Korean People's Revolutionary Army

Army History

June 30, 1930, Jincheng Pillar has organized the policy of armed struggle with many revolutionaries in the Korean Revolutionary Meeting in Jilin Karen. In the fall of 1930, Jin Chengpu received a funding of Zhang Wancheng and purchased 12 pistols.

September 18, 1931, after the Japanese Kantong army has created a nine-eight-eighth incident, in the Northeast Support to establish a "Manchuria", Zhang Hancheng once again purchased a 40-step gun. Jin Chengzu joined the Chinese Communist Party and participated in the Chinese people's anti-Japanese struggle. Jin Chengzu is mainly active in the Jidong area and Changbai Mountain.

1932, Jin Jiancheng introduced Zhang Weihua to the Communist Party of China. On April 25, Jin Chengzhu created "An Tu County Anti-Japanese Association" in Mingyungou in Jilin Anrti County. On May 5, Jin Chengzhu led the guerrilla to confront the Japanese army, and won the whole victory. In November, Jin Chengzhuang's Antu County anti-Japanese guerrillas and the "Wang Qing Anti-Japanese guerrilla" led by the Communist Party of China, "Ning'an Anti-Japanese Guerrillas" is integrated as "Wang Qing's anti-Japanese guerrilla", and Jin Chengzhu serves as a political committee. In December, Yang Jingyu adapted the "Rocky Guards" as "China University of Science and Technology Red Army" Nan Man "."

In January 1933, the "Wang Qing Anti-Japanese Guerrilla", "Yanji Anti-Japanese Guerrilla", "The Dragon Anti-Japanese Guerrilla", "The Spring Anti-Japanese Guerrilla" is "the Chinese Workers' Red Army 32nd Army Dongmine. Jin Chengzhu led the guerrilla team to attack the Japan and cured, and held the "Wang Zhongshan Conference". On September 18th, the "Red Army 32 Military and Dongshang Guyou" was "the Second Missionary of the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army", "Nanmaster Tour" has been adapted as "The First Independence of the First Army of the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army", Yang Jingyu, member and political commissar, and 4 groups under the Second Army of the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army, Jin Chengzhu served as the third group political commissar. In October, Yang Jingyu led the troops to pass the Huifu River at night, entered the eastern side, opened up the "Jiangnan guerrilla area" and built the "Jinchuan River according to the ground".

In March 1934, Jin Chengzhu changed the third regiment of the Independence to the "Dynasty People's Revolutionary Army" and called "Northeast Anti-Japanese Union". Jin Chengzhu jointly saved the Tunan army to attack Dongning, Rhun, and then the next 2 times. Jin Chengchu later competed with the Pingnanyang guerrilla, the five military leaders led by Zhou Baozhong, and the four armies of Li Yanlu were combined, and the Japanese army was defeated many times. Therefore, it is called "Jin Jiancheng General", since then, Jin Chengzhu is renamed "Jin Yicheng" "And the names are gradually circulated. On November 7, "The First Army of the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army" announced that the military commander and political committee are Yang Jingyu.

In March 1936, the Second Congress of the Chinese People's Republic of China held that the Second Army of the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army was adapted as "the Second Army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union", expanding as 3 divisions, Wei Zhengmin as a political commissar And the Party Secretary, Jin Ji Cheng has served as the third division. In May, Jin Jucheng has built the Korean anti-Japanese national front "The Motherland Reception", and the president is established in Changbai Mountain. In October, Wei Zhengmin and Jin Ni Chengshi, two people cooperated. At this time, the Korean People's Revolutionary Army and Yang Jingyu led by Jin Jiancheng, the first army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union for the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union was the largest two armed forces in the southeast. In October, Yang Jingyu's Ministry of Cao Guan took the army to Changbai County, the black-proof ditch and Jin Japanese cooperation, and the two were gone, but did not face.

June 3, 1937, Jin Ji Cheng took more than 150 people to spend the Duck Green River to attack the Japanese North Korea Pu Tianbao, which was greatly victorious, known as "Pu Tianbao Bridge". On October 27, Zhang Weihua reported the news of the Japanese army to the Japanese army to arrest the Japanese army, and left the remains of Zhang Hao, Zhang Jinquan, Zhang Jinlu.

On November 25, 1938, Jin Ji Cheng and Yang Jingyu met in Mengjiang County for the first time. Yang Jingyu did not unload the weapon but greeted the North Korean troops and won the respect of Jin Sun. The two convened the "South Brand Meet" and criticized left incident.

In 1939, the big Japanese empire increased the investment in the northeast region, and the strength of Kim Jun Cheng and other anti-Japanese people and the strength of the army were sharply weakened. I had to retreat, and the offense turned to defense. In April, the Kandan Military Meijin Meijin Meizhilang Decided Order "From the first, second independent critical preparatory teams to be completed, strive to kill Yang Jingyu, Jin Ji Cheng and other people." Manchuria government rewards 10,000 yuan . In October, the Secretary of the Second Independent Guardian, the Secretary of the Second Independence of the Kandoudian Army, led 75,000 people to sweep the golden day and its troops, Yang Jingyu and its troops. In May, Kim Jiasheng leads the army in Qingfeng, the pillow, Mountain, the new four cave, Dahong Dan, with the Japanese army.

In January 1940, the Second, the Anti-Japanese Union was adapted as a detachment, and the first army of Jin Suncheng was also adapted to a number of small troops to prevent all of the Japanese army. On February 23, Yang Jingyu killed the Japanese army in Sanxinzi in Mengjiang County. In the winter, the anti-Japanese coalition military was driven out of the Northeast by the Japanese army and retreated to the Far East of the Soviet Union. Jin Jian Cheng Ying Ye's first military warning approximately more than 100 people entered the Soviet Union. In the Northeast Anti-United Northeast, the Northeast Anti-United Northern Northeast, in addition to the Ministry of Jin Sun (Korean, most became a country in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea) and a small part of the enemy, all sacrificed. In addition to the Second Division of the Second Army, senior leaders of the Second Army, and the Second Military Independent Brigade, I was alive, and all other all have a strong country.

February 16, 1942, Jin Ji Cheng's son Kim Jongli was born in the Camp of the Yangbai Mountain Anti-Japanese Guerrilla. On August 1, the Northeast Anti-Japanese Working Force has adapted to "Soviet Far East Eighth Army Eighth Eight-Independent Inframe Brigade", referred to as "Anti - Teaching Travel". Jin Yicheng has been as long as the courage, and the Soviet Union awarded its "Daxie".

In August 1945, the Soviet Union made a soldier to attack the Northeast Japanese army, the same month, North Korea liberation. Later, Japanese surrendered, the Northeast Committee of the Communist Party of China was reorganized, and the Comrade North Korea followed the North Korean Work Troupe returned to North Korea. The Chinese Comrade Group followed the Soviet army back to Northeast. On September 19, Jin Ji Cheng returned to North Korea, bid farewell to China for 25 years.

During the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle during North Korea Team

1931, Kim Jiancheng joined the Communist Party of China; in 1932, he was sent to Anrti City, which was sent to Anrti County. He has followed the WANG Qing guerrilla brigade political commissar, the third group of the second army of the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army, the third group of the second army of the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army, the Second Master of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union, the third division of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union (later changed to the sixth division Master; 1938, served as the second Army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Army (the force is equivalent to a battalion), during which he was named Jin Yixing, changed to Jin Yicheng.

Total force

The force is equivalent to a camp.

Army Festival

Korean People's Revolutionary Army Create Day (April 25)

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