Key Laboratory of Modern Fashion Design and Technology Ministry of Education


"Key Laboratory of Modern Clothing Design and Technology Education" has been approved by the Ministry of Education in 2009. In April 2010, the Ministry of Education's argumentation of the laboratory construction plan was initiated. In March 2013, through the Ministry of Education, it was officially listed. The laboratory authorities are the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education. The current laboratory director is Professor Li Jun, and the director of the current academic committee is Professor Liu Xiaogang.

This key laboratory is committed to building a comprehensive research institution in the design of the first modern apparel system at home and abroad. The research category covers the three constituent elements of clothing creation process - function design, creative design, technical design, comprehensive Reflecting the cross-border integration of natural sciences and humanities, art and engineering, creative and technology, providing comprehensive technical support for the costume industry and creative industries, and contributes to promoting industrial development and cultivating high-level innovative people with international competitiveness.

Since the beginning of the 2010, more than 20 national, provincial and international domestic cooperative projects have been taken, and more than 200 enterprises and institutions have entrusted projects, and 8 provincial level rewards. Published more than 80 high-level papers (SCI, SSCI) papers, published more than 40 monographs, and applied for more than 200 patents or copyrights. Representative results include the burning dummy laboratory, including the establishment of "Donghua Fire" and the combustion environment simulation laboratory, undertaking China's 2010 Shanghai World Expo official staff clothing design and overall planning, based on the sustainable development research project of clothing industry Key testing technology standards, textile and apparel low-carbon manufacturing technology and energy management model and public non-medical textile washing safety and health requirements, etc., edited "Dunhuang Silk Art", "Clothing Dictionary", "China Northern Ancient National key books such as minority costumes.

In 2015, there were 78 fixed personnel in the laboratory, including 10 senior titles, 35 deputy senior titles.

On 19 December 2019, the laboratory passed the five-year regular assessment of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the results were good.

Research direction

Laboratory surrounded the three major research directions around clothing technology and art design:

1, high performance clothing and Functional Design Study

(1) Composition of Clothing Research and Performance Evaluation

(2) Costume Human Eject Effects

(3) High Development and Research of Performance Clothing

(4) Functional Textile Apparel Nursing Technology and Evaluation Method.

II, art creative design and apparel culture research

(1) Clothing brand creative art and epidemic prediction information optimization

( 2) Clothing history and apparel culture research

(3) Fashion Culture and Fashion Industry Research

Third, Apparel Agegility Manufacturing & Information Services

(1) E-MTM system's clothing agility manufacturing

(2) Clothing CAD-CAM technology integration optimization

(3) information integration of fabric and fabric design and Service System

(4) Experimental Studies in Clothing Products and Clothing Psychology

Mainly for laboratory management committees, academic committees, jurisdiction Clothing and Human Engineering Research Room, Modern Garment Engineering Technology Research Room, Clothing Creative Design Research Room, Apparel Culture Research Office.

Academic Commission

Laboratory Academic Committee Director: Liu Xiaogang, Professor, Boaler

Laboratory Academic Member:

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Xu Jian

Superior Economist


research field

< P> title

Liu Xiaogang

clothing design

professor, Bo Guide

School of Arts and Design of Donghua University

Liu Chunhong

Clothing management

professor, Bo Guide

East China University of Clothing College

Apparel Aesthetics and Culture

professor, Bo Guide

East China University of Clothing

Li Charde

Clothing design

professor, Bo Guide

Suzhou President of College Academy of Art

Lin Lankian

Apparel Engineering


Shanghai Engineering Technology University Clothing Dean


clothing Manage

Fudan University Shanghai Visual Art College Fashion Design College Dean

clothing technology

Director of National Apparel Quality Supervision, Shanghai, Shanghai Clothing Quality Inspection Station, Webmaster

Liu Yaqing

clothing design and management

Shanghai International Clothing Clothing Center

functional clothing

professor, Boa

Donghua University Clothing College

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Key Laboratory of Modern Fashion Design and Technology Ministry of Education

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