Tianma Star Lada Mani (English: Rhadamanthys / Rhadamanthus / Greek: ραδάμανθυς)

Year: 23 years old

length: 189cm

Constellation: Scorpio

Weight: 84kg

birthday: October 30, 1963

Blood type: O-type

Benedict: ギ ギ ス · フェ フェ ズ ズ 诸 岛es Islands · English (UK) United Kingdom Falthoss Island

must kill: Greatest Caution Gray Warning shock wave, spherical gods.


Sound Excellent: Zi An Wan


rhadamanthus (Rhadamanthys, Rhadamanthos) in Greek mythology In Greek mythology, it is Zeus and Europa's son, Minos Brothers, King of Crete and Sabo. He was raised by stepfather Asterion (Husband of Europa, Krt's King).

Minos scared, he expelled him out of Krit. Rada fled to Piphony, and he was alecmene as a wife. Homer said he was still stationed in a bliss.

The legend later, because he is unyielding, he has become a meditation with Minos, Aiagoz. Plato said he ruling the Soul of Asians, Aigo's ruling European soul, while Minos has a decisive vote.

But Ding in the Divine Common Makes the harsh judge in the middle of the doctrine. From then on, the word "rhadamanthine" is used to describe a fair but stubborn decision / judge.

Lada Mani's anime image

[Lada Mani Introduction]

Lada in Greek mythology Manutis is Europa and Zeus's son, Minos's brother, and later became a judge of the death. In the "Saint Seiya" in the car field, Lada was shaped as one of the three giants of the world. It is a warrior of a mighty, loyal, brave, and firm.

Although the anti-plane character in "Sheng", the shaping of Lada is a highlight, and he is also the most played alarm. Five Golden Saint-Fighters, Alai, Mu, Milo, Aballis, Dismask, were defeated in Hades City. Finally, in the battle of the murder, Ladamius and the Gemini Gold Saint Seiyerglon. In the case of losing the holy clothing body, the way of Radia is accompanied by Radia.

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