Kingdom of Saxony



The Scenery and Emperor Franz II of the 100-year Emperor Franz II were defeated in the Osterz battle, 1806 sacred The Roman Empire is finally destroyed. Saxony Kingdom is independent, and Frederrie August I will become the kingdom of the kingdom.

Kingdom of Saxony

Saxony Kingdom has been briefly joined the Rhend Branian until Napoleon was defeated in Russia, and the Rhein Bang was dissolved. In the 1815, the Kingdom of Saxony was brought to its members in the Vienna conference but was taken by the Prussian Kingdom. Capture two-thirds of the territory of the country.


Deutson is dissolved after the 1866 Po War, and successfully reorganizes the North De Fanglian, which is led by Prussia. When the Pu Lu was gigmled to France in the War of France in the War of France, the members of the Banglian, who was the Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck, and William became an emperor of the Imperial Emperor. At that time, Saxony's King John was dropped, and it was observed from the emperor.

The defeat of the First World War Germany leads to the grandson of William, and the Emperor William has retired in 1918. The king Frederrie August II follows William II to retreat, and the previous Saxony Kingdom has become a state in the New Weiman Republic, which is formed by the short history of the Saxony Kingdom.

Topographic landform

Saxony Kingdom is on the river basin in the Elbe River. Saxony Kingdom Northern Low Night High, the southern Erz Mountain has a maximum of 1244 meters. The Yijing River and the Murrd River are important rivers in the territory. Saxony's capital is Dresden.

Saxony Choose Petris Augusti II from 1734 to 1763, Dresden, Poland, August II, Poland. During his rule, Dresden was signed in Dresden Treaty, ending the second Silesian war, followed by the seven-year war (1756 - 1763), Dresden suffered serious damage.

During the period from 1806 to 1918, Dresden is the capital of Saxony Keio (1871 and encompassed to the Empire). During the Napoleon War, Napoleon used this as a military base, and he won the victory in the famous Dresden battle on August 27th.

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