Kongming street

Historical Level

Kong Ming Township

The original Jixian Kong Ming Township.

In January 1950, the township reform community is a spider prefecture.

October 1955, the Wolong Commune is drawn.

In 1983, the commune has changed his country, and it is a city.

Wolong Town

in 1964, a Wolong Commune.

in 1982, the commune has changed his country.

October 1998, the town of township.

2004, 11 villages were combined into 7 villages (communities).

December 24 December 2019, the Chengdu Municipal People's Government According to the "Sichuan Provincial People's Government to adjust the 15 counties (cities, districts) of Longquanyi District, the consent of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government The approval of some township administrative divisions (Chuanfu Civil Affairs [2019] No. 24) ", withdrew Wolong Town, township, set up Kong Ming Street, administrative region of the original Wolong Town and the original country and the administrative area of ​​Kong Ming Street.

Administrative division

At the end of 2011, the original Kong Ming Township has jurisdiction over the sun, Guo Mountain, and Jiang Temple 3 village committees.

At the end of 2011, the original Wolong Town jurisded Jinlong, a cup of gold, cup soil, fighting, harvest, Mianchang, and 7 village committees.

As of June 2020, Kong Ming Street has governs 3 communities, 4 administrative villages and sub-district offices stationed 149.

Kongming Street District Details

Sun Community

Wine Source Community

Wolong Community

Guo Yushan


Feng Yue Village



geographic environment


Kong Ming Street is located in the southwest of the city, with the area area of ​​the two township-level units in the original Kong Ming Township and the original iligong town, the street administrative area is 60.24 square kilometer.

Kongming Street

Topographic Landform

Kongming Street is high. Located in the hills. The terrain is divided into flat dams and hills. The highest point in the territory is located in the three windshan, 635 meters above sea level; the lowest point is located in the harvest village, 500 meters above sea level.


Kong Ming Street is a subtropical wettital climate, which is characterized by distinctive four seasons, abundant rainfall, sufficient light, pleasant climate, and no frost. The average temperature is 16 ° C, and the average temperature in January is 2.8 ° C, the extreme temperature is -2.3 ° C; the average temperature of 34 ° C in July, the extreme temperature is 39 ° C. The average temperature is 25.2 ° C. The maximum day is 28.. The growth period was 266 days, and the frost-free year was 265 days, up to 298 days, the shortest 231 days. The annual average sunshine is 1472 hours, and the annual total radiation is 84.9 kcal / square centimeters. It is 325.3 days above 0 ° C (generally on February 3, 2002). The annual average precipitation is 1100 mm, and the annual average precipitation has 102 days, up to 125 days, with a minimum of 89 days. Extreme year maximum rain is 1450.7 mm, and the minimum rainfall is 1050 mm. The rain is concentrated from June to July, July.


Kong Ming Street has a group of unity, the two major rivers of Yuxi River run through the whole situation, belongs to the Yangtze River, and the river is 9.3 kilometers.


In 2011, 10,912 general population in the area of ​​the original, including 1523 people in urban residents and 14% urbanization rate. There are 190 flowers. In the total population, the Han is dominated by 10,900 people, accounting for 99.9%; the Tibetan is 12 people, accounting for 0.1%. In 2011, the population birth rate was 5.1 ‰, the population mortality rate was 6.7 ‰, the population natural growth rate was -1.6 ‰, the population density was 416 per square kilometer.

Kongming street

At the end of 2011, 15,113 in the original Wolong Town areas, including 5,500 people in urban residents and 36.4% of urbanization rates. There is also 2,788 flowers. In the total population, 7,965 men, accounting for 52.7%; 7,148 women, accounting for 47.3%. In the total population, the Han nationality is mainly 150,72 people, accounting for 99.7%; there are 41 people in Tibet, the ethnic minorities, and a total of 0.3 ‰. In 2011, the population birth rate was 8.8 ‰, the population mortality rate is 5.9 ‰, the population natural growth rate is 2.9 ‰, the population density is 410 per square kilometer.

Take 26,798 household registration population of Kong Ming Street in the end of 2019.



In 2011, Kong Ming Street finance total income is 2.54 million yuan, an increase of 20% over the previous year. Among them, local fiscal revenue is 140,000 yuan, an increase of 20% over the previous year, 200 times in 1949, an increase of 80 times from 1978. From the main taxes, 60,000 yuan of business tax is completed, an increase of 20% over the previous year, and the per capita income of farmers is 7712 yuan.

As of the end of 2019, there were 8 industrial companies in Koing Street, 6 supermarkets or integrated stores in the operating area of ​​more than 50 square meters.


2011, Kong Ming Street has a cultivated area of ​​16,000 mu, 4,465.5 mu, and the forest area is 9995.3 mu.

In 2011, Kong Ming Street agriculture has a total output value of 110 million yuan, and agricultural added value accounts for 51% of the regional production value.

Grain crops in Kongming Street are mainly rice and corn. In 2011, 3,166 tons of food were produced, including 1566 tons of rice, 1600 tons of corn.

