Synonym Word Clay Peda Prefecture Generally refers to Clepepad


( Lithuanian : klaipėda; German : Memel; Polish: kłajpeda)

Lithuania western coastal city. Dange River, North Denge, Bay, Poporo.

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The population is 195,000 (1985). Lithuania ancient city. Construction of the city in 1252 - 1253, said "Mimilla". Highway hub; railway station. No frozen port, fishing port and trade port. There is a large export petroleum transport base. The annual throughput exceeded 7.7 million tons, mainly exported oil, coal, metal, pulp and industrial equipment. Industrial is dominated by fish processing, ship construction, etc. Palanga, 25 kilometers of Northern City, is a well-known seaside.


Lithuania is the only harbor in the Baltic Sea. It has 194,400 residents in 2002, from 202,900 residents in 1989 decline. Today's Clepe Peda is mainly a ferry harbor, with a contact to Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Its location is close to the Niman River estuary.

Historical Level

Clay Peda is established by the Baltic Tribe in the 12th century. It was a long period of time it belong to East Plaus, called Memel at the time.

German is called "Mermel or" Memel ", that is, Today, Lithuania, Claite. Endorihai, as the Nirle, the port is excellent. Klaipeda is the only harbor in the Baltic Sea. Have a beautiful architectural landscape. In the twelfth generation, the main residents are Lithuania and German. At the end of the thirteenth century, it was occupied by the striking knight. 1525 later, Prussia was public. In the late 18th century, the Prussian Kingdom, after 1871 Germany, became the important military port of the German Empire in the East Bolo. The "Versailles and Treaty" provisions after the World War, including the temporary international covisons on both sides of the Niri River. In 1923 International Alliance decided to belong to Lithuania. In 1940, Lithuania became a Soviet Union to join the Republic and changed to Klepete.

Clay Peda has a beautiful architectural landscape, similar to Germany, the UK and Denmark. The popular seaside leisure resorts near Clepeeda and Palanga are located near Claite.

This Baltic Port is established by the DEUTSCHER Orden, and is recorded as the MEMELBURG or MIMMELBURG of MEMELBURG or MIMMELBURG. During 1254 Claypenda was awarded the Das Lübische StadTrecht. Puton Knights convert this region to Christianity. The "Der Frieden Von Melno-See" established the boundaries between Prussian and Lithuania. Memel is contained in the range of Prussia, until this border has not changed until 1919. This is one of the longest borders in Europe.

from 1472 Memel ginseng under the "Das Kulmer StadTrecht). In 1525, Memel was retrieved by the Rushing of Albrecht Von Brandenburg-ANSBach-Preussen. This has opened a long-term prosperity of the city's port, because Prussian territory is Poland, and then becomes a part of Poland Lithuania (Latin: Regnum Serenissima Poloniae; Polish: Rzpospospolita Obojga Narodów). Delicate to the geographic location close to the nunimanhe estuary, this border city has become a port with the Neighborhood Lithuanian. The boom ended in 1629 to 1635 Mermel was attacked, destroyed and occupied by Sweden. It has experienced many reconstruction, and a large number of Memel residents die in the plague in 75 years. After the establishment of Germany in 1871, Memeir became the most northeast of Germany.

1919 Closepea is listed as the protection of the country. After signing the "Versailles and About", this area of ​​Memel is separated from Germany and has become a autonomous region under French occupation. However, under the 1923 Lithuanian troops attacked in Bud Russ, the French troops left the area. MEMELE MARME MARBER 22, 1939, in the third empire of Germany, the Surabide region and Czechoslovakia were also merged.

During the Second World War, from 1944, until 1945, Claypenda fled this place under the fierce war. The city was occupied by Red Army in January 1945 and also returned to the Lithuania Soviet Republic. Many residents still have been sent to Siberia, while others are expelled to Germany.

City Honor

In April 2020, the "2020 Global Summer City" is selected.

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