idiom to explain

to: fulfill; Ren: Charity, the highest standards of Confucian morality, for the history of Confucianism passenger respected.


"The Analects of Confucius Duke Ling of Wei": "high ideals, no harm benevolence to survive, there are killing themselves to pay the price."


[synonyms] choosing death take care of Health

[antonym] Gouqietousheng, cowardly


linkage; as predicate, object; with compliment.


If you've got the enthusiasm of all the victims, they can recover their tracks, ~ a. ◎ heard more than one "literary and patriotic - to commemorate the March 18"

Don Li Deyu "three good": the Han until this week to Tang giant, martyrdom on behalf of a fashionable kit.

"Liang Gong Jiu Jian": the public see the prince, but not more than twenty years that the prince movement, although martyrdom without trial Dawei positive result can not. Prince sobbing runny nose and see, must die to the ground. Since about the fate, the public pat hand back, saying: "How can I minister, is also the minister Du Ji

Ming Feng Meng." Zhou Zhi "one hundred times:" not necessarily obtaining the dead then Shashenchengren real man, unafraid of death, the power at the time, go down in posterity, what's not willing to have zai? "


Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius disciples asked Rende loyalty conflicts occur and how to do life Confucius said:?" The real high ideals are not afraid to die because to the detriment of righteousness, for the sake of Rende, you can disregard their own lives. "Zi Gong asked how to train Rende, Confucius answer must start from the top, led the people to follow.

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