The main economic crops in Kong Ming street have tea, rape, vegetables. In 2011, the tea planting area is 5,000 mu; the rapeseed area is 0.6 million mu, the output is 623 tons; the vegetable planting area is 0.3 million mu, the output is 33.33.6 tons, the main varieties have 334.3 tons of celery, 1,90 tons of lettuce, white radish 429 Tons, 391 tons of eggplants, 103 tons of four seasons.

The animal husbandry of Kong Ming Street is mainly based on breeding of pigs and poultry. In 2011, the pig feeding was 93,000, 37,000 in the end of the year; poultry feeding capacity 149,000 feather, listed, poultry 68,000 feather.

In 2011, Kong Ming Street produced 4412.6 tons of meat, of which 4,259 tons of pork, 17 tons of beef, mutton 2 tons.

As of the end of 2011, Kong Ming Street accumulated 9256 mu, including 8420 mu of protective forest, 36 acres of economic forests, 800 acres of bamboo forest, 15,000 peasant residential trees, and forest coverage rate of 32%.

In 2011, Kong Ming street fruit planting area is 01,000 mu, which has a citrus, kiwi, grape, of which 250 tons of citrus, 4 tons of kiwi, 302 tons of grapes.


2011, Kongming Street Domestic Finance The deposit balance of the agency is 0.2 billion; the balance of the loans is 5 million yuan, an increase of 20% over the previous year.


In 2011, Kong Ming Street has been famous for highway transit, with 5.8 kilometers long, two-way 4 lanes. The county-level road is 4.5 kilometers long; the total length of the channel (the road) is 82.7 kilometers; 40.2 km to the house gravel road.

Cultural business

Cultural business

2011, Kongming Street has 1 cultural station, construction area of ​​560 square meters; 4 public books room, building area 200 square meters, 4,000 books; 1 file room, 50 square meters of construction, electronic reading room, 1 recreational facilities, 1 cultural and art group, 22 members, 12 years of performance, more than 10,000 people.

Educational business

2011, Kongming Street has 2 kindergarten (2), 130 children, 15 special teachers; 1 school, 290 students, specialized 27 teachers, primary school age children enrollment rate of 100%; 1,313 students, 313 students, 27 special teachers, junior high school age education, small promotion rate, nine-year compulsory education coverage is 100%.

Science and technology business

2011, Kongming Street has 350 scientific and technological talents, including 50 professional and technical talents, 100 skill talents, 200 practical talents in rural areas.

Medical health

2011, Kong Ming Street has 1 medical and health institution; 10 beds, 1 medical bed, a fixed asset total value of 30 million yuan. The professional health staff, including 4 practitioners, 4 practice assistant physicians, 2 registered nurses, with 1.3 health technicians, 0.7 physicians, and registered nurses.

In 2011, Kong Ming Street Medical Institutions (Outpatient Department) completed 0.2 million diagnosis and treatment, 01,000 patients discharged.

In 2011, Kong Ming Street statutory report infectious disease is 0, the penetration rate of rural safety drinking water, 20% of rural health toilets, 9433 people in new rural cooperative medical treatment, participation rate 99 %.

Sports business

At the end of 2011, Kong Ming Street has 3 sports sites. 100% of the villages (communities) and 7 settlements have installed fitness equipment, and those who often participate in sports activities account for 30% of the resident population.

Social security

2011, Kongming Street has 24 minimum living security households, 29 people, accounting of 72,000 yuan, monthly per capita 207 yuan; civil affairs department funded cooperation 29 medical care, accounting of 0.3 million yuan. The minimum living household in the countryside is 69, the number of people, the number of people, the spendant is 118 yuan; the rural five-guarantee concentrated support, 68,000 yuan; the rural five guarantees are divided into 28 people, 57,000 yuan; 17 people in medical assistance, the civil affairs department funded 137 people in cooperative medical care, with a total of 17,000 yuan; 9 people in rural areas, with a spendant of 32,000 yuan. National pension, subsidized 69 special care objects, 8 people such as resettlement, scholars, 352,000 yuan. 5 new employees, 3 laid-off unemployed people have re-employed, 2 employment, employment, 2 people in the end of the year, 2 people registered, urban registration is 0.5%. At the end of the year, there were 410 basic pension insurance, including 285 employees, 125 people who were retired. Participate in the basic medical insurance 410 of urban employees, participate in 9,351 basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, 3,985 migrant workers who participate in medical insurance.

Kong Ming The street convened various conferences

Postal Telecom

2011, Kong Ming Street has 1 postal agent, 10% of the rural articles; delivery of 800 domestic letters in China, subscription newspaper 46910 Week 1830. 2 service outlets; 450 fixed telephone users, 6000 mobile phone users, 200 users in broadband access users.

Radio and TV

2011, Kong Ming Street has 58 broadcast speakers, 100% income rate, 100% in-ring; cable TV users, including digital TV users 0.2 million, TV comprehensive coverage rate is 100%.

Historical and Culture

The origin of

Kong Ming Street is named by Zhuge Kong Ming, the three countries.

Kongming Street Township Color

Folk Art

The local characteristic folk art of Kong Ming Street has a waist drum.

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