintenance tracking, and improve the quality of the repair.

16. Vintage semiconductor main control box or power box, when you confirm that a block is faulty, you cannot repair the entire power supply or main control box. (The product is continuously upgraded, for the old version of more than two years, the production line cannot be repaired on the zero-scattered control board or the main controller)

17. Have multiple repairs, to customers still can't use It should be checked on site and other eligible and disadvantages. Check the reason for the failure. And do a good job detection record randomly returned.

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