Labor organization

Social Labor Organization

Social Labor Organization refers to the use of labor resources to make full use of labor resources in the whole society, in various regions, departments, according to the planned labor force, Rationalize the employment structure, there is a plan to achieve labor regeneration, improve labor relations, and create higher forms of social labor organizations, and constantly improve social labor efficiency.

Enterprise Labor Organization

Enterprise Labor Organization refers to the division of labor and collaboration of laborers in accordance with production process or process scientific organizational workers in the process of labor, making it an overall integral , Reasonable labor, correctly handle the relationship between workers and workers and labor tools, labor objects, and constantly adjust and improve labor conditions and environments to create good labor conditions and environments to play the skills and enthusiasm of workers. , Fully utilize and new scientific and technical achievements and advanced experience, continuously improve labor efficiency.

Labor organization

China's main labor organization

China's main labor organization content is: 1. According to the reasonable division of labor and collaboration, streamline, unity, efficiency and saving principles, set up companies, workshops ,

workgroup, production team and other organizational institutions.

2. Develop the labor quota, the department and posts of the assessment team and the individual labor, and the authoritative will be used to use people's standard savings and workforce.

3. Organize the structure and proportion of all kinds of people in the enterprise. For example, direct producers (personnel, such as production workers, transport workers, etc.), basic production workers (workers engaged in manufacturing enterprises, engineers, etc. The ratio between fine sand workers of cotton mills, etc.), with auxiliary production workers (helping basic production workers in enterprises, workers such as repair workers, transportation workers, etc.).

4. In conjunction with the development of production, improve labor (working) efficiency, enhance the health of employees, and organize work hours.

5. Rational organizations, so that workers, labor tools, and labor objects are optimally bonded. Rationally install workplace, maintain good work and order, and organize supply and service work.

6. Select a reasonable operation method to eliminate invalid labor, organize multi-equipment management, and cultivate the employees to implement part-time jobs to improve labor (work) efficiency.

7. Develop the criteria in organizational production, technology and working hours, strengthen the education and management of labor discipline, distinguished fines to ensure that collective labor is organized. In addition, in order to play the role of the labor organization, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, but also to carry out various forms of socialist labor competition.

Continuously improve corporate labor organizations, to ensure normal production, play enterprise vitality, make full use of human, time, equipment, save materials, dyes, power, improve errocess, improve corporate quality, and improve economic benefits .

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