Kirin M771LMR

Important parameters

Main chipset: Intel810E

CPU socket: Socket370

Memory type: SDRAM

Integrated chip: fully integrated

Motherboard type: FlexATX type

Basic parameters

Integrated chip: fully integrated

Chip manufacturer: Intel

Network card chip: Built-in hardware monitoring chip, built-in 4MB (10ns) video memory

CPU socket: Socket370

CPU description: IntelFC-PGAPentiumIII500- 800MHz/Celeron266-533MHz processor

Support CPU number: 1

Motherboard bus: 133

Memory type: SDRAM

Memory Description: Two 168-pinDIMMs are PC100SDRAM memory modules, supporting up to 512MB

Graphics slot: None

PCI slot: Two 32-bitPCI slots

IDE slot: two IDE slots, support UltraATA33/66

FDD slot: one FDD slot

USB interface: two USB interfaces

External port: support infrared interface

PS/2 interface: a PS/2 keyboard interface and a PS/2 mouse interface

Parallel port: a parallel port (EPP/ECP) With two serial ports (compatible with 6550A)

Motherboard type: FlexATX type

BIOS performance: Award plug-and-play BIOS

Power management: modem Wake up/keyboard/mouse boot, network/Modem wakeup (WakeOnLAN/Modem)

Power socket: ATX power

Overclocking function: Automatically monitor system voltage

Hardware monitoring: Built-in hardware monitoring system to manage the system ambient temperature

Other features: Micro’s ChipAwayVirus and PC-cillin (OEM) can be used to prevent viruses from Windows95/98 and the Internet * Support IntelLANDesk Customer Manager (LDCM) (optional)

Packing list: a motherboard manual, a hard drive cable, a floppy drive cable, with fixing screws

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