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Kiev University is a famous university in the world, is the leading modern education and research center in Ukraine, with Ukrainian training science, education and scientific talents. The highest qualification. Friendly correlation is established with 52 universities in 32 countries in the world. More than 3,000 scientific and teachers were sent abroad in the last three years, and more than 600 students from all over the world have receiving more than 600 students from all over the world. Only 7 international academic seminars were held in Kiev University in 1998.

Teaching level

Kiev University pays attention to education. All kinds of more than 20,000 students in schools. Kiev University has 58 professional, a total of 158 teaching and research comparisons in the University of Kiev, Culture, Industry. There are 4 colleges and 18 companies, including the School of International Relations, School of Journalism, Military Academy and Second Higher Education; Biological, Geography, Geology, Economics, Foreign Language, History, Control , Mechanical and Mathematics, Radio Physics, Social and Psychology, Oriental Department, Physics, Philosophical Department, Linguistics Department, Chemistry, Legal Department. A total of 1768 faculty members of Kiev University, 321 professors and more than 1,000 associate professors. The university includes primary experts, bachelor, master's education and qualification training experts, and cultivating high-quality talents in graduate students and doctoral students.

School ranking

2021QS World University ranking, ranking 601-650 interval.


Kiev University Preparation is to provide foreign students with language strengthening training and basic courses for professional learning. Language training can choose Ukrainian or Russian (according to the students' personal will and students in the future college), except for the necessary language learning, the preparatory students must learn some foundations according to their own professional development direction. Course, such as: Humanities: History, Literature, Geography, National Geography. Economic majors: mathematics, geography, economic basic knowledge, computer technology, national geography. Medicine: Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Chemistry, Computer Technology, National Geography. Engineering technology: mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer technology drawing, national geography.

University preparation has a good hardware facility, gymnasium, library and other places to open students. Students can also learn to drive on the car, and obtain Ukrainian driver licenses through the exam. According to the students, students can organize students to participate in travel activities, visit Ukraine's play and surrounding countries (visa and travel costs).

Professional setting

has more than 20,000 students in Kiev University. In the field of education, academics, cultural and industrial fields, 58 major have been opened, including 17 systems and 4 colleges. These include biotechnology; geographical system; geological department; economic system; foreign language system; historical system; Control, Department of Mechanics; Social and Psychology; Oriental Department; Philosophy; Department; Linguistics Department; Chemistry; Legal Department; International Relations University; Journalism; Military Academy and Second Higher Education College. A total of 1768 teaching staff, including 321 professors and more than 1,000 associate professors at this time.

The Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Bare is strong, regular, and the conditions are superior. The predecessors have specially enrolled foreign students in Ukraine all over the world. Teaching language is Ukrainian and Russian, and students voluntarily choose according to future professional.

Kiev National University is awarded the Confucius Institute

College professional tuition (US $)

1, preparatory system 2500

main course : Provide international students with language strengthening training and professional learning base courses. Language training can choose Ukraine or Russian according to the students' personal will, future college choices and professional development directions. In addition to the necessary language learning, prepare students according to their own professional development, such as: Humanities: history, literature, geography, national conditions; economic majors: numbers, geography, economic knowledge, computer technology, National condition; medicine, biology: biology, digital, geography, chemistry, computer technology, national conditions; engineering technology: digital, physics, chemistry, computer technology, drawing, national conditions.

2, International Relations of International Relations 3000

The famous Kiev National University Red Building

Main Courses:

International Relations Introduction, International Law , International economic relations, international information, political theory, political principles, comparative political system, etc.

3, Journalism News 2500

Main courses:

The history of journalism, international relations, publishing, and editing, communication, etc.

4, economics, economic and business 2500

Kiev National University

Main Courses:

Economic Theory, Business Economy, Accounting Audit, finance, banking and business network, economic history, etc. Manage business management, management science, accounting, statistics, marketing, etc. International economics, international trade theory, financial English, information management, marketing, etc.

5, Law Law Level 3500

Main Courses: Constitution, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Law Basic Theory, Legal Logic, Economic Law Principles, Procedure Law, Legal History, etc.

6, biology biology 1500

Main courses:

Biology, microbiology, viruse, etc., biochemistry, biophysics, and zoology , Botany, physiology, and genetics.

