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Kaibir Pheg Hawa is mainly located on the Central Asia Iranian plateau, and the small portion extends into South Asia. The geological activity in the northwest border is frequent. The famous Kail Beldo is connected to the Northwest Border Province and Afghanistan. The India River Bridge in Atke is an important location in the western region. The northwest border province is 74,521 square kilometers. The western endpoint of the Karakun Highway Hervei is also located in this province. The provincial capital and the largest city are Baishawar. Other important cities are Na Shira, Maldan, Mansera, Characarda and Aberta Bad.

Kaibir Pheg Hawa Province, the main area includes the Drai Smel Khan Zone, Benxi Zone, Goyhart, Hazara Zone, Baishawa Zone, etc.

Kaibir Phegshwar south dry and rock, northern forest densely. Summer is hot, cold in winter. Although climate change is very important in the northwestern border province. Swat, Karam and other places are very beautiful and is a tourist attraction.

Visitors can also understand a multicultural, many Bazaza (market gaps) of Baishawa can make people think of a thousand and one night story.

Takte I Bayi is the most famous Buddhist site in the province of the northwest, and its origin can be traced back to the first century.

River: Khartori River

Population and Society

The population of Kairber Pheg Hawa is estimated to 21 million, this It does not include 3 million Afghan refugees and their future generations.

Kaibir Pheg Hawa, especially in its lowland and southern regions, the most commonly used language is Pushuo. There are other ethnic groups in Koistan, the northern part of the north, they use other languages.

Afghan refugees are primarily Pushu, but there are about 100,000 Persian nationalities and nations in other languages. These refugees are distributed throughout the province.

Almost all residents believe in Islam, including Most of the Sunni, the Shiistry and I Smari are important minority factions.



from the ancient northwestern border provinces in the northwestern border provinces. Yakan, Persia, Greece, Schi, Guo Shuang Dynasty, Huns, Arab, Turkic, Mongolia, Mo 莫 儿 Empire, Siki and the United Kingdom invaded the area. In 2000, 2000 to 1500, the invasion of Jerli'an, and later split these people today Pushi family and living in the north.

From the 6th century, he started to strengthen the Baisha Valley. Later, Baishawar became the capital of Guide Dynasty. Balesta II, Alexander, Marco Polo, Winston Churchill and other historical figures have come to this area.

The ancient capital is a Buddhist center.

Islamic arrival

When the Arab and Turkica occupied this area, Buddhism places a major position here. But over time, local people are converted to Islam, but they still maintain some local traditions. This area is part of the Islamic Kingdom, such as the Kingdom of Gavern, and Yier Kingdom. From the Muslim countries around the world, there are monologists, officials, soldiers, businessmen, scientists, architects, educators, etc. from South Asia.

Today's northwestern border province is an important border between the Mohar Empire and the Bosa's Dynasty. The Mojiang Emperor Oran is stationed here during the ruling period. In 1747, at the local Pashku tribal alliance at the local leader, I decided to join Ahmed Sha Duranei Established Duranean Dynasty. Until the British arrived, it was mainly Afghanistan.


Britain and Russia's competition (big game) has led to a series known as the war war. The result is the split of Afghanistan. The UK occupied today's northwestern border provinces, and established Durant line as a border of British South Asia. This line marks the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This border is named after the British Foreign Minister, signed by Afghanistan and the UK. It deliberately divides the Pushi national area into two

Pakistan is independent of

in 1947 Pakistan Northeast border provincial referendum decided to join Pakistan. However, 1949 Afghanist's tribal leader announced that Durant is invalid. In the 1950s, Afghanistan supported the separation movement in the northwestern border. The incident of the Soviet invasion Afghanistan is always conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan in 1979. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and about 5 million Afghan people fled to Pakistan, mainly escaping into the northwestern border. In the 1980s, the northwestern border province was the support base against the guerrillas of the Soviet Union.

The northwest border is still closely related to the civil war and fate of Afghanistan after the dismantling of the Soviet Union. The Taliban is in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, they almost controlled the entire Afghanistan. The northwestern border province became one of the front lines of the US leadership in the north-year attack.

On March 31, 2010, the Pakistan's Constitutional Amendment Committee signed a draft Constitution reform called "First Amendment", which officially renamed the country "Northwest Border Provincial" to "Kaibel" - Phegheta ​​P>

Administrative Division

Kaibir Pheg Hawa Province is divided into 24 counties

Abertabad < / p>


Batatlan County


Characarda County

奇特Lar County

Dra Il Mel Khan

Hangou County

Hulipur County

Kerak County

Gohart County

Koistan County

Lama Mawa County

Undergrad County

Malacu County

Mansera County


Na Shrai County

Baisha Tell

Xiangli County

Svabi County


Tank County

Shangli County


Due to the stability of political and order in recent years, the economy of Kapo Pheg Hawa will be restored. The agriculture is still an important economic branch in the province, including wheat, corn, Rice, sugar cane and fruit. Bai Suwar has established a company that invests in manufacturing industries and high-tech industries, providing local people with new work. In order to reduce unemployment rates, many industrial areas have been established.

There are small weapons plants in the province. "Trade with Afghanistan is still important. Especially illegal drugs pass through the northwest border to the world all over the world.


Northwest border province has increased rapidly in the level of residents in recent years. The University of Baishawar is a famous university in the province.

National Music

Polica National Music in the Northwest Border Province Traditional, very popular.

Cova National Music is popular in the northern part of Pilate, and it is very different from the national music of Pashku.

in 奇特There is also a band music consisting of the clarinet. This kind of music is often playing when playing hockey games or dancing. This music also played in the northern part of the neighborhood

Social Issues

Kaber Pheg Hawa is always facing an image problem. Even in Pakistan, there is also a "extreme" and "backward" reputation. In this province, there is Islamic Party to be established, some people think that Taliban is This province. But some people think that these issues are exaggerated, and there is no problem in the northwestern border. Although the northwest border province absorbed hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees, many of these people were absorbed into the local society, and the local economy has got a huge development. .

Kaibir Pheg Hawa Province and Afghanism is still very close It is Pakistan's natural bridge to Central Asian trade (including oil and gas pipelines).

Kaibir - Pheg Tuhwar Province Pushi people want to change the name of the province to Pakhtunkhwa (Pushi "Platto's land"), but it was north The opposition of Pushi people.

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