7, foreign language foreign language 1800

Main courses:

English, German, Western, French and various languages. Translation profession. Main language translation skills (English, German, Spanish, French).

8, Language Language 2500

Main courses:

Ukrainian and literature (simultaneously opening a foreign language, local language, literary writing, etc. Language (Classical Language), Polish, Czech, Serbian and various languages. Russian and Literature (and Second Foreign Language Course).

9, Oriental School Oriental Language 2500

Main Courses:

Arabic, Hindi, Uzbek, Chinese, Japanese and Literature.

10, sociology and psychology department of sociology 2500

Main courses:

Sociology, social security fund management, social work instruction, social administration Wait. Psychology, application psychology, development psychology, psychological statistics, cognitive neuroscience, etc.

11, history department history 2500

Main courses:

historiography, ancient history, modern history, modern history, ethnology, archives, etc.

12, geography department geography 2500

Main courses:

geography, economic geography, human geography, natural geography, metering geography, etc. . Hydrological meteorological meteorology, water literature, hydrochemical, etc. Measurement and mapping and land resource management, mapping, remote sensing technology, resource management, etc.

13, geological department geological 2500

Main courses:

hydrological geology, geological chemistry, geological mineralogology, geophysics, and structural geology.

14, philosophy of philosophy 2500

Main courses:

philosophy, religion, aesthetics, ethics, logic, etc. Political Science, Administrative, Political System, Administrative, Political Parties and Politics, and Political Science.

15, control system (computer science) Application Number 2500

Main courses:

computer information technology, public information and application digital, operation planning, control On theory, information and calculation theory.

16, mechanical and actor 2500

Main courses:

Mergelical, statistically, probability theory, etc. Mechanical, Mechanical Engineering Control Technology, Mechanical Engineering Testing Technology, Hydraulic Pneumatic Technology.

17, wireless system application Physics 2500

Main courses:

Radio principle, electronic technology, radio physics, calculation electromagnetic, semiconductor technology, scattering radiation Quantitative remote sensing.

18, Physics Department Physics 2500

Main Courses:

Physics, Astronomy, Solid Physics, Particle Physics, Radio Physics, Acoustic Optics, etc. . Laser and optical electronic equipment, etc.

19, chemistry chemistry 2500

Main courses:

inorganic / organochemical, analytical chemistry, physics, etc.

Note: Law: 3000 US dollars; doctoral students 3,500. International Relations College: Graduate 3,500 US dollars; doctoral students 4,000 US dollars. Other majors: 2,500 graduate students; doctoral students 3,000 US dollars.

Expeditionary and teaching subjects removed the selected language, as well as:

Formai: History, Literature, Geography, National Info;

Economics : Mathematics, Geography, Economic Knowledge Foundation, Information Technology, National Affairs;

Medical Biotechnology: Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Technology, National Affairs;

Project Technical majors: mathematics, physics, chemistry, drawings, information, national affairs.

Other matters

Xue set

Kiev National University Preparation 1 School Year (10 months), can be elected Ukrainian or Russian. Preparatory language 7-10 people, 9-21 people per class, study 15 lessons every week (1 hour 40 points per class). With the preparatory diploma, you can enter any university in Ukraine, former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. After entering the system, use Ukrainian, Russian, English teaching, and completed a bachelor's degree in four years. In six years, the master's degree is completed, and doctoral degrees completed in eight years.

Enrollment conditions

University facing global enrollment. Any age 18-35 years old, has a medium level (equivalent to high and medium degree), can be registered. Domestic university's undergraduate graduates (the same), after one year of study, you can enter the graduate phase study. During the predetermology learning, you can choose the language, the main lecture is divided into English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Enrollment time

September each year (10 days in winter holiday, 2 and a half months in summer).

Accommodation Arrangement

The school is unified to arrange apartments, 2 people or 3 people, with a kitchen in the apartment. Accommodation costs $ 500-600 per year, health insurance costs per year.

Other related services

Kiev University has good hardware facilities, sports venues, entertainment facilities, libraries, etc. Always open to students. Students can learn to drive on the car and take the Ukrainian driver's license after school. During the holiday, the school regulates travel activities according to the requirements of the students, visits Ukraine's famous victory and surrounding countries (visa and travel expenses).

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